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T11/97-073v004/24/1997Motion on ISO CD LB on FC-SB
T11/97-031v002/24/1997CD Letter Ballot For FC-SB (N327)
X3T11/96-367v010/27/1996Cover Letter for FC-SB Revised Project Proposal
X3T11/95-213v006/17/1995Letter to Barra, Expedite Publish of FC-SB
X3T11/95-200v006/17/1995FC SBCCS Mapping Protocol (FC-SB)PDF (408 kilobytes)
X3T11/95-175v006/17/1995FC-SB Report, June '95
X3T11/95-122v004/14/1995FC-SB Report
X3T11/94-461v001/06/1995FC-SB - Announcement of public comment period
X3T11/94-340v010/14/1994FC-SB - 10/94 Status
X3T11/94-320v010/07/1994FC-SB - Committee Details
X3T11/94-283v008/23/1994FC-SB Draft, Revision 3.3
X3T11/94-282v008/23/1994FC-SB - Responses to LB Comments, Rev. 1.2
X3T11/94-281v008/23/1994FC-SB - Status
X3T11/94-264v008/12/1994FC-SB Draft, Revision 3.2
X3T11/94-210v006/30/1994FC-SB - Responses to X3T11 LB Comments, Rev 1.1
X3T11/94-209v006/30/1994FC-SB Draft, Revision 3.1
X3T11/94-109v005/01/1994FC-SB - FSI Letter Ballot Comments
X3T11/94-111v005/01/1994FC-SB - StorageTek Letter Ballot Comments
X3T11/94-137v005/01/1994FC-SB - Status
X3T11/94-110v005/01/1994FC-SB - Los Alamos Letter Ballot Comments
X3T11/94-099v004/11/1994FC-SB - Expository Remarks
X3T11/94-041v002/27/1994FC-SB Draft, Revision 3.0
X3T9.3/93-322v012/20/1993FC-SB Status - December 93
X3T9.3/93-328v012/20/1993FC-SB Draft, Revision 2.2, Clause 10 only
X3T9.3/93-327v012/20/1993FC-SB Draft, Revision 2.2, Annex A only
X3T9.3/93-257v010/28/1993FC-SB Status - October 93
X3T9.3/93-258v010/28/1993FC-SB Draft, Revision 2.0
X3T9.3/93-233v009/29/1993FC-SB Annex A Draft, Revision 1.4
X3T9.3/93-232v009/29/1993FC-SB 101
X3T9.3/93-176v008/05/1993Annex A - Extended Link Service Commands
X3T9.3/93-113v006/03/1993FC-SB Status - May 93
X3T9.3/93-114v006/03/1993FC-SB Draft, Revision 1.3
X3T9.3/93-050v004/17/1993FC-SB Status - March 93
X3T9.3/93-052v004/17/1993FC-SB Draft, Revision 1.2
X3T9.3/93-011v003/01/1993FC-SB Status Report
X3T9.3/92-118v007/13/1992FC-SB 6/29/92 Mailing Package
X3T9.3/92-111v007/13/1992FC-SB 4/29/92 Mailing Package
X3T9.3/92-081v005/14/1992Final SD-3 for FC-SB
Hide details for FC-SB-2FC-SB-2
T11/01-371v007/23/2001Negative Vote Letter - FC-SB-2
T11/01-180v004/11/2001Fast Track Submission of (FC-SB-2), Rev 2.1, (6 kilobytes)
T11/01-017v001/22/2001Cover Letter for FC-SB-2 to forward to NCITS
T11/00-037vA12/06/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1758 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v912/05/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1756 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v811/20/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1762 kilobytes)
T11/00-669v111/15/2000Letter Ballot Comment Responses on FC-SB-2 rev 1.8PDF (417 kilobytes)
T11/00-669v011/13/2000Letter Ballot Comment Responses on FC-FS-2 rev 1.8PDF (417 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v708/18/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1661 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v607/27/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1666 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v507/24/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1667 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v406/23/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1664 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v305/23/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1654 kilobytes)
T11/00-297v005/18/2000Comments against FC-SB-2 REV 1.3 (00-037v2)PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/00-295v005/17/2000FC-SB-2 Channel-to-Channel ConnectionPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/00-271v004/24/2000Proposed responses to comments on FC-SB-2, rev. 1.2PDF (84 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v204/24/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1634 kilobytes)
T11/00-270v004/24/2000FC-SB-2 Optional Feature Extension CapabilityPDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/00-226v004/03/2000Potential Data Integrity ConcernPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/00-206v003/29/2000Comments against FC-SB-2 REV 1.2 (00-037v1)PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v103/20/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1626 kilobytes)
T11/00-163v003/08/2000Responses to Comments on FC-SB-2 Working Draft, rev 1.1PDF (58 kilobytes)
T11/00-160v003/07/2000FC-SB-2 Data Integrity Enhancement ProposalsPDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/00-139v003/01/2000FC-SB-2 Minutes of Feb 00 Ad HocPDF (93 kilobytes)
T11/00-121v002/28/2000SB-2 Pacing Credit ProposalPDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/00-120v002/28/2000SB-2 Pacing Credit Proposal - BackgroundPDF (57 kilobytes)
T11/00-107v002/21/2000SB-2 Configuration Error DetectionPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-072v002/10/2000FC-SB-2 Minutes of 12/7/99 MeetingPDF (123 kilobytes)
T11/00-044v002/03/2000Slides from 12/07/99 FC-SB-2 Workgroup regarding CRCPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/00-037v001/31/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel - SB 2PDF (1816 kilobytes)
T11/99-747v012/07/1999Minutes of October FC-SB-2 MeetingPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/99-236v412/01/1999FC-SB-2 Proposed Working DraftPDF (2017 kilobytes)
T11/99-718v012/01/1999Comment Responses, FC-SB-2 Proposed Working Draft, 99-236v3PDF (134 kilobytes)
T11/99-582v009/28/1999Proposal for Ending an I/O Operation in FC-SB-2PDF (85 kilobytes)
T11/99-581v009/28/1999Proposal for Initiating an I/O Operation in FC-SB-2PDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/99-580v009/28/1999FC-SB-2 Incorrect Length ConditionPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/99-579v009/28/1999Proposed Sequence Count Useage in FC-SB-2PDF (163 kilobytes)
T11/99-578v009/28/1999FC-SB-2 Measurements ProposalPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/99-577v009/28/1999Proposal for FC-SB-2 Flow ControlPDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/99-576v009/28/1999FC-SB-2 Workgroup AgendaPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/99-236v309/24/1999FC-SB-2 Proposed Working DraftPDF (1548 kilobytes)
T11/99-570v009/24/1999Responses to comments on FC-SB-2 Proposal 99-236v2PDF (85 kilobytes)
T11/99-375v108/09/1999Minutes of FC-SB-2 Ad Hoc 6-8-99 RevisedPDF (71 kilobytes)
T11/99-475v008/09/1999Minutes of FC-SB-2 Ad Hoc Meeting 8-3-99PDF (70 kilobytes)
T11/99-463v008/03/1999Hitachi Comments on FC-SB-2PDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/99-441v007/28/1999Proposal for New Device-Level Control BitsPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/99-440v007/28/1999Proposed Protocol for Ending an I/O OperationPDF (73 kilobytes)
T11/99-439v007/28/1999I/O Initiation Protocol Comparison: SBCON/SB-2PDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/99-438v007/28/1999Proposal for I/O Operation InitiationPDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/99-420v007/20/1999Proposed Responses to FC-SB-2 Comments on 99-236v1PDF (82 kilobytes)
T11/99-419v007/20/1999Proposed FC-SB-2 Comment responses on 99-236v0PDF (132 kilobytes)
T11/99-236v207/20/1999FC-SB-2 Proposed Working DraftPDF (1400 kilobytes)
T11/99-280v106/18/1999Minutes of FC-SB-2 Ad Hoc 4/27/99PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/99-375v006/18/1999T11.4 FC-SB-2 Ad Hoc meeting 06-08 - Draft MinutesPDF (47 kilobytes)
T11/99-310v006/02/1999Proposed Agenda, FC-SB-2Ad Hoc MeetingPDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/99-309v006/02/1999Proposed FC-SB-2 Error RecoveryPDF (93 kilobytes)
T11/99-236v106/02/1999FC-SB-2 Proposed Working DraftPDF (1143 kilobytes)
T11/99-305v006/01/1999Request for FC-SB-2 Type CodesPDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/99-280v004/29/1999Minutes of FC-SB-2 Working Group Ad Hoc 4-27-99PDF (48 kilobytes)
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