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T11/03-474v108/08/2003Additional FS correctionsPDF (9 kilobytes)
DOC (25 kilobytes)
T11/03-474v008/01/2003Additional FS correctionsPDF (9 kilobytes)
DOC (9 kilobytes)
T11/03-281v005/06/2003Response to LB comments on forwarding motion for FC-FSHTM (53 kilobytes)
T11/03-280v005/06/2003Cover Letter: Forwarding FC-FS for First Public ReviewTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/03-231v004/09/2003FS & FS-2 & LE report ro T11.3PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/03-173v104/09/2003dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (4764 kilobytes)
T11/03-194v104/07/2003FC-FS rev 1.80 commentsPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/03-224v004/07/2003FC-FS rev 1.80 commentsPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/03-223v004/07/2003FC-FS rev 1.80 commentsPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/03-215v104/07/2003FC-FS comment database to make rev 1.8PDF (282 kilobytes)
XLS (302 kilobytes)
T11/03-215v004/05/2003FC-FS comment database to make rev 1.8PDF (282 kilobytes)
XLS (302 kilobytes)
T11/03-196v004/01/2003FS compatibility problem with FS regarding Abort SequencePDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/03-194v004/01/2003FC-FS rev 1.80 commentsPDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/03-173v003/27/2003dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (4779 kilobytes)
ZIP (4604 kilobytes)
T11/03-147v103/27/2003FC-FS interum draft 1.80 for editors meetingPDF (4816 kilobytes)
ZIP (1914 kilobytes)
T11/03-147v003/07/2003FC-FS interum draft 1.80 for editors meetingPDF (6852 kilobytes)
ZIP (6852 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v602/21/2003FS Letter Ballot Comment compilationPDF (175 kilobytes)
XLS (253 kilobytes)
T11/02-247v002/18/2003FC-FS rev 1.70 source zip framemaker 6PDF (7 kilobytes)
ZIP (13334 kilobytes)
T11/02-557v002/10/2003FC-4 and ULP UsagePDF (4661 kilobytes)
T11/03-008v001/10/2003FC-FS rev 180 in progress - sourceTXT (0 kilobytes)
ZIP (7235 kilobytes)
T11/02-161vC12/12/2002FC-FS comment database - really finalPDF (278 kilobytes)
XLS (301 kilobytes)
T11/02-752v012/11/2002FS-2 project proposalPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/02-747v012/11/2002FS report to T11.3 12-12-02PDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/02-161vB12/10/2002Final FC-FS letter ballot comment databasePDF (277 kilobytes)
XLS (302 kilobytes)
T11/02-742v012/10/2002FS modifications for reloginPDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/02-720v012/05/2002FC-FS: Defining Discard (vt)PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/02-195v512/05/2002Limited ELS buffer proposal revisitedPDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/02-719v012/05/2002Class F R_RDY Behavior - detailed textPDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/02-713v012/04/2002Nx_Port Rules for RSCNPDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/02-708v012/04/2002Bit Error Rate ThresholdingPDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/02-689v011/26/2002Request for FC-FS Late Letter Ballot CommentPDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/02-557v111/20/2002FC-4 and ULP UsagePDF (4729 kilobytes)
T11/02-681v011/13/2002Response to FSI-011 comment against FC-FSPDF (53 kilobytes)
T11/02-672v011/11/2002Broadcast Definition in FC-FSPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/02-569v311/07/2002FS Clause 6 rewrite - Receiver-transmitter state diagramsPDF (21 kilobytes)
FM (70 kilobytes)
T11/02-161vA11/07/2002FS Comment databasePDF (274 kilobytes)
XLS (300 kilobytes)
T11/02-662v010/30/2002Class F R_RDY behavior for Nx_PortsPDF (438 kilobytes)
T11/02-384v210/30/2002Type Definitions (and more)PDF (53 kilobytes)
T11/02-569v210/30/2002FS trasneiver state diagram rewrite - clause 6PDF (34 kilobytes)
FM (70 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v910/25/2002FC-FS Comment DatabasePDF (785 kilobytes)
XLS (289 kilobytes)
T11/02-501v110/15/2002FC-FS: Reverting REC to ELSPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v810/09/2002FC-FS letter ballot comment databasePDF (200 kilobytes)
XLS (283 kilobytes)
T11/02-569v110/09/2002FS receiver state diagram rewrite - clause 6.1PDF (51 kilobytes)
FM (73 kilobytes)
T11/02-620v010/09/2002FS report to T11.3 10-10-02PDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/02-619v010/09/2002FC-FS 1LB Comment Resolution for FSI-016 (T), para.PDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/02-618v010/09/2002FC-FS 1LB Comment Resolution for FSI-011 (T) 4.10.4, para. 1PDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/02-597v010/04/2002FC-FS Proposed Resolution of Comments Against RejectHTM (13 kilobytes)
T11/02-070v310/04/2002Definition of the ESP_Header in FC-FSPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/02-594v010/04/2002FC-FS Late Comment on Appendix KPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/02-569v010/04/2002FS receiver state diagram rewrite - clause 6.1PDF (47 kilobytes)
FM (114 kilobytes)
T11/02-571v010/02/2002Tivoli 048 and 050 clarification - SRL functionsPDF (58 kilobytes)
T11/02-556v009/30/2002Late FS comments - Shalls in informative annexesPDF (147 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v709/24/2002FC-FS letter ballot comment databasePDF (524 kilobytes)
XLS (261 kilobytes)
T11/02-498v309/20/2002FC-FS: Proposed Resolution for Exabyte-008PDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/02-498v209/19/2002FC-FS: Proposed Resolution for Exabyte-008PDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/02-527v009/06/2002FC-FS Action Item 6.14 ResponsePDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/02-514v008/29/2002FC-FS Late Comment: Domain Controller at wrong addressPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/02-498v108/29/2002FC-FS: Proposed Resolution for Exabyte-008PDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/02-501v008/16/2002FC-FS: Reverting REC to ELSPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/02-498v008/13/2002FC-FS: Proposed Resolution for Exabyte-008PDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/02-481v008/07/2002FC-FS Letter Ballot Comment about FLOGI ACCPDF (86 kilobytes)
T11/02-477v008/07/2002FS report to T11.3 on 8/08/02PDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/02-195v408/07/2002Buffer limitation proposalPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/02-445v108/07/2002Data Descriptor proposalPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/02-473v008/07/2002Resolution for QLogic comment 010 against FC-FSPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/02-398v108/01/2002FC-FS: Revision of Annex IPDF (116 kilobytes)
T11/02-263v208/01/2002FC-FS: Markup of Annex IPDF (983 kilobytes)
T11/02-262v208/01/2002FC-FS: Proposed Resolution of Comments Against Annex IPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/02-195v307/31/2002Buffer limitation proposalPDF (32 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v507/17/2002FC-FS comment resolution databasePDF (172 kilobytes)
XLS (254 kilobytes)
T11/02-263v107/01/2002FC-FS: Markup of Annex IPDF (1415 kilobytes)
T11/02-262v107/01/2002FC-FS: Proposed Resolution of Comments Against Annex IPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/02-398v007/01/2002FC-FS: Revision of Annex IPDF (113 kilobytes)
T11/02-355v106/14/2002Summary of late FS comments for JunePDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v406/12/2002FC-FS LB Comment compilationPDF (166 kilobytes)
XLS (249 kilobytes)
T11/02-195v206/12/2002Buffer Limitation ProposalPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/02-368v006/12/2002FS report to T11.3 on 6-13-02PDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/02-355v006/07/2002Summary of late FS comments for JunePDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/02-279v106/06/2002Late comment - ABTS in FCP-2 appears to conflict with FSPDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/02-303v005/31/2002FC-FS Editorial CommentsPDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/02-295v005/28/2002Late Comment - Broadcast Data Frames and PLOGIPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/02-291v005/28/2002Late comment - FS Editorial - 8B10B heading and LoginPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/02-195v105/28/2002Buffer limitation proposalPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/02-282v005/15/2002Proposed solution: FC-FS comment Exabyte-008TXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/02-279v005/14/2002Late comment - ABTS in FCP-2 appears to conflict with FC-FS PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/02-263v005/06/2002FC-FS: Markup of Annex IPDF (1381 kilobytes)
T11/02-262v005/06/2002FC-FS: Proposed Resolution of Comments Against Annex IPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/02-261v005/06/2002Late FC-FS comment - Loop fabric addressPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v305/06/2002FC-FS Letter Ballot Comment CompilationPDF (158 kilobytes)
XLS (231 kilobytes)
T11/02-256v004/30/2002FC-FS: Late Comments on Login ExtensionPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/02-253v004/26/2002Late FC-FS comment on CSU ELSPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/02-233v004/10/2002FS/AL-2 report to T11.3 04-11-2002PDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v204/10/2002FC-FS Letter Ballot Comment CompilationPDF (153 kilobytes)
XLS (225 kilobytes)
T11/02-229v104/10/2002FC-FS Late Comment Submission PolicyHTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/02-229v004/10/2002FC-FS Late Comment Submission PolicyHTM (4 kilobytes)
T11/02-227v004/09/2002SRR ELS vs. FC-4 DeterminationTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-195v004/04/2002Limited ELS buffers proposalPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v103/26/2002FC-FS Letter Ballot Comment CompilationPDF (161 kilobytes)
XLS (220 kilobytes)
T11/02-161v003/25/2002FC-FS Letter Ballot Comment CompilationPDF (159 kilobytes)
XLS (216 kilobytes)
T11/02-160v003/25/2002FS comment summary - Frist passPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/02-159v003/22/2002FC-FS LB Comments - Pirus NetworksPDF (17 kilobytes)
DOC (47 kilobytes)
T11/02-158v003/22/2002FC-FS, Brocade Letter Ballot CommentsPDF (32 kilobytes)
XLS (2954 kilobytes)
T11/02-157v003/21/2002REC ELS vs. FC-4 DeterminationPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/02-153v003/21/2002IBM FS letter ballot commentsPDF (127 kilobytes)
ZIP (19 kilobytes)
T11/02-148v003/15/2002PH-x rev 4.20PDF (2068 kilobytes)
ZIP (1386 kilobytes)
T11/01-024v002/22/2002dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (1937 kilobytes)
T11/02-018v102/08/2002dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (4369 kilobytes)
T11/02-015v102/08/2002FC-FS letter ballot comment compilationPDF (1254 kilobytes)
T11/02-094v002/06/2002Re-instate IntermixPDF (207 kilobytes)
T11/02-092v002/06/2002Frame Size Restrictions - An App Vendors ViewPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/02-080v002/05/2002FS/AL-2 report to T11.3 on 2/7/02PDF (65 kilobytes)
T11/02-057v001/31/2002PLOGI/FLOGI/ACC Payload Length HistoryPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/02-025v001/23/2002FC-FS Rev 1.6 Clause 15 Errata from Steve Wilson (Boeing)PDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/02-018v001/18/2002dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (4321 kilobytes)
T11/02-015v001/18/2002FC-FS letter ballot comment compilationPDF (1255 kilobytes)
T11/02-012v101/18/2002Alternate Correction of ABTS in FC-FSPDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/02-014v001/18/2002AL-2 ammendment change pagesPDF (150 kilobytes)
T11/02-012v001/11/2002Alternate Correction of ABTS in FC-FSPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/02-011v001/11/2002Common Controlling Entity and Domain Controller DefinitionsPDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/02-009v001/10/2002Delete incorrect Annex A and correct use of term simplex in PDF (58 kilobytes)
T11/02-003v101/09/2002ABTX/RRQ issues with FC-FS 1.5PDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/02-008v001/09/2002N_Port ID Virtualization: Proposed FC-FS ChangesPDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/02-005v001/03/2002Deletion of FC-4 ELS Material from FC-FSPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/02-003v001/03/2002ABTX/RRQ issues with FC-FS 1.5PDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/02-001v001/02/2002Clean Address BitPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/01-698v012/18/2001Editorial FC-FS Comments received from Geoff FisherPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/01-590v412/18/2001Misc. FC-FS IssuesPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/01-574v312/18/2001ELS Login TablePDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/01-498v212/18/2001Vendor Specific Login ExtensionPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/01-498v112/18/2001Vendor Specific Login ExtensionPDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/01-604v112/17/2001FC-FS: Interframe Gap RulesPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/01-691v012/17/2001Problem with definition of FDISC in FC-FSPDF (62 kilobytes)
T11/01-670v112/07/2001FS report to T11.3 for 12/06/01PDF (48 kilobytes)
T11/01-673v012/06/2001Correction of usage of IU in FC-FSPDF (115 kilobytes)
T11/01-672v012/06/2001Correction of intermix in FC-FSPDF (172 kilobytes)
T11/01-671v012/06/2001Correction of ABTS in FC-FSPDF (108 kilobytes)
T11/01-592v212/06/2001PLOGI and Authentication Behavior - FC-FSPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/01-592v112/05/2001PLOGI and Authentication Behavior - FC-FSPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/01-662v012/04/2001Comments on PLOG restrictionsPDF (358 kilobytes)
T11/01-653v112/03/2001Question about S_ID Interpretation in ELS PayloadPDF (39 kilobytes)
T11/01-653v012/01/2001Question about S_ID Interpretation in ELS PayloadPDF (39 kilobytes)
T11/01-509v111/30/2001Definition of the ESP_Header in FC-FSPDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/01-531v311/29/2001EUI-64 to WWN mappingPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/01-630v011/29/2001A method to map a FC WWN to an EUI-64 addressPDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/01-627v011/29/2001N_Port ID VirtualizationPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/01-604v011/20/2001FC-FS: Interframe Gap RulesPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/01-602v011/16/2001QoSR ChangesPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/01-024v511/16/2001dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (4344 kilobytes)
T11/01-574v211/14/2001ELS Login TablePDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/01-590v311/13/2001Misc. FC-FS IssuesPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/01-590v211/12/2001Misc. FC-FS IssuesPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/01-568v111/07/2001FC-FS R_CTL rewritePDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/01-592v011/06/2001PLOGI and Authentication Behavior - FC-FSPDF (49 kilobytes)
T11/01-590v111/02/2001Misc. FC-FS IssuesPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/01-531v211/01/2001EUI-64 to WWN mappingPDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/01-590v011/01/2001Misc. FC-FS IssuesPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/01-575v010/31/2001dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (7094 kilobytes)
T11/01-581v110/26/2001A DC balanced, partitioned-Block 8B/10B Transmission codePDF (1929 kilobytes)
T11/01-574v110/25/2001ELSs and LoginPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/01-531v110/25/2001EUI-64 to WWN mappingPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/01-581v010/25/2001A DC balanced, partitioned-Block 8B/10B Transmission code arPDF (5280 kilobytes)
T11/01-579v010/24/2001Corrections to 8B10B tables from PH, PH-x, FSPDF (94 kilobytes)
T11/01-574v010/22/2001ELSs and LoginPDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/01-573v010/19/20018B10B tables from PH, PH-x, FSPDF (107 kilobytes)
T11/01-353v210/18/2001FC-FS CS_CTL/Priority ClarificationPDF (47 kilobytes)
T11/01-568v010/17/2001FC-FS R_CTL rewritePDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v910/16/2001FC-FS letter ballot comment compilationPDF (1252 kilobytes)
T11/01-024v410/16/2001dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (4354 kilobytes)
T11/01-525v110/12/2001Inter-Frame GapPDF (197 kilobytes)
T11/01-250v310/11/2001RTIN and RNID RewritePDF (54 kilobytes)
T11/01-543v010/11/2001AL-2/FS WG report to T11.3 for 10-10-01PDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/01-540v010/10/2001FC-AL-2 Ammendment Letter Ballot Comment ResolutionPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/01-531v010/08/2001EUI-64 to WWN mapping PDF (49 kilobytes)
T11/01-525v010/07/2001Primitive Signal Spacing and Inter-frame GapPDF (61 kilobytes)
T11/01-353v110/03/2001FC-FS CS_CTL/Priority ClarificationPDF (43 kilobytes)
T11/01-509v010/02/2001Definition of the ESP_Header in FC-FSPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/01-508v010/02/2001Vendor Unique R_CTLPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/01-498v010/02/2001Vendor Specific Login ExtensionPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/01-250v210/01/2001RTIN and RNID RewritePDF (56 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v810/01/2001FC-FS letter ballot comment compilationPDF (1226 kilobytes)
T11/01-403v109/18/2001Updated Proposed FC-FS Login clausePDF (145 kilobytes)
T11/01-477v009/10/2001FLOGI/PLOGI/ACC Reserved WordsPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/01-442v108/27/2001Proposed FC-FS Naming clause, rev 2PDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/01-442v008/23/2001Proposed FC-FS Naming ClausePDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/01-313v208/13/2001Changes to CS_CTL field for QoSPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/01-428v008/09/2001AL-2/FS WG report to T11.3 -- 8-09-2001PDF (34 kilobytes)
T11/01-287v108/09/2001FC-AL-2 AmmendmentPDF (145 kilobytes)
T11/01-422v008/07/2001SW_RSCN to RSCN ConversionPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/01-313v108/03/2001Changes to CS_CTL field for QoSPDF (40 kilobytes)
T11/01-403v008/01/2001Proposed FC-FS Login clausePDF (142 kilobytes)
T11/01-401v008/01/2001Correcting FC-FS for N_Port resident CT ServicesPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/01-398v008/01/2001Clarifying the Topology of RTIN - Document ChangesPDF (144 kilobytes)
T11/01-397v008/01/2001Clarifying the topology of RTIN - PresentationPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v707/30/2001FC-FS letter ballot comment compilationPDF (1276 kilobytes)
T11/01-343v107/26/2001FC-AL-2, ver 70 AmendmentPDF (865 kilobytes)
T11/01-354v007/13/2001FC-FS: Error in definition of OX_ID selectionPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/01-353v007/13/2001FC-FS CS_CTL/Priority ClarificationPDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/01-250v107/13/2001RTIN and RNID RewritePDF (86 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v607/09/2001FC-FS letter ballot comment compilationPDF (1230 kilobytes)
T11/01-024v307/09/2001dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (7021 kilobytes)
T11/01-348v007/06/2001Proposal for Short R_T_TOV valuePDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/01-343v007/03/2001FC-AL-2 Draft, Rev 7.0 AmendmentPDF (915 kilobytes)
T11/01-333v006/22/2001FC-FS Speed Negotiation 3-second rulePDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/01-324v006/12/2001FC-FS: RNID IP address clarificationsPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/01-313v006/08/2001Changes to CS_CTL field for DiffServ QoSPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/01-307v006/07/2001FARP FC-FS/RFC2625(IPFC) ConflictsPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/01-301v006/07/20016/07/01 AL-2/FS report to T11.3PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/01-288v006/05/2001FC-FS Implicit Fabric LogoutPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/01-287v006/05/2001FC-AL-2 AmmendmentPDF (116 kilobytes)
T11/01-218v106/01/2001Responses to some of the FC-FS technical commentsPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/01-268v006/01/2001Action Item Response to FC-FS Technical Comment AE-001PDF (68 kilobytes)
T11/01-250v005/31/2001RTIN and RNID RewritePDF (160 kilobytes)
T11/01-235v005/25/2001Ignore-PH-x rev 4 to 4.1 replacement pages not practicalPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/01-234v005/25/2001PH-x version 4.10PDF (2379 kilobytes)
ZIP (1501 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v505/22/2001FC-FS letter ballot comment compilationPDF (1206 kilobytes)
T11/01-233v005/18/2001PH-x ver 4.00 errata updatedPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v405/07/2001FC-FS letter ballot comment compilation-post May WG MeetingPDF (1176 kilobytes)
T11/01-218v005/02/2001Responses to some of the FC-FS technical commentsPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/01-178v104/12/2001FC-AL-2/AL-3/FS report to T11.3 - 04-11-01PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/01-178v004/10/2001FC-AL-2-3 and FS report to T11 - 04-11-01PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v304/10/2001FC-FS letter ballot comment compilation-post Apr WGPDF (906 kilobytes)
ZIP (1098 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v204/10/2001FC-FS letter ballot comment compilationPDF (727 kilobytes)
T11/01-156v004/04/2001Revised FC-FS letter ballot comments from Brocade, Part 1PDF (81 kilobytes)
XLS (3022 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v103/28/2001Source comments for FC-FS letter ballot commentsPDF (858 kilobytes)
ZIP (858 kilobytes)
T11/01-138v003/27/2001FC-FS letter ballot comments - Total compilationPDF (496 kilobytes)
DOC (1655 kilobytes)
T11/01-140v003/21/2001FC-FS letter ballot comments - Tivoli comments PDF (929 kilobytes)
DOC (929 kilobytes)
T11/01-139v003/21/2001FC-FS letter ballot comments - IBM comments PDF (44 kilobytes)
DOC (44 kilobytes)
T11/01-024v202/16/2001dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (3323 kilobytes)
T11/01-070v002/07/2001FC-FS letter ballot comment formatPDF (55 kilobytes)
T11/01-061v102/07/2001ESTC ELS handling contradictionPDF (40 kilobytes)
T11/01-068v102/07/2001AL-2/FS/QoS report to T11.3 12/06/2001PDF (53 kilobytes)
T11/01-068v002/07/2001AL-2/FS/QoS report to T11.3 12/06/2001PDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/01-021v102/07/2001Add FG and SW-2 ports/class definitions to FSPDF (40 kilobytes)
T11/01-061v002/04/2001ESTC ELS handling ambiguityPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/01-040v001/31/2001Obsolete FC_PH/FS Version fieldPDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/01-024v101/25/2001dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (2772 kilobytes)
T11/01-021v001/24/2001Add FG and SW-2 ports/class definitions to FSPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/00-718v012/05/2000AL-2/FS report to T11.3 12-05-2000PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/00-544v812/02/2000Speed negotiation v8PDF (142 kilobytes)
T11/00-704v012/01/2000Simulator for Speed negotiationTXT (2 kilobytes)
ZIP (46 kilobytes)
T11/00-699v011/30/2000Methods of AuthenticationPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-687v011/28/2000Report Port Speed Capabilities PresentationPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/00-686v011/28/2000Report Port Speed CapabilitiesPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/00-685v011/28/2000Set Bit Error Reporting Parms PresentationPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/00-684v011/28/2000Set Bit Error Reporting Parameters - SBRPPDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/00-679v011/21/2000Class 4 Changes for FC-FSPDF (123 kilobytes)
T11/00-544v711/19/2000speed negotiation version 7PDF (97 kilobytes)
T11/00-544v611/16/2000Speed negotiation proposal v6PDF (96 kilobytes)
T11/00-672v011/16/2000Scan Remote Loop ELSPDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/00-544v511/05/2000Speed negotiation proposal PDF (88 kilobytes)
T11/00-547v210/28/2000Clock Sync QoS ProposalPDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/00-650v010/25/2000Heard the News about Class 4?PDF (150 kilobytes)
T11/00-647v010/23/2000Proposed response to T. Lindsay comments 00-544v2PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/00-544v410/23/2000Speed negotiation ad hoc proposalPDF (61 kilobytes)
T11/00-544v310/19/2000Speed negotiation proposal from ad hocPDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/00-631v010/13/2000Timing/algorithm issues on SN rev-544v2PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/00-596v110/11/2000Proposed new RNID discovery unit typesPDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/00-597v110/10/2000Speed Negotiation CPU Cycle EconomyPDF (66 kilobytes)
T11/00-614v010/10/2000Error reporting parameters ELS requirementsPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/00-605v010/04/2000AL-3/FS WG report to T11.3 10-03-2000PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/00-603v010/03/2000Class 2 and 3 QoS PDF (173 kilobytes)
T11/00-597v009/28/2000Speed Negotiation CPU Cycle EconomyPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/00-596v009/28/2000Proposed new RNID discovery unit typesPDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/00-590v009/27/2000Clock Sync QoS presentationPDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/00-574v009/22/2000Draft minutes speed negotiation con call 9/21PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/00-340v309/22/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (1852 kilobytes)
T11/00-568v009/20/2000Speed Negotiation-SnoopPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/00-340v209/20/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (1862 kilobytes)
T11/00-566v009/20/2000FC-FS Action Item Response from Mike O'DonnellPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/00-564v009/19/2000FC-FS Preemption Edits from Mike FosterPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/00-563v009/19/2000FC-FS Clause 15 comments from Bob KembelPDF (406 kilobytes)
T11/00-532v109/17/2000Proposal for event qualifiers for RLIR common payloadPDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/00-538v109/15/2000LIRR proposal v1PDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/00-548v009/12/2000Non-Dynamic WWN binding problemPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/00-547v109/12/2000Clock Sync QoS ProposalPDF (63 kilobytes)
T11/00-544v209/12/2000Speed negotiation approved proposalPDF (51 kilobytes)
T11/00-544v109/12/2000Speed negotiation proposal from ad hocPDF (54 kilobytes)
T11/00-547v009/11/2000Clock Sync QoS ProposalPDF (70 kilobytes)
T11/99-145v109/11/2000FC-FS Rev 0.10PDF (2195 kilobytes)
T11/00-456v309/11/2000FC-FS WG review technical comment compilationPDF (125 kilobytes)
T11/00-544v009/10/2000Speed Negotiation proposal from ad hocPDF (51 kilobytes)
T11/00-543v009/09/2000Speed Negotiation UpdatePDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/00-284v509/08/2000FCP-2 items that need to be included in FC-FSPDF (39 kilobytes)
T11/00-538v009/07/2000LIRR ProposalPDF (57 kilobytes)
T11/00-537v009/06/2000Comments on Common RLIR FormatPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-415v108/31/2000Proposal for event qualifiers for RSCN (FC-FS)PDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/00-532v008/30/2000Proposal for event qualifiers for RLIR common payloadPDF (46 kilobytes)
T11/00-531v008/29/2000SN Presentation MaterialPDF (33 kilobytes)
T11/00-525v008/24/2000Minutes- 8-22-00 Link Incident Con CallPDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/00-501v008/10/200008-08-00 AL-3/FS Report to T11.3PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/00-484v108/06/2000FC-FS WG review comments by Richard WrennPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-456v208/06/2000FC-FS WG review technical comment compilationPDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/00-487v008/04/20002 speed proposal JNIPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/00-361v108/04/2000Proposed addition to Link Incident ReportingPDF (165 kilobytes)
T11/00-457v108/04/2000FS WG review comments from John Scheible
T11/00-484v008/04/2000FS WG review comments from Richard WrennPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/00-458v108/04/2000FS WG review comments from Gen-Hwa ChiangPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/00-456v108/04/2000FS WG review technical comment compilationPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/00-471v008/01/2000Draft minutes for Speed neg ad hoc July 20,21, 2000PDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/00-426v208/01/2000Speed negotiation proposal for FC-FSPDF (63 kilobytes)
T11/00-458v007/26/2000FS WG review comments from Gen-Hwa ChiangPDF (58 kilobytes)
T11/00-457v007/26/2000FS WG review comments from John ScheiblePDF (63 kilobytes)
T11/00-456v007/26/2000FS WG Review - Technical CommentsPDF (59 kilobytes)
T11/00-340v107/21/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (1637 kilobytes)
.ZIP (1637 kilobytes)
T11/00-442v007/20/2000Vixel SN algorithm updatesPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/00-426v107/19/2000Speed negotiation proposal for FC-FSPDF (62 kilobytes)
T11/00-284v407/18/2000FCP-2 items that need to be included in FC-FSPDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/00-402v107/07/2000BB_Credit Recovery Text Changes.PDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/00-426v007/06/2000Speed negotiation proposal for FC-FSPDF (58 kilobytes)
T11/00-284v306/30/2000FCP-2 items that need to be included in FC-FSPDF (147 kilobytes)
T11/00-415v006/28/2000Proposal for event qualifiers for RSCN (FC-FS)PDF (138 kilobytes)
T11/00-402v006/20/2000BB_Credit Recovery (text changes)PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-282v206/19/2000Report Node FC_4 Types addition to FC_FSPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/00-022v306/13/2000Updated Read Port Status ProposalPDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/00-385v006/12/2000Error distribution reporting parametersPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-380v006/09/2000Supplement to 00-359v0 (speed negotiation)PDF (53 kilobytes)
T11/00-345v106/08/2000FS Approved SchedulePDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/00-372v006/07/2000FS report to T11.3 06-06-2000PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/00-371v006/07/2000AL-3 report to T11.3 06-06-2000PDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/00-362v006/03/2000Address Modification to RPS and RPLPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-361v006/03/2000Proposed addition to Link Incident ReportingPDF (150 kilobytes)
T11/00-359v006/02/2000Another approach to speed negotiationPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/00-241v406/02/2000Auto Speed Negotiation, Version 10PDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/00-284v205/30/2000FCP-2 items that need to be included in FC-FSPDF (63 kilobytes)
T11/00-345v005/26/2000FC-FS proposed schedulePDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/00-343v005/26/2000Clock Synchronization Informative Annex proposalPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/00-038v105/26/2000Clock Synchronization Informative AnnexPDF (104 kilobytes)
T11/00-342v005/26/2000Clock Synchronization PresentationPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/00-341v005/26/2000Clock Synchronization ProposalPDF (86 kilobytes)
T11/00-340v005/26/2000dpANS - Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling InterfacePDF (1554 kilobytes)
T11/00-339v005/26/2000Changes to remove ACK_N from FC_FSPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/00-338v005/26/2000FC-FS Clause 17 ErrataTXT (8 kilobytes)
T11/00-337v005/26/2000Class 6 ClarificationsPDF (40 kilobytes)
T11/00-241v305/26/2000Auto Speed Negotiation, Version 7PDF (143 kilobytes)
T11/00-022v205/22/2000Updated Read Port Status ProposalPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/00-282v105/19/2000Report Node FC_4 Types addition to FC_FSPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/00-056v105/15/2000Login ControlPDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/00-284v105/12/2000FCP-2 Items for Inclusion in FC-FSPDF (56 kilobytes)
T11/00-289v005/11/2000Auto-negotiation Variables rev x.2 for T11/00-241v2PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/00-280v105/10/2000Auto Negotiation Alternative Method version 1PDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/00-241v205/09/2000Auto Speed Negotiation, Version 5PDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/00-241v105/08/2000Auto Speed Negotiation, Version 3PDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/00-172v205/07/2000Speed negotiation analysis interim resultsPDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/00-284v005/04/2000FCP-2 Items for Inclusion in FC-FSPDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/00-282v005/03/2000Report Node FC_4 Types addition to FC_FSPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/00-280v004/27/2000Auto Negotiation Alternative MethodPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/00-240v104/19/2000Proposed Modification to Speed Negotiation RoutinePDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/00-251v004/13/2000BB_Credit Reset ProposalPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-249v004/13/2000BB-Credit Recovery-- Link-reset Issues and Proposed SolutionPDF (272 kilobytes)
T11/00-241v004/11/2000Auto Speed NegotiationPDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/00-185v304/10/2000FC FS StatusPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/00-240v004/07/2000Proposed modification to negotiation routinePDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/00-175v104/07/2000Error-Burst Threshold MeasurementPDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/00-205v104/03/2000Proposal to Obsolete RNC PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/00-185v204/02/2000FC-FS StatusPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/00-185v103/31/2000FC-FS StatusPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/00-221v003/31/2000Make Priority/Preemption more compatible with PreferencePDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/00-220v003/31/2000SL Changes for FC-FSPDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/00-216v003/30/2000FC-FS Clause 25 "Class 6" rewritePDF (46 kilobytes)
T11/00-215v003/30/2000Response to Proposal to Obsolete Data EncryptionPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-205v003/29/2000Proposal to Obsolete RNC fieldsPDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/00-022v103/29/2000Enhanced RLS ELS update #5PDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/00-190v003/29/2000Link-Reset IssuesPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/00-185v003/27/2000FC-FS StatusPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/00-184v003/27/2000Correction of FC-FS required by FCP-2 ballot commentPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/00-175v003/20/2000Bit Error Rate Threshold Measurement ProposalPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/00-079v002/11/2000Proposal to obsolete data encryption in FC-FSPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/00-058v002/09/2000Bit Error Rate Threshold Measurement ProposalPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/00-057v002/09/2000BB_Credit Recovery ProposalPDF (240 kilobytes)
T11/00-056v002/09/2000Access ControlPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/00-055v002/09/2000E_D_TOV and R_A_TOV Default Timer ValuesPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/00-038v002/02/2000Clock Synchronization Informative AnnexRTF (1189 kilobytes)
T11/00-022v001/18/2000Enhanced RLS Update #4PDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/99-649v112/30/1999FC-FS Proposed changes for Auto Speed NegotiationPDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/99-594v212/14/1999RTIN ELS for Topology Discovery Rev 1.2PDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/99-755v012/09/1999FS Report to T11.3 12-08 12-09PDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/99-752v012/08/1999Proposed Change to Link Reset ProtocolPDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/99-743v012/05/1999Clarification of Login Requirements for Link ServicesPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/99-740v012/05/1999Login Requirements for execution of ELSs, FC-FS.PDF (67 kilobytes)
T11/99-735v012/03/1999BB-Credit ReclaimationPDF (160 kilobytes)
T11/99-733v012/02/1999Proposal for event qualifiers in RSCN in FC-FSPDF (34 kilobytes)
T11/99-729v012/01/1999Proposal to Enhance RSCN and SCRPDF (56 kilobytes)
T11/99-529v312/01/1999Enhanced RLS Update #3PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/99-594v111/29/1999RTIN ELS for Topology Discovery Rev 1.1PDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/99-707v011/29/1999Change to RNID ELS - Topology DiscoveryPDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/99-529v211/23/1999Enhanced RLS Update #2PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/99-694v011/23/1999Word Striping on multiple serial lanesPDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/99-670v011/01/1999The Need for Process AssociatorsPDF (70 kilobytes)
T11/99-665v010/29/1999Processor AssociatorsPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/99-649v010/22/1999FC-FS Proposed changes for Auto Speed NegotiationPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/99-603v110/18/1999RLIR & LIRR ELSs Rev 1.1PDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/99-366v210/13/1999FC-FS StatusPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/99-624v010/13/1999October Clcok Sync PresentationPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/99-625v010/13/1999October Clock Sync ProposalPDF (82 kilobytes)
T11/99-617v010/07/1999Obsolete Process Associators commentsPDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/99-616v010/06/1999FS report to T11.3 on 10-07-99PDF (54 kilobytes)
T11/99-603v010/01/1999RLIR & LIRR ELSsPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/99-600v009/30/1999RTIN PresentationPDF (167 kilobytes)
T11/99-599v009/30/1999RNID Review PresentationPDF (105 kilobytes)
T11/99-594v009/29/1999RTIN ELS for Topology DiscoveryPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/99-593v009/29/1999RNID ELS Extension for Topology DiscoveryPDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/99-549v109/28/1999TYPE Codes in FC-FSPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/99-569v009/22/1999FC-FS TPRLO ChangesPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/99-566v009/21/1999Explaination of Clock Sync ProposalPDF (100 kilobytes)
T11/99-565v009/21/1999Proposal to Modify Clock Sync for FC-FSPDF (55 kilobytes)
T11/99-549v009/09/1999TYPE Codes in FC-FSPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/99-548v009/09/1999ELS Tables and Stuff in FC-FSPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/99-529v109/03/1999Updated RLS ProposalPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/99-529v008/27/1999Enhanced Read Link Status ProposalPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/99-530v008/27/1999Proposal to Obsolete Report Node CapabilitiesPDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/99-512v008/19/1999Clock Synchronization Using ELSsPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/99-468v008/03/1999FS WG Report to T11.3 8-05-99PDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/99-460v008/02/1999Ethernet Link Aggregation - 802.3ad OverviewPDF (1339 kilobytes)
T11/99-366v107/30/1999FS-FS StatusPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/99-435v007/27/1999Proposal to obsolete data compression in FC-FSPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/99-434v007/27/1999Proposal to obsolete process associator for FC-FSPDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/99-433v007/27/1999Obsolete Operation Associators and X_ID Inval.PDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/99-422v007/21/1999RNID extensions for Topology DiscoveryPDF (37 kilobytes)
T11/99-405v007/12/1999T11.3 FC-FS Ad Hoc meeting 06-09 - Draft MinutesPDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/99-402v007/07/1999Removal of FutureBus and SCI Type CodesTXT (7 kilobytes)
T11/99-366v006/15/1999FC-FS StatusPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/99-365v006/15/1999Priority Preemption proposalPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/99-364v006/15/1999Time Synch ELSPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/99-363v006/15/1999Clause 33 RewritePDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/99-362v006/15/1999World Wide IDsPDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/99-071v206/09/1999IEEE Extended Format proposal v2PDF (31 kilobytes)
T11/99-316v006/02/1999FC-FS Code ValuesPDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/99-315v006/02/1999Updates to FC-FS for Classes of ServiceTXT (5 kilobytes)
T11/99-311v006/02/1999FS Annexes reviewPDF (76 kilobytes)
T11/99-307v006/02/1999FC-PH-x Resolution of comments #24 and #25PDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/99-304v006/01/1999RSCN & SCR Proposed Architecture Changes PDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/99-303v006/01/1999RSCN & SCR Changes Proposal PresentationPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/99-240v004/21/1999FC-SB-2 ad hoc Workgroup Presentation 3PDF (377 kilobytes)
T11/99-239v004/21/1999FC-SB-2 ad hoc Workgroup Presentation 2PDF (110 kilobytes)
T11/99-238v004/21/1999FC-SB-2 ad hoc Workgroup Presentation 1PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/99-237v004/21/1999FC-SB-2 ad hoc Workgroup AgendaPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/99-236v004/21/1999FC-SB-2 Proposed Working DraftPDF (885 kilobytes)
T11/99-233v004/19/1999April 14, 1999 FC-FS MinutesPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/99-219v104/16/1999AL-3 status report to T11.3 4-15/99PDF (46 kilobytes)
T11/99-175v204/16/1999Approved list of FS Carryover itemsPDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/99-075v204/16/1999FS Carryover items from PH-x reviewPDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/99-223v004/15/1999FS Report to T11.3 - 4-15-99PDF (32 kilobytes)
T11/99-214v004/13/1999FC Auto-Negotiation (FC-FS)PDF (84 kilobytes)
T11/99-175v104/08/1999Official list of FS carry over itemsPDF (37 kilobytes)
T11/99-071v104/07/1999Update to: Proposal for IEEE Extended format UsagePDF (112 kilobytes)
T11/99-171v104/07/1999Summary of FC-FS Issues Hiding in other DocumentsPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/99-189v004/06/1999FC-FS Additions from FC-TAPE and FCP-2PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/99-075v104/05/1999FC-FS carryover from FC-PH-x reviewPDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/99-184v004/05/1999Is Clock Sync an ELS frame?PDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/99-181v004/02/1999Undefined ordered set handlingPDF (31 kilobytes)
T11/99-179v004/02/1999Changes to FC-FS required for FCP-2 and other stanPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/99-177v004/02/1999TPRLO documented incorrectlyPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/99-176v004/02/1999Proposal to make Operation Associators obsoletePDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/99-175v004/02/1999Official carryover to FS list PDF (37 kilobytes)
T11/99-172v004/01/1999FC-FS February 1999 Meeting MinutesRTF (8 kilobytes)
T11/99-171v003/31/1999Summary of FC-FS Issues Hiding in other DocumentsPDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/99-169v003/30/1999FC-PH-x rev 4.00 erattaPDF (71 kilobytes)
T11/99-148v003/12/1999Editable figures for FClC FC-PH-x rev 4.10PDF (77 kilobytes)
ZIP (2827 kilobytes)
T11/99-145v003/07/1999FC-FS draft proposalPDF (2410 kilobytes)
ZIP(1007 kilobytes)
T11/99-126v002/25/1999FClC FC-PH-x rev 4.00PDF (3492 kilobytes)
ZIP (1485 kilobytes)
T11/99-127v002/25/1999(98-612v1)PH-x review response to Jim NelsonPDF (47 kilobytes)
T11/99-124v002/25/1999PH-x review response to Matt WakeleyPDF (46 kilobytes)
T11/99-108v002/16/1999Move Priority/Premption Field from OX_ID to CS_CTLPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/99-096v002/10/199902/10/99 FS WG report to T11.3PDF (33 kilobytes)
T11/99-094v002/10/1999MCM Capable Login bit proposal for FC-FSPDF (107 kilobytes)
T11/99-076v002/04/1999PH-x review response to John ScheiblePDF (51 kilobytes)
T11/99-075v002/04/1999PH-x review carryover items to FC-FSPDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/99-074v002/04/1999PH-x review response to Carl ZeitlerPDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/99-071v002/03/1999Proposal for IEEE Extended format UsagePDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/99-065v002/03/1999Final PH-x sections assignements for reviewPDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/99-064v002/03/1999PH-x review response to Rich FeldmanPDF (64 kilobytes)
T11/99-062v002/01/1999FC-FS Meeting Minutes, 17 December 1998PDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/99-022v001/11/1999Response to Bill Martin's PH-x commentsPDF (50 kilobytes)
T11/99-017v001/07/1999RNID, RLIR, & LIRR ELS's Architecture (was 98-264)PDF (41 kilobytes)
T11/99-012v001/05/1999FS Technical ChangesTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/99-011v001/05/1999Class 3 PriorityTXT (10 kilobytes)
T11/99-001v001/01/1999Response to PH-x comments by Charles BinfordPDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/98-540v112/16/1998PH-x review section assignmentsPDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/98-612v012/15/1998Response to PH-x comments by Jim NelsonPDF (47 kilobytes)
T11/98-608v012/11/1998Review Comments on FC-PH-x, Ch. 23, 24PDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/98-601v012/09/1998Response to PH-x comments by Niel WanamakerPDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/98-594v012/05/1998Response to PX-x comments by Karl Zeitler
T11/98-593v012/05/1998Response to PX-x comments by Rich FeldmanPDF (0 kilobytes)
T11/98-591v012/02/1998Response to PX-x comments by John Scheible
T11/98-590v012/02/1998FC-FS carryovers from FC-PH-x review
T11/98-589v012/02/1998Response to PH-x comments by Bob SnivelyPDF (47 kilobytes)
T11/98-588v012/02/1998Response to PH-x comments by Bob CorneliusPDF (48 kilobytes)
T11/98-264v212/01/1998RNID, RLIR, & LIRR ELS's ArchitecturePDF (48 kilobytes)
T11/98-577v011/19/1998New FC-FS TYPE Codes for FC-BB/FC-VI/FC-IPTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/98-570v011/11/1998Preference control for Class 2 & Class 3PDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/98-569v011/10/1998Expanding the Applicability of the Device_HeaderPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/98-563v011/05/1998MSSG Ethernet Auto-Negotiation OverviewPDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/98-562v011/05/1998MSSG Proposed RequirementsPDF (99 kilobytes)
T11/98-561v011/05/1998Multi-Speed Study Group (MSSG) Agenda 11/2/98PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/98-540v010/18/1998PH-x rev 3.10 section review assignmentsPDF (31 kilobytes)
T11/98-518v110/15/1998Comment resolution of FC-PH-x rev 3.1PDF (33 kilobytes)
T11/98-491v110/07/1998Status update for FClC FC-x rev 3.10PDF (48 kilobytes)
T11/98-518v010/06/1998Comment resolution for FClC PH-x rev 3.10PDF (46 kilobytes)
T11/98-506v010/01/1998Draft October FC-FS AgendaTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/98-491v009/30/1998Status update on FC-PH-xPDF (34 kilobytes)
T11/98-465v209/29/1998FClC FC-PH-x version 3.10PDF (2142 kilobytes)
ZIP (1498 kilobytes)
T11/98-478v009/23/1998New ELS's Proposal Re-presentationPDF (41 kilobytes)
T11/98-476v009/21/1998Comments on FC-PH-3 rev 9.3PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/98-465v109/11/1998FC(L)C PH-X version 3 (PH/PH-2/PH-3)PDF (3129 kilobytes)
ZIP (3129 kilobytes)
T11/98-387v008/04/1998ELS Hit List for FC-FSTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/98-378v007/29/1998June 98 FC-FS MinutesPDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/98-349v107/17/1998FCLC FC-PH rev 4.3 w/DAM1&DAM2&figures w/o PH2/PH3PDF (2283 kilobytes)
.ZIP (2283 kilobytes)
T11/98-269v307/17/1998FCLC FC-PH rev 4.3 w/DAM1&DAM2 w/o figures/PH2/PH3PDF (1782 kilobytes)
.ZIP (1782 kilobytes)
T11/98-349v007/07/1998Electronic FC-PH 4.3 w DAM1, Figs (rev 1.00)PDF (2268 kilobytes)
ZIP (1116 kilobytes)
T11/98-269v207/07/1998Electronic FC-PH 4.3 w DAM1, w/o Figs (rev 0.31)PDF (1754 kilobytes)
T11/98-269v106/30/1998Electronic FC-PH w/o Figures, w/DAM-1PDF (1705 kilobytes)
T11/98-264v106/29/1998New ELS's Proposal Architecture PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/98-327v006/25/1998Proposal to add a new Address Format to RSCN ELSPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/98-149v206/24/1998Link Service Codes and other Codes MatrixPDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/98-302v006/17/1998FC-PH errattaPDF (4059 kilobytes)
T11/98-301v006/17/1998FS June Status ReportPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/98-172v206/17/1998FS OutlinePDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/98-268v006/02/1998Electronic Figures for PH/PH2/PH3 mergePDF (556 kilobytes)
T11/98-269v006/02/1998Early electronic FC-PH w/o figuresPDF (1639 kilobytes)
ZIP (503 kilobytes)
T11/98-265v005/30/1998Possible FC-FS change: Fill bytesPDF (50 kilobytes)
T11/98-264v005/29/1998New ELS's Proposal ArchitecturePDF (55 kilobytes)
T11/98-262v005/29/1998New ELS's Proposal PresentationPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/98-246v005/14/1998Cover Letter re FC-FS Project ProposalTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/98-172v005/13/1998FS OutlinePDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/98-172v105/13/1998FS OutlinePDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/98-146v105/13/1998FC Frame and Signaling Interface Project PoposalPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/98-149v105/07/1998Link Services MatrixPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/98-149v004/14/1998Fibre Channel Link Services MatrixPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/97-153v007/02/1997FC-FS (Frame Signaling) PP
Show details for FC-FS-2FC-FS-2
Show details for FC-FS-2-A1FC-FS-2-A1
Show details for FC-FS-3FC-FS-3
Show details for FC-FS-4FC-FS-4
Show details for FC-FS-5FC-FS-5
Show details for FC-GSFC-GS
Show details for FC-GS-2FC-GS-2
Show details for FC-GS-3FC-GS-3
Show details for FC-GS-4FC-GS-4
Show details for FC-GS-5FC-GS-5
Show details for FC-GS-6FC-GS-6
Show details for FC-GS-7FC-GS-7
Show details for FC-GS-8FC-GS-8
Show details for FC-HAFC-HA
Show details for FC-HBAFC-HBA
Show details for FC-HP-2FC-HP-2
Show details for FC-HP-3FC-HP-3
Show details for FC-HPDFC-HPD
Show details for FC-HSPIFC-HSPI
Show details for FC-I3FC-I3
Show details for FC-IFRFC-IFR
Show details for FC-IGFC-IG
Show details for FC-IPFC-IP
Show details for FC-LFC-L
Show details for FC-LEFC-LE
Show details for FC-LSFC-LS
Show details for FC-LS-2FC-LS-2
Show details for FC-LS-3FC-LS-3
Show details for FC-LS-4FC-LS-4
Show details for FC-LTFC-LT
Show details for FC-MCFC-MC
Show details for FC-MIFC-MI
Show details for FC-MI-2FC-MI-2
Show details for FC-MI-3FC-MI-3
Show details for FC-MJSFC-MJS
Show details for FC-MJSQFC-MJSQ
Show details for FC-MSQSFC-MSQS
Show details for FC-MSQS-2FC-MSQS-2
Show details for FC-NVMeFC-NVMe
Show details for FC-NWSGFC-NWSG
Show details for FC-PHFC-PH
Show details for FC-PH-2FC-PH-2
Show details for FC-PH-2-0FC-PH-2-0
Show details for FC-PH-3FC-PH-3
Show details for FC-PH-4FC-PH-4
Show details for FC-PH-CUFC-PH-CU
Show details for FC-PH2FC-PH2
Show details for FC-PH3FC-PH3
Show details for FC-PH:DAM 2FC-PH:DAM 2
Show details for FC-PIFC-PI
Show details for FC-PI-2FC-PI-2
Show details for FC-PI-3FC-PI-3
Show details for FC-PI-4FC-PI-4
Show details for FC-PI-5FC-PI-5
Show details for FC-PI-5/AM1FC-PI-5/AM1
Show details for FC-PI-6FC-PI-6
Show details for FC-PI-6PFC-PI-6P
Show details for FC-PI-7FC-PI-7
Show details for FC-PLDAFC-PLDA
Show details for FC-PLDA-2FC-PLDA-2
Show details for FC-RTFC-RT
Show details for FC-SATAFC-SATA
Show details for FC-SBFC-SB
Show details for FC-SB-2FC-SB-2
Show details for FC-SB-3FC-SB-3
Show details for FC-SB-3 A1FC-SB-3 A1
Show details for FC-SB-4FC-SB-4
Show details for FC-SB-5FC-SB-5
Show details for FC-SB-6FC-SB-6
Show details for FC-SBRFC-SBR
Show details for FC-SCFC-SC
Show details for FC-SCMFC-SCM
Show details for FC-SLFC-SL
Show details for FC-SL-1FC-SL-1
Show details for FC-SNMPFC-SNMP
Show details for FC-SPFC-SP
Show details for FC-SP-2FC-SP-2
Show details for FC-SP-2AM1FC-SP-2AM1
Show details for FC-SSFC-SS
Show details for FC-SWFC-SW
Show details for FC-SW-2FC-SW-2
Show details for FC-SW-3FC-SW-3
Show details for FC-SW-4FC-SW-4
Show details for FC-SW-5FC-SW-5
Show details for FC-SW-6FC-SW-6
Show details for FC-SW-7FC-SW-7
Show details for FC-SWAPIFC-SWAPI
Show details for FC-TapeFC-Tape
Show details for FC-VIFC-VI
Show details for FC-WFC-W
Show details for FC-XSFC-XS
Show details for FCAFCA
Show details for FCA_FCLCFCA_FCLC
Show details for FCIAFCIA
Show details for FCPFCP
Show details for FCSIFCSI
Show details for FCSMFCSM
Show details for FCSM-2FCSM-2
Show details for GeneralGeneral
Show details for GPPGPP
Show details for HIPPIHIPPI
Show details for HIPPI-6400HIPPI-6400
Show details for HIPPI-6400-OPTHIPPI-6400-OPT
Show details for HIPPI-6400-PHHIPPI-6400-PH
Show details for HIPPI-6400-PHAHIPPI-6400-PHA
Show details for HIPPI-6400-SCHIPPI-6400-SC
Show details for HIPPI-6400-STHIPPI-6400-ST
Show details for HIPPI-800HIPPI-800
Show details for HIPPI-ACHIPPI-AC
Show details for HIPPI-ATMHIPPI-ATM
Show details for HIPPI-FCHIPPI-FC
Show details for HIPPI-FPHIPPI-FP
Show details for HIPPI-FP AmHIPPI-FP Am
Show details for HIPPI-FP RevisedHIPPI-FP Revised
Show details for HIPPI-I3HIPPI-I3
Show details for HIPPI-IPI3HIPPI-IPI3
Show details for HIPPI-LEHIPPI-LE
Show details for HIPPI-LERHIPPI-LER
Show details for HIPPI-MIHIPPI-MI
Show details for HIPPI-MPHIPPI-MP
Show details for HIPPI-PHHIPPI-PH
Show details for HIPPI-SCHIPPI-SC
Show details for HIPPI-SC RevisedHIPPI-SC Revised
Show details for HIPPI-SEHIPPI-SE
Show details for HIPPI-STHIPPI-ST
Show details for HIPPI 6400-PHHIPPI 6400-PH
Show details for HIPPI SerialHIPPI Serial
Show details for HIPPIa-6400-PHHIPPIa-6400-PH
Show details for IEEEIEEE
Show details for IETFIETF
Show details for IndexIndex
Show details for IPIIPI
Show details for IPI-1IPI-1
Show details for IPI-1EIPI-1E
Show details for IPI-2DIPI-2D
Show details for IPI-2DEIPI-2DE
Show details for IPI-2EIPI-2E
Show details for IPI-2TIPI-2T
Show details for IPI-3IPI-3
Show details for IPI-3 TAPEIPI-3 TAPE
Show details for IPI-3 TRIPI-3 TR
Show details for IPI-3DRIPI-3DR
Show details for IPI-3RIPI-3R
Show details for IPI-3TAPEIPI-3TAPE
Show details for IPI-3TRIPI-3TR
Show details for IPI-PHIPI-PH
Show details for IPI3-TRIPI3-TR
Show details for IPI3 DISKIPI3 DISK
Show details for IPI3 TapeIPI3 Tape
Show details for IPv4FCIPv4FC
Show details for IPv6FCIPv6FC
Show details for ISOISO
Show details for ITICITIC
Show details for JeopardyJeopardy
Show details for JTC1JTC1
Show details for LBLB
Show details for LetterLetter
Show details for LiaisonLiaison
Show details for LiasonLiason
Show details for MailingMailing
Show details for MailingsMailings
Show details for MeetingMeeting
Show details for MeetingsMeetings
Show details for MemberMember
Show details for MembersMembers
Show details for MIB-FAMIB-FA
Show details for MinutesMinutes
Show details for MSQS-3MSQS-3
Show details for NavyNavy
Show details for NOTICENOTICE
Show details for OFFICEROFFICER
Show details for OMCOMC
Show details for PatentPatent
Show details for PatentsPatents
Show details for PolicyPolicy
Show details for Press_ReleasesPress_Releases
Show details for ProcedureProcedure
Show details for ProductProduct
Show details for Project_ProposalsProject_Proposals
Show details for ProposalProposal
Show details for RABRAB
Show details for RDMA-StudyRDMA-Study
Show details for Real timeReal time
Show details for REPORTREPORT
Show details for ReportsReports
Show details for ResultsResults
Show details for RIPI-3DRIPI-3D
Show details for RIPI-3TRIPI-3T
Show details for SBCONSBCON
Show details for SC25SC25
Show details for SCSISCSI
Show details for SecuritySecurity
Show details for SignupsSignups
Show details for SM-AMDSM-AMD
Show details for SM-FAMSM-FAM
Show details for SM-FCFGMSM-FCFGM
Show details for SM-FSMSM-FSM
Show details for SM-HBASM-HBA
Show details for SM-HBA-2SM-HBA-2
Show details for SM-LL-VSM-LL-V
Show details for SM-MMSM-MM
Show details for SM-NSMSM-NSM
Show details for SM-RSCNMSM-RSCNM
Show details for SM-RTMSM-RTM
Show details for SM-SPMSM-SPM
Show details for SM-VFMSM-VFM
Show details for SM-ZSMSM-ZSM
Show details for SMI-S LiaisonSMI-S Liaison
Show details for SNIASNIA
Show details for SNPingSNPing
Show details for STST
Show details for ST-APIST-API
Show details for ST-RTPST-RTP
Show details for StatusStatus
Show details for SummariesSummaries
Show details for T11T11
Show details for T11ProcsT11Procs
Show details for t11procs_approvedt11procs_approved
Show details for T11.1T11.1
Show details for T11.2T11.2
Show details for T11.3T11.3
Show details for T11.4T11.4
Show details for TutorialTutorial
Show details for US_TemplatesUS_Templates
Show details for WarningWarning
Show details for X3X3
Show details for X3T11X3T11
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