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Patent- related information

The following view lists submitted documents that are related to patents and patent claims. Views by Project and by Claiming Company are also available. This information is provided on a best-effort basis, and no guarantees of completeness or accuracy are given. Also, no position is taken, or should be assumed, on the basis of inclusion in, or exclusion from, this list.

11/13/2014T11/14-367v0Corning Patent Disclosure 2014PDF (538 kilobytes)
ZIP (432 kilobytes)
07/10/2014T11/14-238v0Cisco's Licensing Statement for T11 Standards, May 2014PDF (55 kilobytes)
11/30/2013T11/13-453v0INCITS Patent Policy as seen from SaturnPDF (54 kilobytes)
01/14/2010T11/10-008v0T11 Patent InformationHTM (5 kilobytes)
07/18/2008T11/08-408v0Proposed corrections to the INCITS patent slidesTXT (3 kilobytes)
07/16/2008T11/08-405v0INCITS/ISO Patent Disclosure FormTXT (0 kilobytes)
DOC (135 kilobytes)
07/16/2008T11/08-406v0Patent Disclosure Slides for all meetingsPDF (156 kilobytes)
07/16/2008T11/08-407v0Patent Disclosure Slides with instructions for all meetingsPDF (145 kilobytes)
07/10/2008T11/08-402v0Worksheet for patent cross referencesPDF (17 kilobytes)
XLS (37 kilobytes)
07/10/2008T11/08-403v0T11 patent informationHTM (1 kilobytes)
05/21/2008T11/08-275v0Brocade Patent Declaration for ISO/IEC: FC-FSPDF (1991 kilobytes)
04/08/2008T11/08-161v0LSI ISO-IEC Patent StatementPDF (1319 kilobytes)
03/25/2008T11/08-151v0Agilent patent licensing contact, Change of AddressHTM (2 kilobytes)
03/21/2008T11/08-147v0Clarification of LSI licensing statementPDF (33 kilobytes)
10/22/2007T11/07-649v0LSI Corporation, patent disclosure notificationPDF (29 kilobytes)
10/05/2007T11/07-577v0Patent disclosure statement, Clariphy, FC-PI-4PDF (35 kilobytes)
06/19/2007T11/07-385v0ISO/IEC JTC1 Provisional Patent Declaration form JTC1-N8552PDF (169 kilobytes)
DOC (118 kilobytes)
05/15/2007T11/07-300v0Patent Disclosure Letter from Cisco, Updated May 2007PDF (48 kilobytes)
03/26/2007T11/07-182v0Nortel Patent Disclosure for FC-BB-4PDF (97 kilobytes)
02/27/2007T11/07-157v0Intel License for release of VI standardsPDF (50 kilobytes)
02/02/2007T11/07-056v0Notice of patent issuance, 7,120,128, FC-GS-4, FC-SW-3PDF (57 kilobytes)
12/07/2006T11/06-872v0Neoscale licensing statement for T11 standardsPDF (2079 kilobytes)
10/15/2006T11/06-758v0IBM Patent Declaration for ISO, FC-FSPDF (59 kilobytes)
10/12/2006T11/06-752v0iVivity Patent DisclosurePDF (3125 kilobytes)
10/05/2006T11/06-747v0iVivity Licensing Statement for T11 StandardsPDF (439 kilobytes)
10/04/2006T11/06-738v0Cisco, Licensing Statement, FC-FS, GS-4, SW-3, BB-2, BB-3PDF (48 kilobytes)
10/04/2006T11/06-739v0Summary of Response to Call for PatentsHTM (8 kilobytes)
08/01/2006T11/06-550v0McDATA's ISO Patent DisclosuresPDF (802 kilobytes)
06/01/2006T11/06-405v0ISO Patent Disclosure for FC-FS, CiscoPDF (140 kilobytes)
06/01/2006T11/06-404v0ISO Patent Disclosure for FC-SW-3, CiscoPDF (130 kilobytes)
05/18/2006T11/06-390v0License to make available VI specificationsPDF (206 kilobytes)
02/22/2006T11/06-181v0Notice of patent issuance, BrocadePDF (47 kilobytes)
02/17/2006T11/06-170v0Request for ISO patent disclosures for ISO/IEC FC-FSTXT (2 kilobytes)
02/17/2006T11/06-171v0Request for ISO patent disclosures for ISO/IEC FC-SW-3TXT (2 kilobytes)
12/05/2005T11/05-822v0Microsoft permission to post VI referencesTXT (2 kilobytes)
12/01/2005T11/05-805v0ISO/IEC JTC1 Provisional Patent Declaration form JTC1-N7991PDF (107 kilobytes)
DOC (92 kilobytes)
10/05/2005T11/05-710v0Request for ISO patent disclosures to JTC1 for FC-SW-3TXT (3 kilobytes)
10/05/2005T11/05-714v0Request for ISO patent disclosures to IEC for FC-FS TXT (3 kilobytes)
06/03/2005T11/05-385v1Summary of Response to Call for PatentsHTM (7 kilobytes)
06/02/2005T11/05-387v0Templates for Membership, IP, and Anti-trust, June 2005HTM (6 kilobytes)
ZIP (58 kilobytes)
06/02/2005T11/05-385v0Summary of Response to Call for PatentsHTM (7 kilobytes)
05/26/2005T11/05-365v0Licensing Statement for T11 Standards, EmulexPDF (55 kilobytes)
04/08/2005T11/05-289v0Ciena - Licensing Statement for T11 StandardsPDF (27 kilobytes)
03/22/2005T11/05-180v0Patent Disclosure update, Nortel, FC-BB-3, PDF (35 kilobytes)
11/09/2004T11/04-741v0Nortel Patent Assurance Statement - FC-BB-3PDF (55 kilobytes)
10/25/2004T11/04-664v1More info. on ISO patent disclosures to JTC1 for FC-SW-3TXT (5 kilobytes)
10/20/2004T11/04-723v0Licensing statement for T11 standardsPDF (32 kilobytes)
10/04/2004T11/04-664v0Request for JTC1 patent disclosure letter for FC-SW-3TXT (1 kilobytes)
09/02/2004T11/04-607v0Brocade notice of patent issuancePDF (102 kilobytes)
04/01/2004T11/04-239v0McDATA Patent AnnouncementPDF (64 kilobytes)
01/13/2004T11/04-034v0Wavecrest response to call for patents, FC-MJSQPDF (86 kilobytes)
12/11/2003T11/03-651v2IBM Patent disclosure to T11PDF (8 kilobytes)
12/09/2003T11/03-651v1IBM Patent disclosure to T11PDF (7 kilobytes)
12/07/2003T11/03-805v0Cisco Patent StatementPDF (39 kilobytes)
10/03/2003T11/03-651v0IBM Patent disclosure to T11PDF (6 kilobytes)
10/01/2003T11/03-639v0Andiamo Systems, Licensing Statement for T11 standardsPDF (766 kilobytes)
08/11/2003T11/03-522v0Granting of license to copyright of XFP SpecificationTXT (1 kilobytes)
07/01/2003T11/03-434v0Tyco Electronics Corp. - Licensing Statement for T11 PDF (1418 kilobytes)
01/29/2003T11/03-041v0T11.3 Call for PatentsHTM (1 kilobytes)
06/28/2002T11/02-393v0Letter of Assurance for T11 standardsPDF (5 kilobytes)
06/14/2002T11/02-377v0Nishan Patent StatementPDF (7 kilobytes)
06/07/2002T11/02-356v0Patent StatementPDF (6 kilobytes)
04/11/2002T11/02-236v0McDATA Patent AnnoucementPDF (8 kilobytes)
04/04/2002T11/08-380v0McDATA Patent AnnoucementPDF (59 kilobytes)
03/28/2002T11/08-399v0Lucent Patent Statement relative to SRPPDF (67 kilobytes)
11/28/2001T11/08-381v0Agilent patent declaration, 10GFCPDF (38 kilobytes)
06/01/2001T11/01-272v0U.S. Patent Letter, Vixel, Delete Annex B, FC-MIPDF (325 kilobytes)
04/03/2001T11/08-382v0McData Patent DisclosurePDF (61 kilobytes)
07/27/2000T11/08-384v0Patent statement, SGIPDF (27 kilobytes)
06/28/2000T11/08-383v0Tyco Electronics Corp. - Patent Licensing StatementPDF (79 kilobytes)
06/04/2000T11/00-363v0T11.3 Patent PolicyHTM (1 kilobytes)
04/03/2000T11/08-385v0McData Patent DisclosurePDF (87 kilobytes)
04/03/2000T11/08-386v0McData Patent DisclosurePDF (124 kilobytes)
10/20/1999T11/99-640v0T11.3 Call for PatentsHTM (2 kilobytes)
03/01/1999T11/08-400v0Lucent Patent StatementPDF (45 kilobytes)
02/18/1999T11/99-114v0ANSI Patent Policy - Form Filed by McDATA Corp.PDF (68 kilobytes)
12/02/1998T11/08-387v0HP Patent Disclosure on Scheduled TransferPDF (46 kilobytes)
11/25/1998T11/08-388v0HP Patent Disclosure on Scheduled TransferPDF (79 kilobytes)
09/15/1998T11/98-472v0Request resolution of HP patent claim against STPDF (7 kilobytes)1998/12 T11 mailing, Page 323
06/29/1998T11/98-332v0Letter to Wavecrest re PatentsTXT (4 kilobytes)1998/08 T11 mailing, Page 59
04/17/1998T11/98-161v0T11.3 Patent PolicyPDF (3 kilobytes)1998/08 T11 mailing, Page 37
11/21/1997T11/08-390v0Cover Letter, Forward HP patents to ANSIPDF (35 kilobytes)
11/18/1997T11/08-389v0HP Patent Disclosure on HIPPI-6400 line codingPDF (172 kilobytes)
06/23/1997T11/97-275v0Honeywell SG transceiver license letter1997/10 T11 mailing, Page 171
06/11/1997T11/97-190v0Call For Patents1997/08 T11 mailing, Page 108
05/06/1997T11/08-391v0Berg patent disclosure, HIPPI-6400-PHPDF (59 kilobytes)
05/06/1997T11/08-392v0Cover Letter, Forward Berg patents to ANSIPDF (36 kilobytes)
01/30/1997T11/08-393v03M license of patents for Galaxy connectorPDF (56 kilobytes)
12/04/1996X3T11/96-456v0Patents1997/02 T11 mailing, Page 100
10/17/1996T11/08-394v0HP Patent Disclosure on HIPPI-6400 bit sync and line codePDF (967 kilobytes)
10/09/1996X3T11/96-347v0Patents1996/12 T11 mailing, Page 183
07/22/1996T11/08-395v0IBM Patent Disclsoure on FC-SB, SBCONPDF (49 kilobytes)
07/22/1996T11/08-401v0IBM Patent Statement to T11 on FC-SB, SBCONPDF (53 kilobytes)
01/23/1996X3T11/96-016v0Letter on Patentability, Methode to Cummings1996/04 T11 mailing, Page 65
08/21/1995X3T11/95-307v0HIPPI Patent and Copyright Release to ANSI1995/10 T11 mailing, Page 47
07/19/1995X3T11/95-257v0HIPPI-Serial Patent Statement, 20b/24b, HP1995/10 T11 mailing, Page 49
07/19/1995T11/08-396v0HIPPI-Serial Patent Statement, 20b/24b, HPPDF (65 kilobytes)
06/14/1995X3T11/95-185v0IBM Patent Policy1995/08 T11 mailing, Page 189
04/08/1994T11/08-397v0Fifth IBM Patent - addition to listPDF (38 kilobytes)
04/08/1994X3T11/94-093v0Fifth IBM Patent - addition to list1994/06 T11 mailing, Page 399
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