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T11/16-290v006/22/2016Adoption of International Standards, June 2016PDF (116 kilobytes)
T11/16-287v006/17/2016National Maintenance Recommendations, 2016PDF (103 kilobytes)
T11/16-210v106/08/2016National Maintenance Review Motions, 2016PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/16-210v005/18/2016National Maintenance Review Motions, 2016PDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/16-129v003/21/2016INCITS National Maintenance 2016 (eb-2016-00146)PDF (112 kilobytes)
T11/16-036v001/29/2016Proposed changes to "Guide for Hosts"HTM (25 kilobytes)
T11/16-028v001/25/2016T11 Hotel Rates, Letter To Travel RepresentativesPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/15-154v004/10/2015National Maintenance Recommendations, April 2015PDF (95 kilobytes)
T11/15-091v003/17/2015National Maintenance Review, 2015PDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/15-017v002/03/2015FC-SB-5 Errata and ClarificationsPDF (133 kilobytes)
T11/15-014v001/23/2015Korn on the COBPDF (280 kilobytes)
T11/15-015v001/23/2015Korn on the COB textPDF (209 kilobytes)
T11/14-403v012/02/2014Things To Do In DeerfieldPDF (182 kilobytes)
T11/14-373v011/25/2014National Maintenance 2015PDF (174 kilobytes)
T11/14-241v109/02/2014FC-FS-4 Rev 1.00 Comments (IBM)PDF (313 kilobytes)
T11/14-241v007/22/2014FC-FS-4 Rev 1.00 Comments (IBM)PDF (227 kilobytes)
T11/14-236v007/08/2014FC-MI-2 Disposition RecommendationPDF (34 kilobytes)
T11/14-196v106/27/2014FC-FS-4 Rev 0.5 Comments (IBM)PDF (181 kilobytes)
T11/14-207v006/04/2014FC-NVMe: Meeting Report - June 2014PDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/14-200v006/02/2014FC-NVMe: CommencementPDF (480 kilobytes)
T11/14-196v005/31/2014FC-FS-4 Rev 0.5 Comments (IBM)PDF (93 kilobytes)
T11/14-177v105/22/2014FC-MI-2 Disposition Motion - RevisedPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/14-177v005/20/2014FC-MI-2 Disposition MotionPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/14-162v004/22/2014National Maintenance Recommendations, April 2014PDF (93 kilobytes)
T11/14-114v004/02/2014Threats and Realities in Fibre Channel SecurityPDF (2567 kilobytes)
T11/14-095v103/18/2014National Maintenance Motions, 2014PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/14-095v003/07/20142014 National Maintenance MotionsPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/13-383v010/07/2013NIST Special Publication 800-131APDF (340 kilobytes)
T11/13-354v009/17/2013T13 SC25/WG4 Assignment RecommendationPDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/13-326v108/08/2013T11 October - Duluth MNPDF (2774 kilobytes)
T11/13-326v008/07/2013T11 October - Duluth MNPDF (2700 kilobytes)
T11/13-103v002/22/2013National Maintenance Recommendations, February 2013PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/13-089v002/07/2013T11 Case StudyPDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/13-015v001/22/2013National Maintenance Motions, 2013PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/12-508v012/06/2012INCITS National Maintenance, 2013PDF (163 kilobytes)
T11/12-356v009/10/2012Adoption of International Standards, August 2012PDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/12-191v005/07/2012National Maintenance, May 2012PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/12-059v005/04/2012No titlePDF (359 kilobytes)
T11/12-133v004/12/2012National Maintenance Motions, 2012PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/12-110v003/01/2012T11, T11.2, and T11.3 Document RegistersPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/12-109v002/29/2012Adoption of International Standards, February 2012PDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/12-021v102/01/2012INCITS Report to T11, February 2012PDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/12-020v001/31/20125 -Year National Maintenance Review (2012)PDF (221 kilobytes)
T11/11-470v010/19/2011National Maintenance Recommendation, October 2011PDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/11-375v008/23/20112011 National Maintenance RecommendationsPDF (65 kilobytes)
T11/11-317v007/29/20112011 National Maintenance ReviewPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/11-293v007/18/2011Transfer CRC Offset Block ChangesPDF (204 kilobytes)
T11/11-285v006/23/2011INCITS Adoption of International Standards, June 2011PDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/11-042v104/04/2011FC-LS/FS Study: RSCN ThrottlingPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-045v002/07/2011Items for consideration in a follow-on project to FC-LS-2PDF (43 kilobytes)
T11/11-044v002/07/2011FC-LS-3/FC-SW-6 Link Services
T11/11-042v002/07/2011FC-LS/FS Study: RSCN ThrottlingPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/10-486v112/08/2010Items for consideration in a follow-on project to FC-FS-3PDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/10-487v112/08/2010Items for consideration in a follow-on project to FC-LS-2PDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/10-509v112/06/2010FC-LS/FS Study: RSCN ThrottlingPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/10-509v011/30/2010FC-LS/FS Study: RSCN ThrottlingPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/10-513v011/30/2010FC-FS/LS Study: FLOGI CorrectionPDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/10-504v011/12/2010INCITS Adoption of International StandardsPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/10-486v010/21/2010Items for consideration in a follow-on project to FC-FS-3PDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/10-487v010/21/2010Items for consideration in a follow-on project to FC-LS-2PDF (39 kilobytes)
T11/10-419v010/05/2010International Fibre Channel DocumentsPDF (325 kilobytes)
T11/09-616v011/03/2009INCITS 2010 Maintenance Review NotificationPDF (49 kilobytes)
T11/09-604v010/19/2009T11 Document Retention Position LetterHTM (19 kilobytes)
T11/09-513v009/23/2009INCITS Document Retention EmailHTM (13 kilobytes)
T11/09-418v108/12/2009FC-WARP RDMA for FC(oE) (aka dWARP)PDF (1054 kilobytes)
T11/09-489v008/11/2009Response to Request of Rationale for Not Adopting ISO/IEC 14HTM (9 kilobytes)
T11/09-387v006/24/2009T11 Withdrawal of Objections Regarding the Adoption of InterTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/09-385v006/23/2009Response to Agenda Query Regarding FC-BB-6 Forwarding to INCTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/09-254v006/01/2009An Alternative RDMA ApproachPDF (262 kilobytes)
T11/09-299v006/01/2009Comments on T11/09-295v1PDF (2332 kilobytes)
T11/09-309v006/01/2009dWARP and Routers
T11/09-307v006/01/2009dWARP and RoutersPDF (221 kilobytes)
T11/09-295v105/28/2009dWARP (Data Center iWARP Using CEE)PDF (565 kilobytes)
T11/09-295v005/27/2009dWARP (Data Center iWARP Using CEE)PDF (523 kilobytes)
T11/09-111v002/10/2009Call for Volunteers - Convener, JTC 1/SC 25/WG 4HTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/09-110v002/10/2009CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS - Chairman - INCITS/T11HTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/98-472v007/09/2008Request resolution of HP patent claim against STPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/08-210v004/15/2008INCITS response to request for confirmation, in080448HTM (11 kilobytes)
T11/08-211v004/15/2008INCITS response for request for waiver, in080450HTM (13 kilobytes)
T11/08-183v004/14/2008Approval of Emeritus membership for Gary Stephens, in080446HTM (11 kilobytes)
T11/07-767v012/10/2007T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for February 2008TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-707v012/03/2007T11 Restaurant GuideHTM (0 kilobytes)
KML (7 kilobytes)
T11/07-645v111/29/2007T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for December 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-645v010/17/2007T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for December 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-512v110/05/2007T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for October 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-512v008/13/2007T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for October 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-375v006/11/2007T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for August 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-321v005/31/2007FLIP Internet-Draft Rev 2TXT (29 kilobytes)
T11/07-267v004/09/2007T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for June 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-167v104/02/2007FC-FS-3: Initial IssuesPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/07-135v103/28/2007T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for April 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-167v003/08/2007FC-FS-3: Initial IssuesPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/07-158v002/27/2007Virtual Interface Specification, r 1.0 (ref for FC-VI)PDF (320 kilobytes)
T11/07-159v002/27/2007Intel Virtual Interface (VI) Architecture r 1.0 (Ref FC-VI)PDF (1326 kilobytes)
T11/07-160v002/27/2007(VI) Architecture Developer's Guide, Error Table (for FC-VI)PDF (157 kilobytes)
T11/07-135v002/12/2007T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for April 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-876v112/12/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for February 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-876v012/11/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for February 2007TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-802v112/07/2006FC-SB-3 Amendment 1PDF (112 kilobytes)
T11/06-802v011/19/2006FC-SB-3 Amendment 1PDF (90 kilobytes)
T11/06-751v311/13/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for December 2006TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-751v211/08/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for December 2006TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-751v111/02/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for December 2006TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-751v010/09/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for December 2006TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-621v008/14/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for October 2006TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-488v006/26/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for August 2006TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/06-456v106/14/2006What is needed for an SP MIB?PDF (34 kilobytes)
T11/06-456v006/13/2006What is needed for an SP MIB?PDF (50 kilobytes)
T11/06-455v006/13/2006TOAD SlidesPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/06-454v006/13/2006TOAD Readme FilePDF (75 kilobytes)
T11/06-332v004/10/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for June 2006TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-303v004/04/2006April 2006 LRM liaison reportPDF (106 kilobytes)
T11/06-158v102/27/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for April 2006TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/06-158v002/13/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for April 2006TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/06-048v001/20/2006T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for February 2006TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/06-017v001/09/2006Withdrawn standards available as referencesTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-016v001/09/2006T11 Liaison Report, December 2005PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/05-861v012/12/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for February 2006TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/05-829v012/06/2005FC-SMB: How to get there?PDF (41 kilobytes)
T11/05-726v111/14/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for December 2005TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-726v010/10/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for December 2005TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-592v110/05/2005ELS Commands for FFIPDF (50 kilobytes)
T11/05-018v409/20/2005Adhoc Meeting Attendance List, October, 2005PDF (73 kilobytes)
DOC (458 kilobytes)
T11/05-302v209/08/2005T11.2 Plenary Meeting 04-07 (#47) - Approved MinutesPDF (73 kilobytes)
T11/05-601v008/18/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for October 2005TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-592v008/17/2005ELS Commands for FFIPDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/05-544v008/07/2005FC-SATA: Technical Overview ProposalPDF (50 kilobytes)
T11/05-510v107/28/2005Availability of withdrawn standardsPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-510v007/26/2005Availability of withdrawn standardsPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/05-018v307/22/2005Adhoc Meeting Attendance List, August, 2005PDF (66 kilobytes)
DOC (258 kilobytes)
T11/05-440v107/15/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for August 2005TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-488v007/08/2005Documents from T11 for reference by ITU-TTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/05-436v007/01/2005ELSs for FFIPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/05-440v006/13/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for August 2005TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-420v106/09/2005T11.5 Re-Evaluation, Rev 1PDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/05-423v006/08/2005INCITS Project StatusPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-420v006/08/2005T11.5 Re-evaluation
T11/05-401v006/06/2005Additional FC MIBsPDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/05-018v205/26/2005Adhoc Meeting Attendance List, June, 2005PDF (67 kilobytes)
DOC (258 kilobytes)
T11/05-286v004/11/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for June 2005TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-223v003/31/2005Input from TC T10, T11, and T13 with respect to policy HTM (13 kilobytes)
T11/05-018v103/30/2005Adhoc Meeting Attendance List, April 2005PDF (68 kilobytes)
DOC (281 kilobytes)
T11/05-136v203/03/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for April 2005TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/05-136v102/18/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for April 2005TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/05-150v002/14/20052005 Five-Year Maintenance Review of T11 Standards, in050087HTM (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-136v002/07/2005T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for April 2005TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/05-018v001/12/2005Adhoc Meeting Attendance List, Feb 2005PDF (68 kilobytes)
DOC (260 kilobytes)
T11/05-001v001/03/2005T10 Vendor ID Assignment for T11TXT (0 kilobytes)
T11/04-862v012/13/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for February 2005TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/04-564v112/08/2004FC-MSQS project proposal v1PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/04-817v012/05/20048G Rx equalizationPDF (85 kilobytes)
T11/04-798v012/02/2004Templates for Membership, IP, and Anti-trust, Dec 2004PDF (8 kilobytes)
ZIP (92 kilobytes)
T11/04-105v511/29/2004Ad Hoc Attendance List Form, December 2004PDF (71 kilobytes)
DOC (296 kilobytes)
T11/04-693v010/11/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for December 2004TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/04-105v409/29/2004Ad Hoc Attendance List Form, October 2004PDF (74 kilobytes)
DOC (279 kilobytes)
T11/04-574v108/11/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for October 2004TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-574v008/10/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for October 2004TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-571v008/05/2004FCIA report to T11.2PDF (128 kilobytes)
T11/04-564v008/04/2004FC-MSQS project proposalPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/04-105v307/30/2004Ad Hoc Attendance List Form, August 2004PDF (77 kilobytes)
DOC (323 kilobytes)
T11/04-437v206/28/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for August 2004TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-437v106/23/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for August 2004TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-437v006/14/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for August 2004TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-298v306/06/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for June 2004TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/04-298v206/01/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for June 2004TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-105v205/31/2004Ad Hoc Attendance List Form, June 2004PDF (79 kilobytes)
DOC (301 kilobytes)
T11/04-298v105/13/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for June 2004TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-323v004/27/2004INCITS Officers' Symposium, Panel, Presentation on T11PDF (70 kilobytes)
T11/04-298v004/13/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for June 2004TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-263v004/06/200410GFC Draft 4.0PDF (1569 kilobytes)
T11/04-105v103/25/2004Ad Hoc Attendance List Form, Feb 2004PDF (82 kilobytes)
DOC (298 kilobytes)
T11/04-192v003/15/2004Power and data in the same cable?PDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/04-149v002/09/2004T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for April 2004TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-105v002/01/2004Ad Hoc Attendance List Form, Feb 2004PDF (85 kilobytes)
DOC (327 kilobytes)
T11/04-080v001/28/2004Fibre Channel Name Server MIBPDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/04-079v001/28/2004Fibre Channel Domain Manager MIBPDF (57 kilobytes)
T11/03-785v012/03/2003INCITS project status, December 2003PDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/03-775v012/01/2003December Ad Hoc meeting attendance list formPDF (83 kilobytes)
DOC (324 kilobytes)
T11/03-773v012/01/2003Response to RFI, INCITS 296:1997 [R2002], SBCONTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/03-467v212/01/2003SBCON Interpretation with cover pagePDF (85 kilobytes)
T11/03-755v011/18/2003INCITS Introduction for IETF IMSSPDF (107 kilobytes)
T11/03-748v011/12/2003History of Fibre Channel - Article from April 1990PDF (751 kilobytes)
T11/03-701v010/09/2003OCLC Systems & Service article on t11.orgPDF (590 kilobytes)
T11/03-695v010/08/2003INCITS Activities Relevant to T11PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/03-694v010/08/2003Project Status from INCITS, October 2003PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/03-653v010/03/2003Attendance lists for October AdhocsPDF (85 kilobytes)
DOC (310 kilobytes)
T11/03-652v010/03/2003CNT's SBCON interpretation no voteTXT (0 kilobytes)
T11/03-520v008/11/2003Project Status from INCITS, August 2003PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/03-512v008/09/2003Managing Fibre Channel via SNMPPDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/03-495v008/06/2003Adhoc Attendance Forms for August T11 meetingsPDF (83 kilobytes)
DOC (299 kilobytes)
T11/03-467v108/01/2003SBCON InterpretationPDF (66 kilobytes)
T11/03-467v007/23/2003SBCON InterpretationPDF (65 kilobytes)
T11/03-458v007/15/2003Request for clarification in SBCON Rate AdaptationPDF (132 kilobytes)
T11/03-270v106/19/2003Renaming of T11 committeeTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-401v006/09/2003Web Site Tutorial SlidesPDF (330 kilobytes)
T11/03-351v005/30/2003ISAPI: Intelligent Switch APIPDF (156 kilobytes)
T11/03-316v005/27/2003Letter to T11 participants on intellectual property policyHTM (23 kilobytes)
T11/03-208v105/21/2003Draft letter to INCITS/ITI on HPPS contributions of T11PDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/03-306v005/21/2003SM-FAIS PresentationPDF (5791 kilobytes)
T11/03-301v005/19/2003Ad Hoc Meeting Attendance List Form, June 2003PDF (64 kilobytes)
DOC (234 kilobytes)
T11/03-270v005/01/2003Renaming of T11 committeeTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/03-181v104/30/2003IPv6 over Fibre Channel - SpecificationPDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/03-259v004/18/2003Action item response: Homeland Security Standards PanelTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/03-241v004/10/2003Web/FTP SlidesPDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/03-233v004/09/200310G 1310nm FP Multimode/Singlemode specPDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/03-232v004/09/2003WITHDRAWAL OF FC-AL-3 PROJECTPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/03-208v004/04/2003Draft letter to INCITS/ITI on HPPS contributions of T11PDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/03-197v004/01/2003April Adhoc Attendance Signup SheetsPDF (65 kilobytes)
DOC (222 kilobytes)
T11/03-130v002/27/2003T11 response to inquiry about intent to stabilize HIPPI docsTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-404v002/13/2003INCITS T11 LogosTXT (1 kilobytes)
ZIP (121 kilobytes)
T11/03-085v002/05/2003Web/FTP SlidesPDF (139 kilobytes)
T11/03-050v001/30/2003February Ad Hoc meeting attendance listPDF (67 kilobytes)
DOC (211 kilobytes)
T11/02-755v012/12/2002t10 Editor’s Style Guide (ESG)PDF (139 kilobytes)
T11/02-701v112/11/2002Web/FTP SlidesPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/02-724v012/06/2002Adhoc meeting - standard attendance list - Dec 2002PDF (43 kilobytes)
DOC (174 kilobytes)
T11/02-701v012/03/2002Web/FTP SlidesPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/02-624v010/10/2002Web/FTP Status 10/2002PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/02-614v010/08/2002Suggestions for T11.5 ProjectsPDF (86 kilobytes)
T11/02-613v010/08/2002SNIA Liaison to T11.5 & FC-SPPDF (51 kilobytes)
T11/02-612v010/08/2002Liaison to T11 from SFF SSWG on Transceivers, Oct 2002PDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/02-496v109/18/2002T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for October 2002TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/02-516v008/29/2002Definition of Managed Objects for iFCPPDF (37 kilobytes)
TXT (53 kilobytes)
T11/02-483v008/08/2002Web/FTP Status 8/2002PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/02-404v108/07/2002Technical Committee Logos (T10 and T11)TXT (1 kilobytes)
ZIP (121 kilobytes)
T11/02-469v008/06/2002Cover Letter for Disbandment of T11.1 to INCITS
T11/02-466v008/05/2002Proposal for new TGPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/02-399v007/01/2002T11 Liaison Report to T10, June 28, 2002PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/02-375v006/13/2002Web/FTP StatusPDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/02-376v006/13/2002Web Site TutorialPDF (511 kilobytes)
T11/02-372v006/12/2002SFF SSWG on Transceivers, LiaisonPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/02-278v005/13/2002T11 RoadmapPDF (2749 kilobytes)
T11/02-230v004/10/2002Web/FTP StatusPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/02-149v003/19/2002Common HBA API version 2.18 from SNIAPDF (401 kilobytes)
T11/02-023v303/06/2002iFCP - A Protocol for Internet Fibre Channel Storage NetworkPDF (205 kilobytes)
TXT (247 kilobytes)
T11/02-135v003/06/2002T11 Liaison Report, February, 2002PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/02-023v202/27/2002iFCP - A Protocol for Internet Fibre Channel Storage NetworkPDF (164 kilobytes)
TXT (247 kilobytes)
T11/02-119v002/18/2002Cover Letter for FC-AL-2 to forward to NCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/02-093v002/06/2002Web/FTP StatusPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/02-085v002/06/2002Liaison Report, SFF SSWG on TransceiversPDF (51 kilobytes)
T11/02-077v002/04/2002iFCP StatusPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/02-028v101/28/2002iFCP Release Notes for Revisions 8 and 9PDF (22 kilobytes)
TXT (17 kilobytes)
T11/02-023v101/24/2002iFCP - A Protocol for Internet Fibre Channel Storage NetworkPDF (187 kilobytes)
TXT (243 kilobytes)
T11/02-028v001/23/2002iFCP Revision 8 Release NotesPDF (19 kilobytes)
TXT (17 kilobytes)
T11/02-023v001/22/2002iFCP - A Protocol for Internet Fibre Channel Storage NetworkPDF (217 kilobytes)
TXT (244 kilobytes)
T11/01-695v012/18/2001Agilent LetterPDF (219 kilobytes)
T11/01-669v012/05/2001Web/FTP StatusPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/01-495v311/21/2001iFCP - A Protocol for Internet Fibre Channel Storage NetworkPDF (201 kilobytes)
TXT (221 kilobytes)
T11/01-495v210/18/2001iFCP - A Protocol for Internet Fibre Channel Storage NetworkPDF (172 kilobytes)
TXT (230 kilobytes)
T11/01-520v110/11/2001Web/FTP Status SlidesPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/01-520v010/04/2001Web/FTP Status SlidesPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/01-495v110/02/2001iFCP - A Protocol for Internet Fibre Channel Storage NetworkPDF (196 kilobytes)
TXT (229 kilobytes)
T11/01-495v010/01/2001iFCP - A Protocol for Internet Fibre Channel Storage NetworkPDF (207 kilobytes)
TXT (229 kilobytes)
T11/01-451v008/27/2001Fibre Channel Signal Modeling TRPDF (623 kilobytes)
T11/01-408v108/06/2001Web/FTP Status SlidesPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/01-408v008/02/2001Web/FTP Status SlidesPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/01-407v008/02/2001SANmark SCD-3020vBPDF (306 kilobytes)
T11/01-327v006/18/2001Circuit Set-up and Management in a Class 4 FabricPDF (128 kilobytes)
T11/01-314v006/08/2001QoS using DiffServPDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/01-255v005/31/2001Security TutorialPDF (250 kilobytes)
T11/01-181v004/11/2001Web/FTP SlidesPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/01-065v002/05/2001Web/FTP SlidesPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/01-026v001/26/2001Standards Maintenance (2001 Action)HTM (12 kilobytes)
T11/01-005v001/09/2001T11 Plenary Week Meeting Map for February 2001TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/00-610v010/06/2000Another Note From MOMPDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/00-444v109/25/2000Approved minutes T11.2 optical ad hoc June 6, 2000PDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/00-516v008/17/2000Cover letter for FC-BB-2 to forward to NCITS TXT (21 kilobytes)
T11/00-145v205/12/2000RR_TOV ConsiderationsPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/00-145v105/08/2000RR_TOV ConsiderationsPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/00-233v104/05/2000Small Form Factor Copper Connector RequirementsPDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/00-133v103/02/2000BA_ACC vs BA_RJT UsagePDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/00-145v003/02/2000RR_TOV ConsiderationsPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/00-133v003/01/2000BA_ACC Versus BA_RJT usagePDF (2 kilobytes)
T11/00-105v002/18/2000Brocade's FSPF Offer to T11PDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/00-054v002/08/2000Cover Letter for updated 10GFC Proj Prop to NCITSTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/00-021v001/17/2000Data Transferred Integerity CheckPDF (64 kilobytes)
T11/99-722v112/13/1999Error Recovery For FCP Out-Of-Order DeliveryPDF (47 kilobytes)
T11/99-745v112/06/1999Hari Coding Objectives for 10G FCPDF (181 kilobytes)
T11/99-745v012/06/1999Hari Coding Objectives for 10G FCPDF (149 kilobytes)
T11/99-722v012/01/1999Error Recovery for FCP Out_of Order DeliveryPDF (67 kilobytes)
T11/99-652v010/22/1999Cover Letter for Merger of T11.3 and T11.4TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/99-647v010/22/1999T11 Project Status SummaryPDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/99-587v009/29/1999Proposed merger of T11.3 and T11.4TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/99-583v009/28/1999Cover Letter for 30-Day Letter Ballots to NCITSTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/99-320v006/03/1999LIP Reset JustificationPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/99-293v005/24/1999SCSI on ST Project ProposalPDF (32 kilobytes)
T11/99-221v004/14/1999T11.2 Optical Ad Hoc Report to T11.2 PlenaryPDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/99-211v004/12/1999Simple Auto Speed Negotiation ProposalPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/99-142v003/04/1999Cover Letter for PP(HIPPI-6400-PH Amendment)TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/99-105v002/15/1999Multi-Speed WG Minutes 2/11/98TXT (8 kilobytes)
T11/99-101v002/11/1999Links to "Grand" FC AN Proposal Reference InfoHTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/99-100v002/11/1999FC Auto-Negotiation UpdatePDF (41 kilobytes)
T11/99-045v102/04/1999test doc
T11/99-054v001/26/1999Proposal for an Amendment to HIPPI-6400-PHPDF (32 kilobytes)
T11/98-632v012/30/1998MSSG meeting minutes Nov 2, 1998PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/98-631v012/30/1998Links to "Grand" FC AN Proposal Reference InfoHTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/98-630v012/30/1998For Reference: IEEE 802.3u Clause 28PDF (122 kilobytes)
T11/98-629v012/30/1998Simple Auto Speed NegotiationPDF (40 kilobytes)
T11/98-618v012/17/1998FC Auto-Negotiation ProposalPDF (84 kilobytes)
T11/98-581v111/25/1998FC-SB-2 Project ProposalPDF (9 kilobytes)
TXT (12 kilobytes)
T11/98-582v011/24/1998Project Proposal (SD-3) for FC-GS-3TXT (14 kilobytes)
T11/98-581v011/24/1998FC-SB-2 Project ProposalPDF (44 kilobytes)
TXT (14 kilobytes)
T11/98-517v010/05/1998T11 Liaison to T11.4PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/98-516v010/05/1998T11 Liaison to T11.3PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/98-515v010/05/1998T11 Liaison to T11.2PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/98-514v010/05/1998T11 Liaison to T11.1PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/98-445v008/31/1998Cover Letter for FC-HSPI Project ProposalTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/98-437v108/28/1998ARP and IP Broadcast over HIPPI-6400 (GSN) Rev 00TXT (132 kilobytes)
T11/98-437v008/28/1998ARP and IP Broadcast over HIPPI-6400 (GSN) Rev 00PDF (67 kilobytes)
T11/98-132v208/28/1998ARP and IP Broadcast over HIPPI-800 Rev 01TXT (141 kilobytes)
T11/98-132v108/28/1998ARP and IP Broadcast over HIPPI-800PDF (73 kilobytes)
T11/98-400v008/06/1998T11 Liaison to T11.4PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/98-399v008/06/1998T11 Liaison to T11.3PDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/98-398v008/06/1998T11 Liaison to T11.2PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/98-397v008/06/1998T11 Liaison to T11.1PDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/98-355v007/15/1998Call for Volunteers - T11 ChairmanHTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/98-347v007/04/1998FC High Speed Parallel Interface Project ProposalTXT (8 kilobytes)
T11/98-333v006/30/1998Letter of Resignation to SecretariatTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/98-331v006/30/1998Letter to Secretariat re Copyright PolicyTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/98-282v006/05/19986/98 T10 Liaison ReportTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/98-273v006/03/1998T11 Liaison Report to T11.1, T11.2, T11.3 & T11.4PDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/98-257v005/28/1998HIPPI-LE Revision Project ProposalPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/98-256v005/28/1998ST-API Project ProposalPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/98-255v005/28/1998FC-ST Project ProposalPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/98-218v005/08/1998Justification for 2Gbd 10 bit SERDES tech. reportPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/98-211v005/03/1998Proposed definitions: Baud, UI, repeater, retimerPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/98-178v004/27/1998Common Interchange formatPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/98-168v004/22/1998T11 Liaison Report to T11.2PDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/98-169v004/22/1998T11 Liaison Report to T11.1PDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/98-167v004/22/1998T11 Liaison Report to T11.3PDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/98-165v004/21/1998T11 Liaison Report to T11.4PDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/98-132v003/27/1998ARP and IP Broadcast over HIPPI-800PDF (64 kilobytes)
T11/98-087v002/20/1998T11 Membership 2/16/98PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/98-038v002/06/19982/98 Liaison ReportsPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/98-032v002/02/1998Resolution of GBIC comments, Revision 4.4PDF (7 kilobytes)
PS (61 kilobytes)
T11/98-031v002/02/1998Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC)PDF (253 kilobytes)
PS (1577 kilobytes)
T11/98-001v001/13/1998Welcome to new Document SystemTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/97-536v001/12/1998LSI - Working Together to Maximize FC Benefits
T11/98-002v001/09/1998HIPPI Working Meeting Draft AgendaPDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/97-449v012/17/1997Modified FC-PH'98 Proposal
T11/97-346v010/17/1997FC-PH'98 Project Proposal
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