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T11/99-281v005/03/1999Letter to NCITS to reaffirm FC-PHTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/97-428v010/29/1997Fibre Channel Icon
T11/97-329v009/01/1997FC-PH RIF (Reduction In Force)
T11/97-156v007/02/1997FC-PH Restructure Cheat-Sheet
T11/97-164v006/30/1997ACK_0 Proposal
T11/97-163v006/30/1997Recommended FC-PH changes
T11/97-141v006/30/1997Cover Letter on FC use of IEEE identifiers
T11/97-143v006/23/1997Tutorial on FC use of IEEE registered company IDs
T11/97-127v004/29/1997SG Optical Interface Specification
X3T11/96-476v012/13/1996Possible Re-Organization of Fibre Channel Documents
X3T11/96-473v012/13/1996Draft of Tutorial for FC-PH use of IEEE Company_id
X3T11/96-475v012/13/1996Proposal for identifier formats based on IEEE registration
X3T11/96-474v012/13/1996Draft of Tutorial for SCSI use of IEEE Company_id
X3T11/96-467v012/12/1996New Identifier formats based on IEEE Registration
X3T11/96-416v010/19/1996FC-PH Acknowledgement
X3T11/96-408v010/18/1996Streamed Sequences in FC-PH
X3T11/96-358v010/17/1996Consecutive Command Delivery
X3T11/96-288v008/14/1996ACK Form in Response to SOFc1 when using ACK_0
X3T11/95-464v012/08/1995Release Notes for FCSI Documents
X3T11/95-466v012/08/1995FCSI SCSI Profile
X3T11/95-465v012/08/1995FCSI Common FC-PH Feature Sets
X3T11/95-467v012/08/1995FCSI IP Profile
X3T11/95-322v008/24/1995FC-PH 4.3 ISO Draft
X3T11/95-285v008/15/1995Jitter Working Group Report
X3T11/95-161v006/13/1995FC Use of IEEE Global Identifiers
X3T11/95-160v006/13/199548 Bit Global Identifier
X3T11/95-143v004/27/1995Fibre Channel Progress, Profiles, Clustering
X3T11/95-086v004/11/1995Vendor Unique Deviations to FC-PH Rev. 4.2
X3T11/95-084v004/11/1995FC-PH Errata
X3T11/95-022v002/16/1995FC-PH Conversion to Frame Maker, Infotech
X3T11/95-026v002/16/1995Status of LLNL Fibre Channel Test Bed
X3T11/95-023v002/16/1995FC-Conversion to FrameMaker, IO Technology
X3T11/94-394v012/11/1994Project Proposal - FC-PH-3
X3T11/94-348v010/14/1994Communications Benchmarks with HPs, IBMs, Ancor Fabric
X3T11/94-347v010/14/1994Communications Benchmarks with Ancor Fabric
X3T11/94-251v008/12/1994Cover Letter - FC-PH for Publication
X3T11/94-231v007/08/1994ISO SC25 N 191 - 14 165-1 CD letter Ballot Comments
X3T11/94-232v007/08/1994Unofficial German Comments on 14 165-1
X3T11/94-175v006/30/1994FC-PH Draft, Revision 4.3PDF (2466 kilobytes)
TXT (1801 kilobytes)
PS (10258 kilobytes)
X3T11/94-174v006/21/1994FC-PH - IBM Acceptance of Comment Responses
X3T11/94-150v005/13/1994Cover Letter to IBM re 2PR Responses
X3T11/94-149v005/13/1994FC-PH 2nd Public Review Comment Responses, Rev 1.2
X3T11/94-115v005/01/1994FC-PH - Summary of Editors Updated Responses
X3T11/94-116v005/01/1994FC-PH - Summary of Responses to HP Comments
X3T11/94-102v005/01/1994FC 2/94 & 3/94 Ad Hoc Meeting Summaries
X3T11/94-131v005/01/1994FC-PH - Editorial Direction Motion
X3T11/94-130v005/01/1994FC-PH - 2PR Responses Approval Motion
X3T11/94-114v005/01/1994FC-PH 2nd Public Review Comment Responses, Rev 1.1
X3T11/94-074v004/11/1994FC-PH Second Public Review Comment Transmital
X3T11/94-075v004/11/1994FC-PH 2nd Public Review Comment Responses, Rev 1.0
X3T11/94-059v003/09/1994Resolution of HP Comments on FC-PH, Rev 4.2
X3T11/94-026v002/27/1994Updating the Link Error Status Block
X3T11/94-019v002/27/1994FC Technology - Channel Networking
X3T11/94-023v002/27/1994FC-PH - IBM Public Review Comments on Rev 4.2
X3T11/94-024v002/27/1994Re IBM Public Review Comments
X3T11/94-002v002/12/1994Clarification of LESB
X3T11/94-018v002/12/1994FC 12/93 & 1/94 Ad Hoc Meeting Summaries
X3T9.3/93-326v012/20/1993Outstanding HP comments on FC-PH Revision 4.2
X3T9.3/93-337v012/20/1993X3T9.3 Comment on FC-PH 2nd Public Review
X3T9.3/93-317v012/20/1993FC-PH 2nd Public Review Announcement
X3T9.3/93-338v012/20/1993Encouragement to disclose implementation "warts"
X3T9.3/93-284v010/29/1993Responses to Murray Thompson FC-PH Comments
X3T9.3/93-282v010/29/1993Responses to H-P FC-PH X3T9 LB Comments
X3T9.3/93-277v010/29/1993FC-PH - Expository Remarks
X3T9.3/93-283v010/29/1993Responses to Milligan FC-PH X3T9 LB Comments
X3T9.3/93-285v010/29/1993FC-PH, Change Summary Rev 3.0 to Rev 4.2
X3T9.3/93-264v010/28/1993Some Comments on FC-PH Rev 4.1
X3T9.3/93-254v010/28/1993FC-PH Draft, Revision 4.2 (Changed pages only)
X3T9.3/93-246v010/06/1993IBM AWS, Ancor, H-P Vendor Unique Deviations
X3T9.3/93-231v009/29/1993Comments on FC-PH Revision 4.1
X3T9.3/93-237v009/29/1993Proposed FC-PH Icon
X3T9.3/93-189v008/25/1993Fibre Channel Change Probability
X3T9.3/93-198v008/25/1993EC Fibre Channel Testers
X3T9.3/93-200v008/25/1993FC-PH Draft, Revision 4.1
X3T9.3/93-175v008/05/1993Amdahl Comments to FC-PH Rev 4.0
X3T9.3/93-181v008/05/1993Comments on FC-PH Rev 4.0 and Errata
X3T9.3/93-160v007/09/1993FC-PH - 6/93 Ad Hoc Meeting Package
X3T9.3/93-159v007/09/1993FC-PH - 5/93 Ad Hoc Meeting Package
X3T9.3/93-158v007/09/1993FC-PH - 4/93 Ad Hoc Meeting Package
X3T9.3/93-138v007/01/1993Additional Errata Summary
X3T9.3/93-142v007/01/1993LLNL Conerns re Stacked Connects
X3T9.3/93-133v007/01/1993Motion re System Images
X3T9.3/93-148v007/01/1993Process Associator
X3T9.3/93-135v007/01/1993Motion re FC-0 Changes
X3T9.3/93-144v007/01/1993Comments on 4.0, Errata, Annex S
X3T9.3/93-139v007/01/1993FC-PH Revision 4.0 Errata
X3T9.3/93-140v007/01/1993FC-PH Revision 4.0 Annex S Errata
X3T9.3/93-145v007/01/1993Responses to IBM Comments, Version 1.0
X3T9.3/93-146v007/01/1993Comments on FC-PH 4.0, Version 1.1
X3T9.3/93-143v007/01/1993Asymmetric ACK Processing
X3T9.3/93-134v007/01/1993Motion re ACK Support
X3T9.3/93-107v006/03/1993Error Recovery Topics
X3T9.3/93-121v006/03/1993In defense of the Device Header
X3T9.3/93-111v006/03/1993Comments on FC-PH, 4.0, Rev 1.0
X3T9.3/93-109v006/03/1993ACK Processing - Part 2
X3T9.3/93-106v006/03/1993Byte Ordering - add to 17.7
X3T9.3/93-108v006/03/1993ACK Processing
X3T9.3/93-123v006/03/1993Summary of Changes
X3T9.3/93-115v006/03/1993Proposed Service Interface for FC-PH Rev 4.0
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