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Project Title:Fibre Channel – Physical Interfaces - 4
Processing Stage:PublicationStage which project has reached
Acronyms:FC-PI-4If 2 acronyms, 2nd is used for Project Status Summary
Group:T11.2TC or TG in which development was done
Type:INCITS ProjectINCITS (ANSI), LIaison, Internal etc.
Project:1647-DINCITS Project Number
ISO Project:1.25.13.ISO Project Number
Project Proposal:here Click link to access project proposal approved by T11
Status: At ANSI Current Project Status
Action: Publication Next action related to SD-2 Milestones
Target Date: 2014
T11 History: At the April 2003 T11.2 plenary meeting in Santa Fe, NM the TG authorized a study group to investigate the feasibility of extending or improving the physical variants by using EDC (Electronic Dispersion Control). Bi-weekly telephone conferences have been authorized. The title and scope were modified at the October 5, 2006 T11 plenary meeting in Oklahoma City, OK. The cover letter to INCITS is T11/06-776v0 and the revised project proposal is T11/06-634v0. Forwarded to INCITS on April 2008. Published on June 2009 as INCITS 450-2009.
ISO Status: International Status
Editor: Hossein Hashemi, [hossein.hashemi@emulex.com
Ad Hoc Chair:Dean Wallace, dean.wallace@qlogic.com
Publications:INCITS 450-2009Reference to use in ordering standard or draft standard
Sources:Approved standards are available from ANSI & Global Engineering
Latest Draft:A maintenance draft based on revision 8, T11/08-138v1, dated 05/21/2008, is available in PDF (1812 kilobytes) format (1812 kilobytes). This document is for use by T11 member organizations only (access requires a password), and is based upon the final committee draft. People who work for a T11 member organization, but who do not participate in T11, can register for access to the T11 web site to gain access to these documents. Others should use the publication number above to purchase the official standard or technical report. For the full revision history click here.

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Claudio DeSanti
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12/10/2008 03:58 PM - Updated status from 1 PR to Mgmt Review (Tom Palkert)
06/05/2008 05:57 PM - Updated 1PR date from Aug to June 2008 (Tom Palkert)
06/04/2008 05:46 PM - Updated status, action and target date (Tom Palkert)
04/20/2007 10:49 PM - Add ISO part number (Ralph Weber)
04/13/2007 04:17 PM - Record project proposal modification (Robert Snively)
04/05/2007 12:45 PM - To T11 (Tom Palkert)
04/05/2007 12:43 PM - Changed chair to Dean Wallace (Tom Palkert)
04/05/2007 11:54 AM - Updated target date to Dec 07 (Tom Palkert)
01/09/2007 04:24 AM - Correct editor to Hossein Hashemi (Ralph Weber)
01/06/2007 12:28 PM - Add INCITS Doc # & update contacts (Ralph Weber)
10/16/2006 04:12 PM - update info (Bill Ham)
07/27/2006 02:18 PM - Van Doorn to Wallace (fac), McSorley to Ham (editor) (Robert Snively)
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11/20/2003 03:32 PM - updated (Raj Savara)
10/14/2003 04:30 PM - Changed name from EDC to FC-PI-4 (Schelto van Doorn)
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