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T11/03-142v104/10/2003FCSM-2 project proposalPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/03-128v103/20/2003Review response to T11 LB comments on FCSMHTM (23 kilobytes)
T11/03-142v003/05/2003FCSM-2 project proposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/03-129v002/27/2003Forwarding FCSM Technical Report to INCITSTXT (4 kilobytes)
T11/03-128v002/27/2003Review response to T11 LB comments on FCSMHTM (22 kilobytes)
T11/00-724v002/12/2003Draft minutes FC Signal Modeling Dec 07, 2000PDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/03-004v001/03/2003dpTR - Fibre Channel Signal ModelingPDF (668 kilobytes)
T11/02-748v012/11/2002Comments resolution to FCSM T11 letter ballotPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/02-007v309/03/2002dpTR - Fibre Channel Signal ModelingPDF (699 kilobytes)
T11/02-494v008/13/2002Proposed comments resolution for FCSM T11.2 letter ballotPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/02-482v008/07/2002Joint Copper Interconnect Model StudyPDF (343 kilobytes)
T11/02-007v206/28/2002dpTR - Fibre Channel Signal ModelingPDF (603 kilobytes)
T11/02-007v102/22/2002dpTR - Fibre Channel Signal ModelingPDF (734 kilobytes)
T11/02-007v001/04/2002dpTR - Fibre Channel Signal ModelingPDF (595 kilobytes)
T11/01-595v112/31/2001Approved minutes FCSM October 2001PDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/01-595v011/06/2001T11.2 FC Signal modeling Ad Hoc 10-10 - Draft MinutesPDF (19 kilobytes)
Hide details for FCSM-2FCSM-2
T11/07-519v008/21/2007Approval of editorial corrections to TR-44, FCSM-2TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-425v007/23/2007Review draft of FCSM-2, TR-44, with editor's introductionPDF (691 kilobytes)
HTM (4 kilobytes)
T11/07-423v007/23/2007Changes requested by ANSI Editor in FCSM-2, for approvalHTM (47 kilobytes)
T11/07-276v004/17/2007Cover Letter: Forward FCSM-2 to INCITS as a Tech ReportTXT (4 kilobytes)
T11/07-246v004/04/2007FCSM-2: retract "No" votes on Letter BallotHTM (1 kilobytes)
T11/07-176v003/20/2007dpTR - FIBRE CHANNEL SIGNAL MODELING - 2PDF (793 kilobytes)
T11/07-177v003/19/2007FCSM-2 Comment Resolution PDF (118 kilobytes)
T11/06-571v111/30/2006Gaussian Pulse-Shaping FilterPDF (664 kilobytes)
T11/06-525v210/27/2006dpTR - FIBRE CHANNEL SIGNAL MODELING - 2PDF (806 kilobytes)
T11/06-734v010/04/2006Electrical Analysis of XFP and SFP Mating InterfacesPDF (167 kilobytes)
T11/06-733v010/04/2006Electrical Comparison of Modified Host Side SFP Solder PadsPDF (198 kilobytes)
T11/06-459v108/07/2006Concerns for Proper Model DocumentationPDF (457 kilobytes)
T11/06-525v108/06/2006dpTR - FIBRE CHANNEL SIGNAL MODELING - 2
T11/06-571v008/06/2006Gaussian Pulse-Shaping FilterPDF (176 kilobytes)
T11/06-525v007/17/2006dpTR - FIBRE CHANNEL SIGNAL MODELING - 2PDF (651 kilobytes)
T11/06-459v006/13/2006Concerns for Proper Model Documentation
T11/05-763v010/25/2005T11 signal simulation identification requirementsPDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/05-599v008/18/2005Thinkpiece on FCSM-2 directionsPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/05-588v008/15/2005Jitter Model LTI WavecrestPDF (749 kilobytes)
T11/05-445v006/14/2005High Speed Design (Mentor Graphics)PDF (2674 kilobytes)
T11/05-444v006/14/2005Fibre Channel AMS (Mentor Graphics)PDF (670 kilobytes)
T11/05-303v004/22/2005Workshop_MGH_Overview_rev_2PDF (2426 kilobytes)
T11/05-217v003/29/2005S-Parameter Correlation of typical PCB interconnectPDF (5293 kilobytes)
T11/05-216v003/29/2005Correlation of simulation versus measurementPDF (670 kilobytes)
T11/05-215v003/29/2005New Design Techniques for analyzing Multi-GigaHertz linksPDF (1811 kilobytes)
T11/04-604v009/01/2004Compliance Interconnect Specification MethodologyPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/04-153v002/11/2004Return Loss Requirements for Beta PointsPDF (1973 kilobytes)
T11/04-148v002/08/2004Realization of FC-PI-2's Transmitter Compliance InterconnectPDF (1706 kilobytes)
T11/03-709v010/13/2003PHY Modeling : Encripted HSPICEPDF (95 kilobytes)
Hide details for GeneralGeneral
X3T9.3/93-020v003/12/1993Maintenance Copies of Published Standards
X3T9.3/93-002v003/01/1993Document Numbering
X3T9.3/92-073v005/14/1992How to Purchase ANSI Standards
X3T9.3/92-074v005/14/1992ANSI Patent Policy Guidelines
X3T9.3/92-075v005/14/1992Intro. to X3T9 and I/O Interface Standards
X3T9.3/92-054v005/04/1992Document Indexes 10/90 to present
X3T9.3/91-195v001/06/1992ISO Cabling System for Customer Premises
X3T9.3/91-160v011/07/1991Study on Requirements for High Speed Protocols
X3T9.3/91-090v007/04/1991E-Mail, Reflectors and File Access
X3T9.3/90-134v012/03/1990Letter to Shoemaker re 64 bit CRC license
X3T9.3/90-128v012/03/1990X3T9.3 Organizational Possibilities
X3T9.3/90-132v012/03/1990ANSI/ISO Document Flow
X3T9.3/90-135v012/03/199064 bit CRC chip
X3T9.3/90-142v012/01/1990A Serial Link for Storage Subsystems
Hide details for GPPGPP
X3T11/94-371v011/07/1994GPP Technical Report Draft, Revision 8
X3T9.3/93-126v006/03/1993SCSI-GPP, Revision 5
Hide details for HIPPIHIPPI
T11/97-283v008/18/1997Minutes of HIPPI SWG and HNF
X3T11/96-033v002/20/1996Minutes of X3T11 HIPPI SWG, and HNF TC, 2/6/96
X3T11/95-410v012/26/1995Minutes of X3T11 HIPPI SWG and HNF, 12/4-5, 1995
X3T11/95-361v010/05/1995IPI Over HIPPI Internet-Draft
X3T11/95-363v010/05/1995Def. of Managed Objects for HIPPI Interface Type
X3T11/95-362v010/05/1995ARP over HIPPI, September 1995
X3T11/95-318v008/24/1995HIPPI Working Group Minutes, 8/8/95
X3T11/95-306v008/24/1995SGI, Copyright Status of HIPPI API
X3T11/95-307v008/24/1995HIPPI Patent and Copyright Release to ANSI
X3T11/95-279v008/11/1995HIPPI ad hoc / HNF TC Meeting
X3T11/95-120v004/20/1995Minutes of X3T11 HIPPI SWG & HNF Tech. Committee
X3T11/95-061v003/29/1995HIPPI-ATM Striping
X3T11/95-066v003/29/1995HIPPI Address Self-Discovery
X3T11/95-062v003/29/1995HIPPI-ATM Remote Loopback
X3T11/95-059v003/29/1995HIPPI-Serial Specification Project Proposal
X3T11/95-064v003/29/1995HIPPI Striping Above the HIPPI-FP Layer
X3T11/95-060v003/29/1995Minutes of X3T11 HIPPI SWG, and HNF Tech. Comm.
X3T11/95-065v003/29/1995HIPPI-Serial Overhead Bit Changes
X3T11/95-063v003/29/1995HIPPI-Serial and HIPPI-SC Signals
X3T11/94-460v001/06/1995Can it be done
X3T11/94-458v001/06/1995Short Wavelength Optics Presentation
X3T11/94-457v001/06/199512/94 HIPPI Ad Hoc Minutes
X3T11/94-410v012/11/199412/94 HIPPI Ad Hoc Meeting Report
X3T11/94-126v005/01/1994Survey of "IP & ARP on HIPPI" Implementations
X3T9.3/93-342v012/20/1993HIPPI Document Status
X3T9.3/93-296v011/03/1993HIPPI Document Status
X3T9.3/93-223v009/10/1993HIPPI Document Status
X3T9.3/93-168v007/09/1993HIPPI Document Status
X3T9.3/93-098v005/13/1993HIPPI Document Status
X3T9.3/93-025v003/12/1993HIPPI Document Status
X3T9.3/93-006v003/01/1993SD-3 - HIPPI Serial Stream
X3T9.3/92-244v001/06/1993HIPPI Document Status
X3T9.3/92-219v012/24/1992SNMP MIB Extension for HIPPI
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