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HIPPI Projects

HIPPI-6400-OPTHIPPI-6400 MBits/s Optical SpecificationINCITS Project
HIPPI-6400-PHHIPPI-6400 MBits/s Physical LayerINCITS Project
HIPPI-6400-PHAHigh-Performance Parallel Interface-6400 Mbits per second Physical LayINCITS Project
HIPPI-6400-SCHIPPI-6400 MBits/s Switch ControlINCITS Project
HIPPI-ATMHIPPI Mapping to Asynchronous Transfer ModeINCITS Project
HIPPI-FCHIPPI - Encapsulation of Frames of the Fibre Channel Physical and Sign
HIPPI-FPHIPPI Framing ProtocolINCITS Project
HIPPI-FP RevisedRevised HIPPI Framing ProtocolINCITS Project
HIPPI-FP:AM 1HIPPI Framing Protocol AmendmentINCITS Project
HIPPI-LEHIPPI Encapsulation of ISO 8802-2 (IEEE Std 802.2) Logical Link ControINCITS Project
HIPPI-LERHigh Performance Parallel Interface Encapsulation of ISO 8802-2 (IEEE INCITS Project
HIPPI-PHHigh Performance Parallel Interface - Physical InterfaceINCITS Project
HIPPI-SC RevisedRevised HIPPI Physical Switch ControlINCITS Project
HIPPI SerialHIPPI Serial SpecificationINCITS Project
STScheduled TransfersINCITS Project
ST-RTPScheduled Transfer - Reliable Transport ProfileINCITS Project
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