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Project Title:FC Arbitrated Loop
Processing Stage:PublicationStage which project has reached
Acronyms:FC-ALIf 2 acronyms, 2nd is used for Project Status Summary
Group:T11.3TC or TG in which development was done
Type:INCITS ProjectINCITS (ANSI), LIaison, Internal etc.
Project:960-MINCITS Project Number
ISO Project: Project Number
Description:To develop the unique requirements for a Fibre Channel Fabric based upon inexpensive, distributed and expandable topologies.
Status: PublishedCurrent Project Status
Action:ReaffirmationNext action related to SD-2 Milestones
Target Date:2001
T11 History:T11 voted 41-0-19 in 12/95 to recommend that the JTC1 TAG supports the NWI. T11 voted F66-O00-DNV11 in 2/97 to recommend to JTC1 TAG response to CD LB (N326) (on Rev 4.5) be approval. Covering Letter is 97-074. T11 voted F66-O00-DNV11 in
2/97 to recommend to JTC1 TAG that the project be not stopped or cancelled. Covering
Letter to Jennifer Garner is 97-071.
ISO Status:International Status
Editor:Horst L. Truestedt, hotrues@ibm.net
Ad Hoc Chair:
Publications:ANSI X3.272:1996Reference to use in ordering standard or draft standard
Sources:Approved standards are available from ANSI & Global Engineering
Latest Draft:A maintenance draft based on revision 4.5, X3T11/95-197v0, dated 06/01/1995, is available in PDF (1034 kilobytes) format (1034 kilobytes). This document is for use by T11 member organizations only (access requires a password), and is based upon the final committee draft. People who work for a T11 member organization, but who do not participate in T11, can register for access to the T11 web site to gain access to these documents. Others should use the publication number above to purchase the official standard or technical report. For the full revision history click here.

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