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T11/16-532v012/19/2016Forward FC-NVMe-2 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (37 kilobytes)
T11/16-475v112/07/2016FC-NVMe-2: Project ProposalPDF (241 kilobytes)
T11/16-475v011/16/2016FC-NVMe-2: Project ProposalPDF (111 kilobytes)
T11/16-118v003/01/2016Forward FC-LS-4 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (165 kilobytes)
T11/16-014v001/12/2016Forward FC-EE-TR Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (166 kilobytes)
T11/16-011v001/12/2016Forward FC-MSQS-3 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (165 kilobytes)
T11/15-336v412/09/2015MSQS-3 project proposalPDF (68 kilobytes)
T11/15-336v312/06/2015MSQS-3 project proposalPDF (68 kilobytes)
T11/15-421v011/24/2015FC-EE TR Project ProposalPDF (143 kilobytes)
T11/15-325v009/23/2015FC-AS (Advanced Services) Project ProposalPDF (89 kilobytes)
T11/15-319v009/02/2015Forward FC-GS-8 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (86 kilobytes)
T11/15-318v009/02/2015Forward FC-SW-7 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (86 kilobytes)
T11/15-172v107/09/2015FC-SW-7: Project ProposalPDF (141 kilobytes)
T11/15-172v006/02/2015FC-SW-7: Project ProposalPDF (145 kilobytes)
T11/15-086v002/26/2015Forward FC-FS-5 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (164 kilobytes)
T11/15-085v002/25/2015Forward FC-PI-5 Amendment 1 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (164 kilobytes)
T11/15-004v001/08/2015FC-PI-5 Amendment 1 Project ProposalPDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/14-433v012/17/2014Forward FC-SB-6 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (165 kilobytes)
T11/14-366v011/14/2014FC-SB-6 Project ProposalPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/14-361v011/04/2014Forward FC-PI-7 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/14-302v110/08/2014FC-PI-7SPPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/14-300v009/22/2014FC-PI-7 PROJECT PROPOSALPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/14-301v009/22/2014FC-PI-7P PROJECT PROPOSALPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/14-302v009/22/2014FC-PI-7SPPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/14-168v004/25/2014Forward FC-NVMe Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (165 kilobytes)
T11/13-422v010/22/2013Forward FC-SP-2 AM1 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (165 kilobytes)
T11/13-349v009/17/2013FC-SP-2 Amendment 1 Project ProposalPDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/13-270v006/20/2013FC-PI-6P Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (37 kilobytes)
T11/11-382v008/29/2011Forward FC-BB-5 Amendment 1 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/11-295v108/03/2011FC-BB-5 Amendment 1 Project ProposalPDF (121 kilobytes)
T11/11-295v007/18/2011FC-BB-5 Amendment 1 Project ProposalPDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/11-290v006/28/2011Forward FC-SB-5 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/11-208v106/08/2011FC-SB-5 Project ProposalPDF (112 kilobytes)
T11/11-208v005/19/2011FC-SB-5 Project ProposalPDF (112 kilobytes)
T11/11-197v004/26/2011Forward FC-LS-3 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/11-198v004/26/2011Forward FC-FS-4 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/11-116v104/04/2011FC-FS-4 Project ProposalPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/11-117v104/04/2011FC-LS-3 Project ProposalPDF (80 kilobytes)
T11/11-117v003/21/2011FC-LS-3 Project ProposalPDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/11-116v003/17/2011FC-FS-4 Project ProposalPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/11-008v001/05/2011Revised Project Proposals for FC-EE and FC-MSQS-2PDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/10-578v012/16/2010Forward FC-MSQS-2 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/10-577v012/16/2010Forward FC-EE Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/10-498v011/08/2010FC-EE project proposalPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/10-319v006/29/2010Forward FC-SW-6 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/10-318v006/29/2010Forward FC-PI-6 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/10-175v106/10/201032G Fibre channel FC-PI-6 project proposalPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/10-220v106/09/2010FC-SW-6 Project ProposalPDF (96 kilobytes)
T11/10-220v005/19/2010FC-SW-6 Project ProposalPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/10-198v004/15/2010Forward FC-MI-3 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/10-111v104/01/2010FC-MI-3: Project Proposal PDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/10-175v003/31/201032G Fibre channel FC-PI-6 project proposalPDF (48 kilobytes)
T11/10-111v003/08/2010FC-MI-3: Project Proposal PDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/09-703v012/15/2009Forward FC-GS-7 Project Proposal to INCITSPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/09-624v112/08/2009FC-GS-7 Project ProposalPDF (92 kilobytes)
T11/09-624v011/18/2009FC-GS-7 Project ProposalPDF (99 kilobytes)
T11/09-350v008/03/2009QSFP+ project proposalPDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/09-418v008/01/2009FC-WARP RDMA for FC(oE) (aka dWARP)PDF (1049 kilobytes)
T11/09-378v006/16/2009Cover Letter: Forward FC-BB-6 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/09-272v106/03/2009FC-BB-6 Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/09-272v005/15/2009FC-BB-6 Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/09-141v104/01/2009DCRP Study Group ProposalPDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/09-141v003/17/2009DCRP Study Group ProposalPDF (85 kilobytes)
T11/08-362v006/18/2008Cover Letter: Forward project proposal for FC-SB-4 TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/08-272v106/02/2008Single-Byte Command Code Sets-4 Mapping ProtocolPDF (121 kilobytes)
T11/08-272v005/19/2008Single-Byte Command Code Sets-4 Mapping ProtocolPDF (121 kilobytes)
T11/08-257v005/07/2008Cover Letter: Forward FC-PI-5 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/08-148v104/17/2008Draft Project Proposal for FC-PI-5PDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/08-148v003/24/2008Draft Project Proposal for FC-PI-5PDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/08-136v003/04/2008INCITS Approval of FC-LS-2 Project 2103-DHTM (3 kilobytes)
T11/08-122v002/21/2008Cover Letter: Forward FC-LS-2 Project ProposalTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/08-015v102/06/2008FC-LS-2 Project ProposalPDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/08-015v001/11/2008FC-LS-2 Project ProposalPDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/07-651v010/24/2007Cover Letter: Forward Project Proposal for FC-AE-ASM/A1TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-540v110/11/2007Project Proposal for FC-AE-ASM Amendment 1PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/07-540v009/19/2007Project Proposal for FC-AE-ASM Amendment 1PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/07-391v006/26/2007FC-DA-2 Project Proposal cover letterTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/07-196v206/06/2007FC-BB-5 Project ProposalPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/07-277v004/19/2007Cover Letter: Forward FC-FS-3 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-634v004/13/2007Proposal for modification of INCITS Project 1647-D, FC-PI-4PDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/07-196v104/04/2007FC-BB-5 Project ProposalPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/07-187v104/03/2007FC-DA-2 Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/07-196v003/28/2007FC-BB-5 Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/07-187v003/27/2007FC-DA-2 Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/07-034v102/06/2007FC-FS-3 Project ProposalPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/07-034v001/30/2007FC-FS-3 Project ProposalPDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/06-883v012/18/2006Forward project proposal for FC-SB-3 Amendment 1TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-677v111/16/2006FC-SB-3 Persistent PacingPDF (133 kilobytes)
T11/06-766v010/20/2006Forward modified project proposal for FC-PI-4TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-512v110/18/2006Forwarding of Modified SM-HBA-2 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/06-676v110/03/2006FC-SB-3/AM1 Project ProposalPDF (72 kilobytes)
T11/06-677v009/21/2006FC-SB-3 Persistent PacingPDF (118 kilobytes)
T11/06-676v009/20/2006FC-SB-3/AM1 Project ProposalPDF (71 kilobytes)
T11/06-527v007/18/2006Forwarding of FAIS-2 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-514v007/10/2006Forwarding of SM-FS-2 Amendment 1 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-512v007/08/2006Forwarding of SM-HBA-2 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-323v106/15/2006SM-SPM Project Proposal, Rev 1TXT (7 kilobytes)
T11/06-360v106/14/2006FAIS-2 Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/06-388v005/17/2006FC-FS-2 Amendment 1, Project ProposalPDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/06-360v005/04/2006FAIS-2 Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/06-349v004/26/2006Cover Letter: Forward FC-GS-6 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-323v004/05/2006SM-SPM Project ProposalTXT (7 kilobytes)
T11/06-174v002/18/2006Forward FC-SP-2 project proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-885v012/21/2005Forward Project Proposal for FC-SCM to INCITSTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/05-882v012/20/2005Forward Project Proposal for FC-SW-5 to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-655v112/07/2005FC-SCM Project ProposalPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/05-738v010/16/2005Forward FC-BB-4 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-737v010/16/2005Forward FC-BaseT Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-705v010/04/2005Forward Proj Prop for FC-AL-2 Amdmt 2 to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-633v209/29/2005SM-FCFGM Project Proposal, Rev 2TXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-655v009/20/2005FC-SMB Project ProposalPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/05-633v109/16/2005SM-FCFGM Project Proposal, Rev 1TXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-632v109/16/2005SM-RSCNM Project ProposalTXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-633v009/12/2005SM-FCSM Project ProposalTXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-632v009/12/2005SM-RSCNM Project ProposalTXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-565v108/11/2005FC-AL-2 Amendment 2TXT (4 kilobytes)
T11/05-492v108/10/2005SM-ZSM Project Proposal, Rev 1TXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-183v408/10/2005FC-BaseT Project ProposalPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/05-565v008/09/2005FC-AL-2 Amendment 2TXT (4 kilobytes)
T11/05-183v308/08/2005FCBase-T Project ProposalPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/05-183v208/05/2005FCBase-T Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/05-183v107/27/2005FCBase-T Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/05-492v007/13/2005SM-ZSM Project ProposalTXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/05-456v006/17/2005Forward FC-SATA Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-455v006/17/2005Forward Project Proposal for SNPingTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-320v206/06/2005FC-SATA Project ProposalPDF (34 kilobytes)
T11/05-320v105/24/2005FC-SATA Project ProposalPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/05-320v004/28/2005FC-SATA Project ProposalPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/05-177v104/07/2005SNPing Project Proposal, Rev 1TXT (9 kilobytes)
T11/05-225v004/01/2005SNPing SlidesPDF (39 kilobytes)
T11/05-177v004/01/2005SNPing Project ProposalTXT (10 kilobytes)
T11/05-172v103/23/2005The Next Step for Fibre ChannelPDF (447 kilobytes)
PPT (1523 kilobytes)
T11/05-185v003/22/2005FC-UTP-3 Project ProposalPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/05-184v003/22/2005FC-UTP-2 Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/05-183v003/22/2005FC-UTP Project ProposalPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/05-182v003/22/2005Fibre Channel over Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)PDF (72 kilobytes)
T11/05-172v003/15/2005The Next Step for Fibre ChannelPDF (449 kilobytes)
PPT (1530 kilobytes)
T11/04-880v012/23/2004Forward FC-IFR Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-879v012/23/2004Forward 10GFC Amendment Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-750v212/08/2004Virtual Fabric MIB Project ProposalTXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/04-755v112/07/2004FC - Inter-Fabric Routing (FC-IFR) Project ProposalPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/04-750v111/22/2004Virtual Fabric MIB Project ProposalTXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/04-755v011/19/2004Fibre Channel - Fabric Routing (FC-FR) Project ProposalPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/04-753v011/19/200410GFC Amendment Project ProposalTXT (4 kilobytes)
T11/04-750v011/18/2004Virtual Fabric MIB Project ProposalTXT (5 kilobytes)
T11/04-726v111/05/2004Forward FC-DA-2 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-614v111/04/2004FC-DA-2: Project ProposalPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/04-726v010/22/2004Forward FC-DA-2 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-725v010/22/2004Forward MSQS Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-614v009/20/2004FC-DA-2: Project ProposalPDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/04-328v105/14/2004Recall letter forwarding SM-RTM Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/04-328v004/27/2004Forward SM-RTM Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-327v004/27/2004Forward Project Proposal to INCITS for SM-HBATXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-206v104/08/2004SM-RTM Project ProposalTXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/04-205v104/06/2004SM-HBA Project ProposalTXT (7 kilobytes)
T11/04-207v003/24/2004SM-FSM Project ProposalTXT (7 kilobytes)
T11/04-206v003/24/2004SM-RTM Project ProposalTXT (7 kilobytes)
T11/04-205v003/24/2004SM-HBA Project ProposalTXT (8 kilobytes)
T11/04-157v002/17/2004Forwarding of project proposal, FC-GS-5TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-021v001/08/2004Forward Project Proposal for FC-SW-4 to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-766v112/11/2003SM-DMM Project ProposalTXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/03-768v212/11/2003SM-NSM Project ProposalTXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/03-768v112/11/2003SM-NSM Project ProposalTXT (5 kilobytes)
T11/03-769v011/26/2003FC-GS-5 Project ProposalPDF (100 kilobytes)
T11/03-768v011/26/2003SM-NSM Project ProposalTXT (5 kilobytes)
T11/03-767v011/26/2003SM-FXM Project Proposal
T11/03-766v011/26/2003SM-DMM Project ProposalTXT (5 kilobytes)
T11/03-765v011/24/2003Fourth Generation Switch Fabric Project ProposalPDF (72 kilobytes)
T11/03-585v008/29/2003Forward FC-AE-RDMA Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-584v008/29/2003Forward FC-AE-LP Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-583v008/29/2003Forward FC-AE-ASM Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-582v008/29/2003Forward FC-AE-1553 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-310v108/28/2003Project Proposal for FC-AE-RDMAPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-309v108/28/2003Project Proposal FC-AE-LPPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-308v108/28/2003Project proposal FC-AE-1553PDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-307v108/28/2003Project Proposal for FC-AE-ASMPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-573v008/22/2003Forwarding of FC-PI-4 project proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-307v007/25/2003Project Proposal for FC-AE-ASMPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-308v007/25/2003Project proposal FC-AE-1553PDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-309v007/25/2003Project Proposal FC-AE-LPPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-310v007/25/2003Project Proposal for FC-AE-RDMAPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-414v006/13/2003Forward FC-BB-3 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-165v206/13/2003FC-BB-3 Project Proposal - RevisedPDF (69 kilobytes)
T11/03-413v006/12/2003Forward FAIS Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-410v006/10/2003Slides related to 03-330v0 (TSP-centric FC-over-SONET, GFP)PDF (156 kilobytes)
T11/03-305v206/10/2003Proj. Prop. Fabric Application Interface Standard (SM-FAIS)TXT (7 kilobytes)
T11/03-389v006/05/2003Long Wavelength (1310 nm) VCSELPDF (919 kilobytes)
T11/03-388v006/05/2003Electronic Dispersion CompensationPDF (220 kilobytes)
T11/03-387v006/05/2003Random jitter vs. TDPPDF (39 kilobytes)
T11/03-385v006/05/20031310 nm summary for Fibre ChannelPDF (995 kilobytes)
T11/03-384v006/05/20031200-SM-LC-L Power Budget ProposalPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/03-383v006/05/2003LW VCSEL UpdatePDF (678 kilobytes)
T11/03-382v006/05/2003TIA Guidelines for Structured Cabling in Data CentersPDF (324 kilobytes)
T11/03-305v106/05/2003Proj. Prop. Fabric Application Interface Standard (SM-FAIS)TXT (7 kilobytes)
T11/03-368v006/02/2003Summary minutes for 5-22-03 con-call on 1310nm FP 10G linkPDF (183 kilobytes)
T11/03-363v006/01/2003Cable plant configuration drawings (from OIF)PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/03-362v006/01/2003EDC receiver clausePDF (186 kilobytes)
T11/03-361v006/01/2003EDC for FC - potential, realities, mythsPDF (355 kilobytes)
T11/03-360v006/01/2003EDC offers extended distances for 10G MM linksPDF (402 kilobytes)
T11/03-359v006/01/2003Design Considerations for EDC Compliance Test v3PDF (127 kilobytes)
T11/03-330v005/28/2003Carrier-centric FC transport adaptation, and GFPPDF (151 kilobytes)
T11/03-305v005/21/2003Proj. Prop. Fabric Application Interface Standard (SM-FAIS)TXT (7 kilobytes)
T11/03-251v004/16/2003Forward FCSM-2 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-250v004/15/2003Forward FC-PI-3 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-025v304/10/2003Draft proposal for FC-PI-3PDF (23 kilobytes)
DOC (46 kilobytes)
T11/03-217v004/07/2003Summary minutes for 3-19-03 con-call on 1310nm FP 10G linkPDF (189 kilobytes)
T11/03-153v003/14/2003Initial spreadsheet model for FP 1310 nm 10G linkTXT (0 kilobytes)
XLS (244 kilobytes)
T11/03-152v003/14/2003Proposed specs for FP 1310 nm 10G linkPDF (326 kilobytes)
T11/03-025v203/05/2003Project proposal update for FC-PI-3PDF (123 kilobytes)
T11/03-121v002/24/2003Forward Project Proposal for FC-LS to INCITSPDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/03-120v002/24/2003Forward Project Proposal for FC-FS-2 to INCITSPDF (4 kilobytes)
T11/03-014v102/24/2003FC-LS Project ProposalPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/03-092v002/06/2003FC-FS-2 Project ProposalPDF (10 kilobytes)
DOC (26 kilobytes)
T11/03-089v002/06/2003Preliminary parameter proposals for 1310nm 10G FP linkPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/03-025v102/06/2003Project proposal update for FC-PI-3PDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/03-088v002/06/2003Summary minutes for 1-16-03 con-call on 1310nm FP 10G linkPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-014v001/15/2003FC-LS Project ProposalPDF (95 kilobytes)
T11/02-768v012/26/2002Forward of SM-AMD Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/02-767v012/26/2002Forward of SM-MM Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/02-766v012/24/2002Forwarding of FC-AE-2 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/02-692v312/12/2002Attribute Dictionary Project ProposalPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/02-691v212/11/2002Management Model Project ProposalPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/02-692v212/11/2002Attribute Dictionary Project ProposalPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/02-692v112/10/2002Attribute Dictionary Project ProposalPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/02-691v112/10/2002Management Model Project ProposalPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/02-691v012/05/2002Management Model Project ProposalPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/02-692v012/05/2002Attribute Dictionary Project ProposalPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/02-524v009/04/2002Cover Letter - fwd FC-SWAPI PP to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-286v408/09/2002FC-SWAPI Proposal rev 5.0PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/02-417v208/08/2002FC-MI-2 Project ProposalPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/02-286v308/08/2002FC-SWAPI Project Proposal - Rev 4PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/02-417v108/07/2002FC-MI-2 Project ProposalPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/02-348v107/31/2002FC-SWAPI PresentationPDF (667 kilobytes)
T11/02-286v207/23/2002FC-SWAPI Project Proposal rev 3.0PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/02-417v007/22/2002FC-MI-2 Project PorposalPDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/02-392v006/28/2002Draft Project Proposal 3.1875 Gbaud Fibre Channel VariantsPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/02-286v106/11/2002FC-SWAPI Project Proposal rev 2.0PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/02-273v105/29/2002Forward of FC-HBA Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-297v005/29/2002Forward of FC-SB-3 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-272v105/29/2002Forward of FC-SP Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-274v105/29/2002Forward of MIB-FA Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-286v005/20/2002FC-SWAPI Project ProposalPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/02-276v005/13/2002Forward of FC-SB-3 Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-274v005/13/2002Forward of MIB-FA Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-273v005/13/2002Forward of FC-HBA Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-272v005/13/2002Forward of FC-SP Project Proposal to INCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/02-110v204/09/2002Draft SD3 for MIB-FAPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/02-145v104/09/2002Draft Project Proposal for FC-HBAPDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/02-036v203/26/2002FC Security Protocol (FC-SP) Project ProposalPDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/02-151v003/20/2002Fibre Channel Single-Byte Command Code Sets-3 (FC-SB-3) PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/02-110v103/13/2002SD3 for MIB-FAPDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/02-145v003/11/2002Draft Project Proposal for FC-HBAPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/02-036v102/12/2002FC-Security Project Proposal (FC-SP)PDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/02-098v002/07/2002Presentation for FC-HBA ProposalPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/02-058v001/31/2002Draft Project Proposal for FC-HBAPDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/02-036v001/25/2002FC Security (FC-SEC) Project ProposalPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/01-674v012/06/2001Cover Letter for FC-AL-2 to forward to NCITS
T11/01-122v003/05/2001Cover Letter for FC-DA Project Proposal to fwd to NCITS
T11/01-074v103/02/2001FC-DA Proposed SD3PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/01-074v002/08/2001FC-DA Proposed SD3PDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/01-008v001/19/2001Cover Letter to forward FC-SW-3 Proj Prop to NCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/01-007v001/18/2001Cover Letter for FC-SM Proj Prop to NCITSTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/00-680v112/11/2000FC-SW-3 Project ProposalPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/00-680v011/23/2000FC-SW-3 Project ProposalPDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/00-545v109/26/2000GS-4 Project ProposalPDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/00-587v009/26/2000Project proposal for FC-PI-2PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/00-580v009/25/2000FC-DA Proposed SD3PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/00-569v009/21/2000FC-AV-2 Proposed SD3PDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/00-545v009/10/2000FC-GS-4 Project ProposalPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/00-432v107/20/2000FC-BB2 Proposed SD3 - RevisedPDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/00-432v007/13/2000FC-BB2 Proposed SD3PDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/99-739v112/26/1999FC-PI-2 Project Proposal Comments and ResponsesPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/99-521v212/26/199910GFC Project ProposalPDF (12 kilobytes)
FM (20 kilobytes)
T11/99-769v012/15/1999Cover letter for pp ST Reliable Transport Profile TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/99-690v011/22/1999Project Proposal- ST Reliable Transport ProfilePDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/99-521v110/14/1999FC-PI-2 Project ProposalPDF (11 kilobytes)
FM (19 kilobytes)
T11/99-293v209/15/1999SCSI on ST Project ProposalPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/99-521v008/25/199910G Project ProposalPDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/99-293v108/23/1999Project Proposal for SCSI on STPDF (24 kilobytes)
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