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Project Title:Fibre Channel - Energy Effciency
Processing Stage:DevelopmentStage which project has reached
Acronyms:FC-EEIf 2 acronyms, 2nd is used for Project Status Summary
Group:T11TC or TG in which development was done
Type:INCITS ProjectINCITS (ANSI), LIaison, Internal etc.
Project:2236-DINCITS Project Number
Project Proposal:here Click link to access project proposal approved by T11
Description: The Energy Efficient Fibre Channel Specification Standard (FC-EE) is intended to develop the required protocol to give Fibre Channel devices the ability to enter and exit low power modes that will help reduce overall power consumption by allowing various components to enter a low power mode. Any required physical changes for implementation will also be incorporated. The following items may be considered for inclusion in FC-EE: Specific goals: 1. Methods that allow communication between devices to go in and out of low power modes 2. Protocols that support energy efficient FC 3. Physical layer changes that support energy efficient FC 4. Methods that support power savings at the PHY level and upper Levels 5. Define methods for electrical and optical links 6. Additional methodologies as may be proposed
Status: At T11 Current Project Status
Action: To T11 Next action related to SD-2 Milestones
Target Date: Dec 2014
T11 History:
ISO Status: International Status
Ad Hoc Chair: Dean Wallace, [dean.wallace@qlogic.com
Latest Draft:(none available)
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