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Project Title:Fibre Channel - Single-Byte Command Code Sets - 4 Mapping Protocol
Processing Stage:PublicationStage which project has reached
Acronyms:FC-SB-4If 2 acronyms, 2nd is used for Project Status Summary
Group:T11.3TC or TG in which development was done
Type:INCITS ProjectINCITS (ANSI), LIaison, Internal etc.
Project:2122-DINCITS Project Number
ISO Project:1.25.13.ISO Project Number
Project Proposal:here Click link to access project proposal approved by T11
Description: This project proposal recommends the development of a FC-SB-4 standard that defines a new mode of operation that significantly improves the performance of certain types of data transfer operations compared to the existing FC-SB-3 protocol. The new mode of operation is referred to as transport mode and allows multiple device commands to be sent to a control unit in a single Information Unit (IU). Transport-mode operations utilize link-level protocols described by the FC-4 Fibre Channel Pro- tocol (FCP) specification. The protocol and functions currently specified by FC-SB-3 and FC-SB-3-A1 will continue to be supported in FC-SB-4. It is intended that the FC-SB-4 Standard will be a complete replacement for FC-SB-3 and FC-SB-1-A1. Transport mode operations make use of a new IU, the transport-command-IU, that is sent from a chan- nel to a control unit using the FCP link-level protocol. The transport-command IU contains a list of de- vices command words (DCW), each specifying a device command to be executed by the control unit. A single transport-response IU is returned to indicate completion or termination of the DCWs specified in the transport-command IU. Transport-data IUs are used to transport data for read and write opera- tions as specified by FCP link-level protocols. In transport mode, communication between the channel and control unit takes place using a single bidirectional exchange and utilizes fewer handshakes to close exchanges, to transmit device com- mands and to provide device status compared with the FC-SB-3 protocol. Performance improvement is most significant with I/O operations that are performing small block data transfers (e.g., multiple DCWs with data transfers of 25 kBytes or less) because of the reduction in overhead relative to trans- fer size. Certain types of complex I/O operations will still be required to use the existing FC-SB-3 pro- tocol. The goal of the FC-SB-4 standard is to: a) Define a new FC-SB-4 transport-mode protocol; b) Incorporate the FC-SB-3/AM1 amendment; c) Update all text references to current versions of existing standards; and d) Include changes required, technical or otherwise, for issues related to the current FC-SB-3 pro- tocol as deemed necessary by the working group.
Status: Published Current Project Status
Action: Next action related to SD-2 Milestones
Target Date: 2016
T11 History:
ISO Status: International Status
Editor: Scott Carlson, [smc1@us.ibm.com
Ad Hoc Chair:Roger Hathorn, rhathorn@us.ibm.com
Publications:INCITS 466-2011Reference to use in ordering standard or draft standard
Sources:Approved standards are available from ANSI & Global Engineering
Latest Draft:A maintenance draft based on revision 3, T11/09-017v3, dated 09/22/2009, is available in PDF (2175 kilobytes) format (2175 kilobytes). This document is for use by T11 member organizations only (access requires a password), and is based upon the final committee draft. People who work for a T11 member organization, but who do not participate in T11, can register for access to the T11 web site to gain access to these documents. Others should use the publication number above to purchase the official standard or technical report. For the full revision history click here.

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