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Project Title:Fibre Channel - Switch Fabric - 7
Processing Stage:DevelopmentStage which project has reached
Acronyms:FC-SW-7If 2 acronyms, 2nd is used for Project Status Summary
Group:T11.3TC or TG in which development was done
Type:INCITS ProjectINCITS (ANSI), LIaison, Internal etc.
Project:547INCITS Project Number
Project Proposal:here Click link to access project proposal approved by T11
Status: In dev. Current Project Status
Action: To T11.3 Next action related to SD-2 Milestones
Target Date: Aug 2017
T11 History:
ISO Status: International Status
Editor: David Peterson, [david.peterson@brocade.com
Ad Hoc Chair:Craig W. Carlson, craig.carlson@qlogic.com
Secretary:David Peterson, david.peterson@brocade.com
Latest Draft:Revision 1.04, T11/16-015v4, dated 10/13/2016, is available in PDF (1939 kilobytes) format (1939 kilobytes). For the full revision history click here.
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