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T11/16-506v012/07/2016ISO/IEC 11518-2:2000 (HIPPI-FP) Systematic Review BallotPDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/16-507v012/07/2016ISO/IEC 11518-6:2000 (HIPPI-SC) Systematic Review BallotPDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/16-493v012/06/2016ISO/IEC Status Report - December 2016PDF (80 kilobytes)
T11/16-494v012/06/2016 IR Motions - December 2016PDF (50 kilobytes)
T11/16-437v010/05/2016ISO/IEC Status Report - October 2016PDF (81 kilobytes)
T11/16-397v009/15/2016IR Action: 16-016 (Confirm 13187:2011-SM CLP)PDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/16-312v008/02/2016IR Motions - August2016PDF (50 kilobytes)
T11/16-313v008/02/2016ISO/IEC 13187:2011 (SM CLP) Systematic Review Ballot FormPDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/16-311v007/27/2016ISO/IEC Status Report - August 2016PDF (81 kilobytes)
T11/16-286v006/14/2016IR Action: 16-009 (Approve FC-SB-5 NWIP SC 25 N2556 NP-CD)PDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/16-285v006/14/2016IR Action: 16-009 (Approve FC-BB-6 NWIP SC 25 N2557 NP-CD)PDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/16-282v006/14/2016IR Action: 16-009 (Stabilize 14165-115:2006-FC-PI)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/16-284v006/14/2016IR Action: 16-009 (Stabilize 14165-211:1999-FC-FP)PDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/16-283v006/14/2016IR Action: 16-009 (Stabilize 14165-131:2000-FC-SW)PDF (30 kilobytes)
T11/16-268v006/09/2016NP questions-vote on CD for SC 25 N2556 14165-225 (FC-SB-5)PDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/16-261v006/09/2016ISO/IEC 14165-115:2006 (FC-PI) Systematic Review Ballot FormPDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/16-262v006/09/2016ISO/IEC 14165-131:2000 (FC-SW) Systematic Review Ballot FormPDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/16-263v006/09/2016ISO/IEC 14165-211:1999 (FC-FP) Systematic Review Ballot FormPDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/16-265v006/09/2016IR Motions - June2016PDF (56 kilobytes)
T11/16-267v006/09/2016NP questions-vote on CD for SC 25 N2557 14165-246 (FC-BB-6)PDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/16-264v006/08/2016ISO/IEC Status Report - June 2016PDF (81 kilobytes)
T11/16-198v005/03/2016ISO/IEC 9318-4 Systematic Review Ballot FormPDF (71 kilobytes)
T11/16-191v004/25/2016IR Action: 16-007 (Stabilize 14165-116:2005-10GFC)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/16-137v004/06/2016ISO/IEC Status Report - April 2016PDF (80 kilobytes)
T11/16-141v003/31/2016ISO/IEC CD FC-SB-5PDF (1222 kilobytes)
T11/16-136v003/31/2016IR Motions - Apr2016PDF (71 kilobytes)
T11/16-140v003/31/2016ISO/IEC CD FC-BB-6PDF (1347 kilobytes)
T11/16-070v002/03/2016ISO/IEC Status Report - February 2016PDF (80 kilobytes)
T11/16-027v001/22/2016IR Action: 15-039 (Stabilize 14165-122:2005-FC-AL-2)PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/15-469v012/09/2015ISO/IEC Status Report - December 2015PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/15-453v012/09/2015IR Motions - Dec2015PDF (72 kilobytes)
T11/15-397v010/27/2015IR Action: 15-027 (Stabilize 14165-114:2005-FC-100-DF-EL-S)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/15-398v010/27/2015IR Action: 15-028 (Stabilize 14165-222:2005-FC-SB-2)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/15-399v010/27/2015IR Action: 15-029 (Stabilize 14165-241:2005-FC-BB-2)PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/15-386v010/20/2015USNB-NWIP-Ballot-Form-14165-432 (FC-SP-2)PDF (32 kilobytes)
T11/15-385v010/20/2015IR Action: 15-026 (Approve NWIP 14165-432 FC-SP-2)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/15-365v010/08/2015IR Motions - Oct2015PDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/15-364v010/07/2015ISO/IEC Status Report - October 2015PDF (80 kilobytes)
T11/15-288v008/05/2015ISO/IEC Status Report - August 2015PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/15-255v007/27/2015IR Action: 15-014 (Stabilize 11518-9:1999-HIPPI-Serial)PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/15-256v007/27/2015IR Action: 15-015 (Confirm 11989:2010-iSCSI Management API)PDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/15-257v007/27/2015IR Action: 15-016 (US delegates for 2015 JTC 1/SC 25) PDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/15-246v007/09/2015ISO/IEC CD FC-SP-2PDF (1285 kilobytes)
T11/15-247v007/09/2015IR Action: 15-004 (NWIP & CD - FC-SP-2+AM1)PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/15-239v006/15/2015INCITS T11 Report to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4PDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/15-214v106/04/2015IR Motions - Jun2015PDF (50 kilobytes)
T11/15-213v006/03/2015ISO/IEC Status Report - June 2015PDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/15-214v006/03/2015IR Motions - Jun2015PDF (49 kilobytes)
T11/15-157v004/20/2015IR Action: 15-009 (Approve CD 14165-151-FC-BaseT)PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/15-158v004/20/2015IR Action: 15-010 (Confirm 14165-133:2010-FC-SW-3)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/15-095v004/02/2015IR Motions - Apr2015PDF (50 kilobytes)
T11/15-094v004/02/2015ISO/IEC Status Report - April 2015PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/15-062v002/11/2015NWIP - FC-SB-5PDF (58 kilobytes)
T11/15-061v002/05/2015NWIP - FC-SP-2+AM1PDF (59 kilobytes)
T11/15-063v002/05/2015NWIP - FC-BB-6PDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/15-064v002/05/2015IR Motions - Feb2015PDF (51 kilobytes)
T11/15-013v002/04/2015ISO/IEC Status Report - February 2015PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/15-005v001/09/2015IR Action: 14-026 (Confirm 14165-321:2009-FC-AV)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/14-379v012/03/2014NWIP - FC-BB-6PDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/14-371v012/02/2014ISO/IEC Status Report - December 2014PDF (80 kilobytes)
T11/14-380v012/02/2014IR Motions - Dec2014PDF (49 kilobytes)
T11/14-377v011/26/2014NWIP - FC-SP-2+AM1PDF (59 kilobytes)
T11/14-378v011/26/2014NWIP - FC-SB-5PDF (58 kilobytes)
T11/14-327v010/08/2014ISO/IEC Status Report - October 2014PDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/14-255v008/07/2014ISO/IEC Status Report - August 2014PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/14-215v006/04/2014ISO/IEC Status Report - June 2014PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/14-163v004/24/2014IR Action: 14-010 (Stabilize 11518-10:2001-HIPPI-6400-PH)PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/14-164v004/24/2014IR Action: 14-011 (Stabilize 11518-1:1995-HIPPI-PH)PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/14-165v004/24/2014IR Action: 14-012 (Stabilize 11518-3:1996-HIPPI-LE)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/14-105v004/01/2014ISO/IEC Status Report - April 2014PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/14-104v003/31/2014IR Motions - Apr2014PDF (53 kilobytes)
T11/14-014v103/26/2014NWIP - FC-BaseTPDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/14-090v002/20/2014IR Action: 14-070 (Confirm ISO/IEC 14165-521:2009-FAIS)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/14-089v002/20/2014IR Action: 14-069 (Withdraw ISO/IEC 14165-141:2001-FC-FG)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/14-088v002/20/2014IR Action: 14-068 (NWIP & CD - FC-BaseT)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/14-013v002/05/2014ISO/IEC Status Report - February 2014PDF (80 kilobytes)
T11/14-015v002/05/2014ISO/IEC CD FC-BaseTPDF (835 kilobytes)
T11/14-014v002/04/2014NWIP - FC-BaseTPDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/14-012v002/04/2014IR Motions - Feb2014PDF (56 kilobytes)
T11/14-009v001/17/2014IR Action: 13-063 (Confirm ISO/IEC 18372:2004-RapidIO)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/13-439v012/04/2013ISO/IEC Status Report - December 2013PDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/13-440v011/25/2013IR Motions - Dec2013PDF (49 kilobytes)
T11/13-351v010/07/2013ISO/IEC Status Report - October 2013PDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/13-356v009/25/2013IR Motions - Oct2013PDF (53 kilobytes)
T11/13-345v009/25/2013IR Action: 13-050 (Confirm ISO/IEC 11002:2008-MMA)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/13-352v009/13/2013T11 Report To ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4PDF (131 kilobytes)
T11/13-344v008/20/2013IR Action: 13-051 (Delegate List for Oct 2013 JTC 1/SC 25)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/12-269v008/19/2013IR Action: 12-019 (Delegate List for Sept 2012 JTC 1/SC 25)PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/13-308v008/07/2013IR Motions - Aug2013PDF (51 kilobytes)
T11/13-282v008/07/2013ISO/IEC Status Report - August 2013PDF (78 kilobytes)
T11/13-203v006/05/2013ISO/IEC Status Report - Jun2013PDF (76 kilobytes)
T11/13-202v005/16/2013US Ballot for Systematic Review: ISO/IEC 24740:2008 (RL)PDF (40 kilobytes)
T11/13-156v004/09/2013ISO/IEC Status Report - Apr2013PDF (76 kilobytes)
T11/13-099v002/15/2013IR Action: 13-038 (Withdraw ISO/IEC 14165-251:2008-FC-FS)PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/13-100v002/15/2013IR Action: 13-037 (SMI-S v1.5 NWIP & CD Recommendation)PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/13-046v002/06/2013IR Motions - Feb2013PDF (67 kilobytes)
T11/13-006v101/29/2013ISO/IEC Status Report - Feb2013PDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/13-006v001/28/2013ISO/IEC Status Report - Feb2013PDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/12-484v012/05/2012ISO/IEC Status Report - Dec2012PDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/12-437v011/19/2012IR Action: 12-026 (NWIP for SMI-Sv1.5-ISO/IEC 24775:2012)PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/12-439v011/19/2012ISO/IEC NWIP for 24775:2012 (SMI-S v1.5)PDF (180 kilobytes)
T11/12-432v010/24/2012IR Action: 12-025a (Confirm ISO/IEC 14165-117:2007-MJSQ)PDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/12-433v010/24/2012IR Action: 12-025b (Confirm ISO/IEC 14165-331:2007-FC-VI)PDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/12-372v010/03/2012T11 IR Motions: October 2012PDF (54 kilobytes)
T11/12-371v010/02/2012ISO/IEC Status Report - Oct2012PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/12-352v008/28/2012T11 Report to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4, 2012PDF (59 kilobytes)
T11/12-319v008/14/2012T11 IR Motions: August 2012 PDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/12-320v008/14/2012ISO/IEC Status Report - Aug2012 PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/12-267v006/19/2012IR Action: 12-017 (SMI-S Rev 1.5 NWIP Approval)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/12-268v006/19/2012IR Action: 12-018 (ISO/IEC 14165-414 Systematic Review)PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/12-238v006/05/2012T11 IR Motions: June 2012 PDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/12-239v006/05/2012ISO/IEC Status Report - Jun2012 PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/12-159v004/17/2012ISO/IEC Status Report - Apr2012PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/12-115v003/16/2012INCITS AI #0030 - Response to revised scope of JTC 1/SC 25PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/12-100v002/21/2012IR Action: 12-004 (FC-AE-RDMA DTR Approval)PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/12-101v002/21/2012IR Action: 12-005 (FC-BB-3 DIS Approval)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/12-099v002/21/2012IR Action: 12-003 (FC-AE-ASM DTR Approval)PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/12-098v002/21/2012IR Action: 12-002 (SNIA SMI-Sv1.5 NWIP)PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/12-052v002/08/2012ISO/IEC Status Report - Feb2012PDF (75 kilobytes)
T11/12-053v002/08/2012T11 IR Motions: February 2012PDF (47 kilobytes)
T11/12-054v002/07/2012ISO/IEC NWIP for SMI-S v1.5PDF (55 kilobytes)
T11/11-493v001/09/2012IR Action: 11-036 (SNIA XAM withdrawal)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-492v011/29/2011T11 IR Motions: December 2011PDF (43 kilobytes)
T11/11-491v011/29/2011ISO/IEC Status Report - Dec2011PDF (75 kilobytes)
T11/11-471v010/21/2011IR Action: 11-032a (FC-BB-3)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-472v010/21/2011IR Action: 11-032b (FC-AE-ASM)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-473v010/21/2011IR Action: 11-032c (FC-AE-RDMA)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-474v010/21/2011IR Action: 11-032d (HIPPI-FP)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-475v010/21/2011IR Action: 11-032e (HIPPI-SC)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-433v010/03/2011T11 IR Motions: October 2011 PDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/11-434v010/03/2011ISO/IEC Status Report - Oct2011 PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/11-394v009/22/2011IR Action: 11-025PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/11-386v009/08/2011T11 Report to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4PDF (68 kilobytes)
T11/11-373v008/23/2011IR Action: 11-023PDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/11-374v008/23/2011IR Action: 11-024PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-356v008/16/2011ISO/IEC NWIP for Extensible Access Method (XAM)PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/11-335v008/04/2011T11 IR Motions: August 2011PDF (46 kilobytes)
T11/11-334v008/03/2011ISO/IEC Status Report - Aug2011PDF (75 kilobytes)
T11/11-259v006/09/2011ISO/IEC Status Report - Jun2011PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/11-191v004/19/2011IR Action: 11-005aPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-192v004/19/2011IR Action: 11-005bPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-190v004/14/2011IR Action: 11-004PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/11-161v004/07/2011ISO/IEC Status Report - Apr2011PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/11-060v002/08/2011ISO/IEC Status Report - Feb2011PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/11-061v002/08/2011T11 IR Motions: February 2011PDF (43 kilobytes)
T11/11-018v001/24/2011IR Action: 10-050bPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/11-010v001/24/2011IR Action: 10-050aPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/10-546v012/19/2010T11 IR Motions: December 2010PDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/10-541v012/19/2010ISO/IEC Status Report - Dec2010PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/10-421v110/26/2010T11 IR Motions: October 2010PDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/10-495v010/26/2010IR Action: 10-039PDF (65 kilobytes)
T11/10-421v010/06/2010T11 IR Motions: October 2010PDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/10-423v010/06/2010ISO/IEC Status Report - Oct2010PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/10-417v010/04/2010T11 Report to JTC 1/SC 25 - Oct 2010PDF (104 kilobytes)
T11/09-501v009/22/2010IR Action: 09-041PDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/10-411v009/01/2010IR Action: 10-034PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/10-410v008/28/2010IR Action: 10-033PDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/10-409v008/27/2010IR Action: 10-032PDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/10-341v008/05/2010T11 IR Motions: August 2010PDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/10-340v008/05/2010ISO/IEC Status Report - Aug2010PDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/10-338v007/28/2010IR Action: 10-022PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/10-337v007/27/2010IR Action: 10-021PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/10-344v007/27/2010IR Action: 10-020bPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/10-336v007/27/2010IR Action: 10-020aPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/10-335v007/26/2010ISO/IEC NWIP for OVF (Open Virtualization Format)PDF (33 kilobytes)
T11/10-299v006/10/2010Changes to JTC 1 DirectivesPDF (75 kilobytes)
T11/10-260v006/10/2010T11 IR Motions: June 2010PDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/10-259v006/08/2010ISO/IEC Status Report - Jun2010PDF (75 kilobytes)
T11/10-201v004/16/2010IR Action: 10-009bPDF (17 kilobytes)
T11/10-200v004/16/2010IR Action: 10-009aPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/10-188v004/01/2010ISO/IEC: SC 25/ WG 1 Summary of WorkPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/10-171v104/01/2010October 2010 Co-located T11 and JTC 1/SC 25 MeetingPDF (114 kilobytes)
T11/10-116v003/31/2010ISO/IEC Status Report - Apr2010PDF (73 kilobytes)
T11/10-161v003/31/2010T11 IR Motions: April 2010PDF (41 kilobytes)
T11/10-171v003/31/2010October 2010 Co-located T11 and JTC 1/SC 25 MeetingPDF (114 kilobytes)
T11/10-115v003/16/2010Recommended Position for HIPPI-ATM and HIPPI SerialHTM (14 kilobytes)
T11/10-112v003/15/2010IR Action: 10-004PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/10-007v002/03/2010ISO/IEC Status Report - Feb2010PDF (73 kilobytes)
T11/10-072v002/03/2010T11 IR Motions: February 2010PDF (41 kilobytes)
T11/09-671v012/09/2009ISO/IEC Status Report - Dec2009PDF (76 kilobytes)
T11/09-597v010/13/2009IR Action: 09-052PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/09-553v010/06/2009T11 IR Motions: October 2009PDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/09-556v010/06/2009ISO/IEC Status Report - Sept2009PDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/09-505v008/27/2009T11 Report to JTC 1/SC 25 - Sept 2009
T11/09-500v008/25/2009IR Action: 09-040PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/09-497v008/25/2009IR Action: 09-037PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/09-498v008/25/2009IR Action: 09-038PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/09-499v008/25/2009IR Action: 09-039PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/09-474v008/06/2009October 2010 Co-located T11 and JTC 1/SC 25 MeetingPDF (195 kilobytes)
T11/09-473v008/06/2009T11 and JTC 1/SC 25 Sponsorship FormPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/09-458v008/06/2009ISO/IEC Status Report - Aug2009PDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/09-459v008/06/2009T11 IR Motions: August 2009PDF (62 kilobytes)
T11/09-477v008/06/2009ISO/IEC NWIP for FC-AL-2PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/09-358v008/05/2009ISO/IEC NWIP for FC-SW-5PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/09-359v008/05/2009ISO/IEC NWIP for FC-GS-6PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/09-360v008/05/2009ISO/IEC NWIP for FC-BB-5PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/09-362v008/05/2009ISO/IEC NWIP for SFF-8436PDF (37 kilobytes)
T11/09-382v006/22/2009IR Action: 09-027PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/09-383v006/22/2009IR Action: 09-028PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/09-381v006/22/2009IR Action: 09-026PDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/09-310v106/04/2009ISO/IEC Status Report - Jun2009PDF (75 kilobytes)
T11/09-306v006/03/2009T11 IR Motions: June 2009PDF (46 kilobytes)
T11/09-310v006/03/2009ISO/IEC Status Report - Jun2009PDF (75 kilobytes)
T11/09-218v004/07/2009ISO/IEC Status Report-Apr2009PDF (85 kilobytes)
T11/09-119v002/18/2009IR Action: 09-005
T11/09-078v102/05/2009T11 IR Motions: February 2009PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/09-078v002/04/2009T11 IR Motions: February 2009PDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/09-079v002/04/2009ISO/IEC Status Report-Feb2009PDF (86 kilobytes)
T11/09-080v002/04/2009ISO/IEC 14165-312 (FC-AE-1553)PDF (1105 kilobytes)
T11/09-006v001/04/2009Information for INCITS EB concerning WG4 interim meetingHTM (11 kilobytes)
T11/08-764v012/24/2008Support of IEEE Std 754-2008 under ISO/IEEE PSDOHTM (10 kilobytes)
T11/08-720v012/11/2008ISO/IEC Status Report - Dec2008PDF (86 kilobytes)
T11/08-719v012/10/2008T11 IR Motions: December 2008PDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/08-682v012/02/2008Response to IEEE supporting Isubmittal of IEEE 1394-2008 HTM (6 kilobytes)
T11/08-678v011/24/2008Ballot Results - ISO/IEC 14165-521 (FAIS)PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/08-679v011/24/2008Ballot Results - ISO/IEC 14165-116 AM 1 (10GFC AM1)PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/08-670v011/19/2008Notice from INCITS, Approve FDIS FAIS, in081424HTM (12 kilobytes)
T11/08-671v011/19/2008Notice from INCITS, Approve FDIS 10GFC/AM1, in081423HTM (12 kilobytes)
T11/08-669v011/19/2008SC25 TAG request for support for IEEE 1394 ISO fast-trackHTM (9 kilobytes)
T11/08-649v011/05/2008IR Action: 08-060PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/08-650v011/05/2008IR Action: 08-061PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/08-647v011/05/2008IR Action: 08-057PDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/08-648v011/05/2008IR Action: 08-058PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/08-651v011/05/2008IR Action: 08-062
T11/08-640v011/05/2008IR Action: 08-063PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/08-553v010/09/2008T11 IR Motions: October 2008PDF (65 kilobytes)
T11/08-611v010/08/2008Server Management Command Line Protocol (SM CLP)PDF (599 kilobytes)
T11/08-551v010/07/2008ISO/IEC Status Report-Oct2008PDF (71 kilobytes)
T11/08-552v010/01/2008ISO NWIP for FC-LSPDF (36 kilobytes)
T11/08-517v008/26/2008IR Action: 08-046PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/08-518v008/26/2008IR Action: 08-047PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/08-519v008/26/2008IR Action: 08-048PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/08-422v008/06/2008ISO/IEC Status Report-Aug2008PDF (73 kilobytes)
T11/08-454v108/06/2008T11 IR Motions: August 2008PDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/08-454v008/06/2008T11 IR Motions: August 2008PDF (44 kilobytes)
T11/08-420v007/29/2008Comment resolution record, letter ballot on N-9040PDF (10 kilobytes)
XLS (19 kilobytes)
T11/08-421v007/29/2008Cover Letter, Forward Results of N-9040 LB to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/08-417v107/29/2008US National Body comments proposed for N-9040PDF (43 kilobytes)
T11/08-419v007/24/2008Forwarding letter, approved list of delegates, SC25 WG4TXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/08-416v007/24/2008ISO/IEC response concerning competing standards N-9040PDF (225 kilobytes)
T11/08-417v007/24/2008US National Body comments proposed for N-9040PDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/08-377v007/08/2008Ballot Results - ISO/IEC 14164-122:2005 FDAM 1 (FC-AL-2)PDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/05-805v006/27/2008ISO/IEC JTC1 Provisional Patent Declaration form JTC1-N7991PDF (107 kilobytes)
DOC (92 kilobytes)
T11/07-385v006/27/2008ISO/IEC JTC1 Provisional Patent Declaration form JTC1-N8552PDF (169 kilobytes)
DOC (118 kilobytes)
T11/08-365v006/16/2008ISO/IEC 14164-122:2005 FDAM 1 (FC-AL-2)PDF (158 kilobytes)
T11/08-279v006/10/2008ISO/IEC Status Report-Jun2008PDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/08-246v004/25/2008IR Action - 08-019PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/08-247v004/25/2008IR Action - 08-020PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/08-244v004/25/2008IR Action - 08-017PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/08-245v004/25/2008IR Action - 08-018PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/08-160v004/17/2008ISO/IEC Status Report - Apr2008PDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/08-214v004/17/2008T11 IR Motions: April 2008PDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/08-215v004/16/2008ISO/IEC DIS 11989 (SNIA iSCSI Management API)PDF (2438 kilobytes)
T11/08-154v204/16/2008ISO/IEC JTC1 WC25 WG3 Liaison ReportPDF (54 kilobytes)
T11/08-154v104/15/2008ISO/IEC JTC1 WC25 WG3 Liaison ReportPDF (106 kilobytes)
T11/08-154v003/28/2008ISO/IEC JTC1 WC25 WG3 Liaison ReportPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/08-112v002/15/2008IR Action - 08-008PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/08-067v002/06/2008ISO/IEC Status Report - Feb2008PDF (39 kilobytes)
T11/08-074v002/06/2008T11 IR Motions: February 2008PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/08-020v001/22/2008T11 ISO letter ballot approving late NWIP votes, FC-AE-ASM, FC-AE-RDMAPDF (48 kilobytes)
T11/08-012v001/09/2008IR Action - 07-071PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/07-731v012/06/2007IR Action - 07-063PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/07-705v112/06/2007ISO/IEC Status Report - Dec2007PDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/07-724v112/06/2007T11 IR Motions: December 2007PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/07-751v012/05/2007ISO: FC-AL-2 Amendment 2 additionPDF (100 kilobytes)
T11/07-724v012/05/2007T11 IR Motions: December 2007PDF (6 kilobytes)
T11/07-705v012/05/2007ISO/IEC Status Report - Dec2007PDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/07-662v011/06/2007ISO/IEC FDIS 24740 - Responsive LinkPDF (1005 kilobytes)
T11/07-657v011/02/2007IR Action - 07-054PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/07-659v011/02/2007IR Action - 07-055PDF (11 kilobytes)
T11/07-650v110/24/2007IR Action - 07-056PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/07-650v010/22/2007IR Action - 07-056PDF (8 kilobytes)
T11/07-542v210/11/2007T11 IR Motions: September 2007PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/07-543v010/10/2007ISO/IEC Status Report - Oct2007PDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/07-542v110/10/2007T11 IR Motions: September 2007PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/07-621v010/10/2007INCITS 411:2007 - SNIA iSCSI Management API (SNIA IMA)PDF (2267 kilobytes)
T11/07-542v010/09/2007T11 IR Motions: September 2007PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/07-541v009/19/2007ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4 Sept 2007 HOD reportPDF (53 kilobytes)
T11/07-534v009/11/2007ISO/IEC DIS 11002 (SNIA MMA)PDF (684 kilobytes)
T11/07-521v008/22/2007T11 IR: August 2007 actions to INCITSPDF (10 kilobytes)
T11/07-428v008/08/2007ISO/IEC Status Report - Aug2007PDF (41 kilobytes)
T11/07-476v008/08/2007FPDAM Ballot: ISO/IEC FC-AL-2 Amendment 1PDF (94 kilobytes)
T11/07-477v008/08/2007T11 IR Motions: August 2007PDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/07-437v008/01/2007ISO Maintenance request for IPI-3 TapeHTM (14 kilobytes)
T11/07-426v007/31/2007T11 report to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4, Sept 2007HTM (112 kilobytes)
T11/07-319v006/06/2007ISO/IEC Status Report - Jun2007PDF (19 kilobytes)
T11/07-221v004/05/2007ISO/IEC Status Report - Apr2007PDF (64 kilobytes)
T11/07-168v003/08/2007UPnP Device ArchitecturePDF (1317 kilobytes)
T11/07-169v003/08/2007ISO Comments TemplateRTF (46 kilobytes)
T11/07-076v102/08/2007ISO/IEC Status Report - Feb2007PDF (63 kilobytes)
T11/07-114v002/08/2007NWIP Motions for Feb-2007 T11 PlenaryPDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/07-081v002/06/2007ISO NWIP for 10GFC Amendment 1PDF (37 kilobytes)
T11/07-076v002/05/2007ISO/IEC Status Report - Feb2007PDF (62 kilobytes)
T11/06-873v012/07/2006NWIP Motions for December T11 PlenaryPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/06-863v012/07/2006ISO NWIP for FC-AE-RDMAPDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/06-862v012/07/2006ISO NWIP for FC-AE-ASMPDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/06-861v012/07/2006ISO NWIP for FC-AE-1553PDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/06-851v012/05/2006ISO/IEC Status Report - Dec2006PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/06-392v111/28/2006Update of T11 document status and part numbers in ISOPDF (97 kilobytes)
XLS (79 kilobytes)
T11/06-702v109/30/2006SC25 2006 DocumentsTXT (265 kilobytes)
T11/06-702v009/30/2006SC25 2006 Documents
T11/06-686v009/27/2006IR Status Report October 2006PDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/06-672v109/21/2006NWIP Motions for October T11 PlenaryPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/06-672v009/19/2006NWIP Motions for October T11 PlenaryPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/06-671v009/19/2006INCITS 412-2006, Multipath Management APIPDF (603 kilobytes)
T11/06-670v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for SM-HBAPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/06-669v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-SW-4PDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/06-668v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-SPPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/06-666v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-SB-3PDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/06-665v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-PI-2PDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/06-664v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-MI-2PDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/06-663v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-GS-5PDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/06-662v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-FS-2PDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/06-661v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-DAPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/06-660v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-BB-3PDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/06-659v009/19/2006ISO NWIP for FC-BASETPDF (26 kilobytes)
T11/06-653v009/17/2006ISO NWIP for FAISPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/06-603v208/21/2006Standards proposed for NWIP to ISO/IECPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/06-625v008/18/2006T11 Report to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4, September 2006HTM (48 kilobytes)
T11/06-624v008/17/2006Recommend ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4 convenerHTM (7 kilobytes)
T11/06-603v108/14/2006Standards proposed for NWIP to ISO/IECPDF (7 kilobytes)
T11/06-603v008/09/2006Standards proposed for NWIP to ISO/IECPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/06-555v008/04/2006IR Status Report for Aug 2006PDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/06-415v106/14/2006IR Status Report June 2006PDF (38 kilobytes)
T11/06-415v006/06/2006IR Status Report June 2006PDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/06-396v005/24/2006Proposal concerning ISO standard maintenance actionsPDF (144 kilobytes)
T11/06-392v005/22/2006Update of T11 document status and part numbers in ISOPDF (108 kilobytes)
XLS (89 kilobytes)
T11/06-379v005/16/2006ISO NWIP for RIO revision, INCITS 413PDF (43 kilobytes)
T11/06-317v004/05/2006IR Guide 2006PDF (173 kilobytes)
T11/06-252v104/05/2006IR Status Report April 2006PDF (31 kilobytes)
T11/06-315v004/05/2006ISO NWIP for FCSM Technical ReportPDF (40 kilobytes)
T11/06-256v003/30/2006Transmit editorial corrections to ISO FC-AL-2 (T11/05-639v1)TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-252v003/29/2006IR Status Report April 2006PDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/06-248v003/28/2006Recommend FCSM be added to program of work for JTC1/SC25TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-247v003/28/2006T11 recommendation that ISO/IEC FCD 24755 (SMS) be approvedTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-230v003/21/2006Adopt ISO/IEC TR 14165-117 (FC-MJSQ) as INCITS TRTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/06-221v003/20/2006T11 recommendation to adopt ISO/IEC 14165-414 (FC-GS-4)TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/06-112v002/06/2006ISO SMI-S FCD versionPDF (3589 kilobytes)
T11/06-092v002/02/2006T11 Recommendation to approve FDIS FC-GS-4TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/06-090v002/02/2006IR Status Report for Feb 2006PDF (16 kilobytes)
T11/06-063v001/26/2006Request for position on FDIS FC-GS-4, in060124HTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/06-042v001/19/2006Approve DTR FC-MJSQ ISO/IEC DTR 14165-117TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-872v012/15/2005INCITS request for letter ballot on JTC1-N-8011, FC-MJSQHTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/05-870v012/15/2005ISO/IEC DTR 14165-117, FC-MJSQ (ISO/IEC JTC 1 N8011)PDF (3444 kilobytes)
T11/05-869v012/15/2005Cover Letter for ISO DTR FC-MJSQ (ISO/IEC JTC 1 N8012)PDF (106 kilobytes)
T11/05-858v012/09/2005DTR MJSQPDF (3760 kilobytes)
T11/05-857v012/09/2005FDIS GS-4PDF (3102 kilobytes)
T11/05-804v012/01/2005ISO Status Report for Dec 2005PDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/05-803v012/01/2005NWIP for AL-2 Amendment 2PDF (34 kilobytes)
T11/05-759v010/21/2005Policy about automatic adoption of international standardsTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-754v010/20/2005NWIP for Fc-AL2-2PDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/05-720v010/06/2005ISO Status Report to T11 Oct 2005PDF (85 kilobytes)
T11/05-639v110/04/2005Proposed response to ISO editor concerning FC-AL-2PDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/05-641v009/14/2005Report to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4 on T11 activities, 2005PDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/05-639v009/13/2005Proposed response to ISO editor concerning FC-AL-2PDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/05-638v009/13/2005Editorial draft of ISO/IEC 14165-122 (FC-AL-2)PDF (1537 kilobytes)
T11/05-611v008/22/2005T11 recommendation to approve FPDTR for FC-MJSQTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/05-610v008/22/2005T11 recommendation to approve FCD for FC-GS-4TXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/05-609v008/21/2005T11 approval of withdrawal of JTC1 standardsTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-536v208/10/2005ISO Status Report to T11 Aug 2005PDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/05-536v108/08/2005ISO Status Report for Aug 2005PDF (84 kilobytes)
T11/05-548v008/08/2005ISO/IEC JTC 1 N7833, Withdrawal of FC projectsPDF (122 kilobytes)
T11/05-536v008/04/2005ISO Status Report for Aug 2005PDF (91 kilobytes)
T11/05-495v007/18/2005T11 projects for which JTC1 standards should be preparedTXT (3 kilobytes)
XLS (70 kilobytes)
T11/05-493v007/18/2005Recommendation to INCITS on FDIS FC-PITXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-484v007/05/2005Request for recommendation to INCITS for FDIS for FC-PIHTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/05-485v007/05/2005ISO/IEC FDIS 14165-115, FC-PI and supporting documentsPDF (935 kilobytes)
ZIP (810 kilobytes)
T11/05-474v006/27/2005Forward Recommendation of Approval of FDSI FC-FS to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-471v006/27/2005ISO/IEC FDIS 14165-251, FC-FS and supporting documentsPDF (3220 kilobytes)
ZIP (2180 kilobytes)
T11/05-470v006/27/2005Request for recommendation to INCITS on FDIS for FC-FSHTM (41 kilobytes)
T11/05-453v006/16/2005T11 approval of US delegation to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4TXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/05-452v006/16/2005Recommendations on 2005 systematic review of ISO standardsTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/05-403v006/06/2005Draft of ISO/INCITS Project Cross-referencePDF (20 kilobytes)
XLS (377 kilobytes)
T11/05-379v006/02/2005ISO Status Report for June 2005PDF (135 kilobytes)
T11/05-316v004/27/2005NWIP SMI-SPDF (76 kilobytes)
T11/05-175v104/01/2005ISO Status Report April 2005PDF (134 kilobytes)
T11/05-175v003/19/2005ISO Status Report April 2005PDF (79 kilobytes)
T11/05-085v001/29/2005ISO Comments on FC-PIPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/05-084v001/29/2005TIA to IEC convergence tableTXT (0 kilobytes)
XLS (43 kilobytes)
T11/05-083v001/29/2005Draft ISO version of FC-PIPDF (1222 kilobytes)
T11/05-065v001/27/2005ISO Status Report for Feb 2005PDF (84 kilobytes)
T11/04-874v012/16/2004Recommendation to disapprove FC-100-DF, with commentsTXT (4 kilobytes)
T11/04-869v012/16/2004Recommendation for approval of 1st Corrigendum to FC-AL-2TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/04-866v012/16/2004Need for FC-VI references in SC25 StandardTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-849v012/09/2004Approval of Corrigendum for ISO FC-AL-2PDF (91 kilobytes)
HTM (5 kilobytes)
T11/04-820v012/06/2004FDSI FC-100-DF-EL-S, ISO/IEC 14165-114, Explanatory ReportPDF (9 kilobytes)
T11/04-822v012/06/2004FDIS FC-100-DF-EL-S, ISO/IEC 14165-114, Proposed US CommentsPDF (5 kilobytes)
T11/04-819v012/06/2004FDIS FC-100-DF-EL-S, ISO/IEC 14165-114PDF (394 kilobytes)
T11/04-821v012/06/2004FC-FSPDF (22 kilobytes)
T11/04-818v112/06/2004IR Status report Dec 2004PDF (110 kilobytes)
T11/04-818v012/06/2004IR Status report Dec 2004PDF (105 kilobytes)
T11/04-731v010/28/2004Recommendation for US vote on FDIS 14165-116: 10GFCTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/04-730v010/28/2004Recommendation for US vote on FDIS 14165-241: FC-BB-2TXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/04-719v010/19/2004ISO/IEC FDIS 14165-116, 10GFCPDF (710 kilobytes)
T11/04-718v010/19/2004ISO/IEC FDIS 14165-241, FC-BB-2PDF (1190 kilobytes)
T11/04-640v210/07/2004IR Status report Oct 2004PDF (106 kilobytes)
T11/04-643v010/04/2004Draft NWIP for FC-GS-4PDF (141 kilobytes)
T11/04-659v010/02/2004Unresolved ISO Comments on FC-PI HTM (94 kilobytes)
T11/04-658v010/02/2004ISO Comments on FC-PIHTM (465 kilobytes)
T11/04-640v110/01/2004ISO Status Report for Oct 2004PDF (95 kilobytes)
T11/04-640v009/30/2004ISO Status Report for Oct 2004PDF (91 kilobytes)
T11/04-595v008/26/2004Recommendation to US on NWIP for Responsive LinkTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-581v108/14/2004T11 Ballot, Accelerated LB for NWIP for Responsive LinkPDF (25 kilobytes)
T11/04-581v008/13/2004T11 Ballot, Accelerated LB for NWIP for Responsive LinkPDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/04-580v008/12/2004NWIP for Responsive Link, JTC1 SC25 N974aPDF (600 kilobytes)
T11/04-579v008/12/2004Responsive Link reference document, 6 questionsHTM (16 kilobytes)
T11/04-496v108/04/2004IR Status report Aug 2004PDF (93 kilobytes)
T11/04-500v007/22/2004SC25 Attendance Report Chi007PDF (63 kilobytes)
T11/04-499v007/22/2004SC25 Status Report Chi008PDF (157 kilobytes)
T11/04-498v007/22/2004SC25 Meeting Report Chi009PDF (68 kilobytes)
T11/04-497v007/22/2004SC25 Resolutions Chi010PDF (87 kilobytes)
T11/04-496v007/22/2004IR Status report Aug 2004PDF (93 kilobytes)
T11/04-488v007/20/2004Proposed Comments on SC 25 N 795: FC-100-DFPDF (13 kilobytes)
T11/04-458v006/28/2004Info for ISO Consumer Policy Committee (COPOLCO) DirectoryPDF (63 kilobytes)
DOC (56 kilobytes)
T11/04-374v106/09/2004IR Status report June 2004PDF (93 kilobytes)
T11/04-427v006/09/2004NWIP for SMI-SPDF (130 kilobytes)
T11/04-374v005/25/2004ISO Status Report for June 2004PDF (75 kilobytes)
T11/04-367v005/20/2004JTC 1/SC 25 N 795 review package for FCD FC-100-DFPDF (375 kilobytes)
HTM (4 kilobytes)
DOC (61 kilobytes)
T11/04-366v005/20/2004ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 N 794, Comment resolution on FC-100-TPPDF (42 kilobytes)
T11/04-361v005/14/2004Report to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG4 on T11 activitiesPDF (15 kilobytes)
T11/04-233v304/08/2004IR Status report April 2004PDF (66 kilobytes)
T11/04-234v104/08/2004NWIP for FC-SW-3PDF (171 kilobytes)
T11/04-233v204/07/2004IR Status report April 2004PDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/04-234v003/31/2004Draft NWIP for FC-SW-2PDF (134 kilobytes)
T11/04-233v103/31/2004ISO Status Report for April 2004PDF (69 kilobytes)
T11/04-233v003/31/2004ISO Status Report for April 2004PDF (67 kilobytes)
T11/04-060v001/23/2004ISO Status Report for Feb 2004PDF (67 kilobytes)
T11/04-042v001/15/2004IR Guide to ISO Stds ProcessPDF (554 kilobytes)
T11/04-041v001/15/2004Approval of NWIP for FC-AL-2 AmendmentTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/04-040v001/15/2004Approval of FCD for FC-VITXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/04-039v001/15/2004Approve FCD for FC-BB-2TXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/04-038v001/15/2004Approval of FCD for FC-AVTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/04-035v001/14/2004Reappointment of IR for T11, in040028HTM (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-804v012/08/2003JTC 1 Questionnaire, Standards Packaging, PDF (92 kilobytes)
TXT (4 kilobytes)
DOC (59 kilobytes)
T11/03-778v012/02/2003Report: SWG for Technology Watch (ISO/IEC JTC 1 N7234)PDF (1753 kilobytes)
T11/03-771v012/01/2003IR status report for DEC 2003PDF (45 kilobytes)
T11/03-760v011/20/2003Recommendation to INCITS for T11 IRTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/03-731v111/06/2003Draft of approval for ISO FC-AL-2, with commentsTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/03-734v010/29/2003NWIP for FC-AL-2 Amendment 1PDF (120 kilobytes)
T11/03-731v010/28/2003Draft of approval for ISO FC-AL-2, with commentsPDF (1 kilobytes)
TXT (6 kilobytes)
T11/03-718v010/15/2003FDIS 14165-122: Fibre Channel - Part 122, FC-AL-2TXT (1 kilobytes)
ZIP (651 kilobytes)
T11/03-678v010/06/2003Meeting Report, SC 25 - WG 4, Zürich, Sept 2003PDF (119 kilobytes)
T11/03-677v010/06/2003SC25 WG4 Program of WorkPDF (66 kilobytes)
T11/03-676v010/06/2003Approved Resolutions of 14th Plenary of SC 25, Sept 2003PDF (33 kilobytes)
T11/03-634v010/03/2003SC25 Documents from Zurich CH 2003TXT (0 kilobytes)
ZIP (2795 kilobytes)
T11/03-640v010/01/2003ISO Status Report for Oct 2003PDF (54 kilobytes)
T11/03-638v010/01/2003NWIP for TR MJSQPDF (177 kilobytes)
T11/03-627v009/26/2003Approval of transfer of projects to IEEE Microprocessor TAGTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/03-570v108/29/2003T11 recommendations to US NB on RapidIOTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-577v008/27/2003T11 approval of FCD, SC25 14165-222 (FC-SB-2)TXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/03-570v008/21/2003T11 recommendations to US NB on RapidIOTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-559v008/14/2003NWIP for TR MJSQPDF (177 kilobytes)
T11/03-488v208/14/2003ISO Status Report for August 2003PDF (59 kilobytes)
T11/03-539v008/13/2003FC-VI ISOPDF (836 kilobytes)
T11/03-488v108/13/2003ISO Status Report for August 2003PDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/03-489v008/06/2003ISO Fast Track RapidIO ErrataPDF (174 kilobytes)
T11/03-488v008/06/2003ISO Status Report for August 2003PDF (48 kilobytes)
T11/03-464v007/18/2003US Delegates for SC25 and SC25/WG4 Mtgs, Zurich, Sept 2003TXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/03-463v007/17/2003ISO Standard numbering information for T11PDF (44 kilobytes)
XLS (57 kilobytes)
T11/03-395v006/05/2003ISO IR GuidePDF (540 kilobytes)
T11/03-325v106/03/2003ISO Status Report June 2003PDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/03-370v006/03/2003ISO Status Report June 2003PDF (3512 kilobytes)
T11/03-260v004/18/2003T11 recommendations to US National member on FC-VITXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-248v004/15/2003Endorsement of Gary Robinson as Convener, JTC 1/SC 25/WG 4TXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/03-247v004/14/2003Forward results of April 6 LV on ISO Motions to INCITSTXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/03-191v004/01/2003NWIP for FC-VI from SC25
T11/03-190v004/01/2003NWIP for FC-VI from SC25PDF (164 kilobytes)
T11/03-189v004/01/2003ISO Status Report for April 2003PDF (53 kilobytes)
T11/03-140v003/05/2003Motion on ISO Letter Ballot ItemsPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/03-137v003/04/2003Supporting documentation for Gary Robinson, SC25-WG4 PDF (109 kilobytes)
T11/03-030v001/27/2003ISO Status Report for Feb 2003PDF (127 kilobytes)
T11/02-707v012/04/2002ISO Status Report Dec 2002PDF (24 kilobytes)
T11/02-567v010/02/2002IR ISO Status report
T11/02-566v010/02/2002NWIP FC-PI
T11/02-565v010/02/2002NWIP FC-FS
T11/02-543v009/24/2002Approval of ISO new work item proposal, FC-AVTXT (3 kilobytes)
T11/02-530v009/12/2002ISO/IEC JTC 1 N6829, NWIP for FC-AV and ISO questionsPDF (111 kilobytes)
T11/02-254v004/29/2002T11 Recommendation for ISO/IEC CD 14165-114, 04/30/02TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/02-251v004/26/2002Draft NWIP for FC-10GFCPDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/02-248v004/23/2002ISO/IEC JTC1 Relations with T10 and T11PDF (802 kilobytes)
T11/02-216v104/09/2002Fibre Channel - Arbitrated Loop - 2 (ISO version)PDF (910 kilobytes)
T11/02-216v004/06/2002Fibre Channel - Arbitrated Loop - 2 (ISO version)PDF (918 kilobytes)
T11/02-173v003/29/2002ISO Motions of T11 Vancouver BC Meeting of April 2002 PDF (117 kilobytes)
DOC (49 kilobytes)
T11/02-172v003/29/2002Letter to INCITS about recommendation to JTC-1 (FC-BB)TXT (2 kilobytes)
T11/02-170v003/29/2002ISO SC25 WG4 Status ChartPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/02-169v003/28/2002Draft NWIP for GS-3PDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/02-168v003/27/2002Proposed vote on CD ISO/IEC 14165-114 (FC-100-TP)PDF (109 kilobytes)
DOC (48 kilobytes)
T11/02-167v003/27/2002Brocade comments on CD ISO/IEC 14165-114: FC-100-TPPDF (75 kilobytes)
DOC (33 kilobytes)
T11/02-164v003/26/2002Template for ballot comments, FC-100-TP (word document)PDF (67 kilobytes)
DOC (29 kilobytes)
T11/02-163v003/26/2002ISO Ballot on ISO/IEC CD 14165-114 , (FC-100-TP) HTM (4 kilobytes)
T11/02-162v003/26/2002CD ISO/IEC 14165-114: (FC-100-TP)PDF (265 kilobytes)
T11/02-129v103/01/2002NPIW for FC-VI
T11/02-129v002/25/2002NWIP FC-VIPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/02-128v002/25/2002NWIP FC-AVPDF (21 kilobytes)
T11/02-114v002/13/2002ISO Project ChartPDF (18 kilobytes)
T11/02-112v002/12/2002US No vote comment for FC-100-TP FCDPDF (14 kilobytes)
T11/02-111v002/12/2002FC-100_TP ISO FCD for ballotPDF (265 kilobytes)
T11/01-395v309/28/2001ISO Open Items
T11/01-468v109/28/2001SC25 Trip Report
T11/01-104v002/23/2001FDIS 14165-141 - (FC-FG) Fabric Generic Requirements PDF (204 kilobytes)
T11/00-524v008/22/2000August, 2000 ISO ReportPDF (37 kilobytes)
T11/00-035v001/27/2000IEC 60027-2 Letters and Symbols StandardPDF (63 kilobytes)
T11/99-691v011/22/1999Draft International Standard HIPPI-6400-PHPDF (567 kilobytes)
T11/99-091v002/09/1999EIA to IEC ConversionPDF (108 kilobytes)
T11/98-572v011/12/1998DIS 11518-10 (HIPPI-6400-PH in ISO)PDF (414 kilobytes)
T11/98-498v110/15/1998DIS 11518-8 (HIPPI-ATM in ISO) finalPDF (158 kilobytes)
T11/98-502v110/15/1998IS 14165-211 (FC-FP in ISO) finalPDF (41 kilobytes)
T11/98-500v110/15/1998DIS 11518-9 (HIPPI-Serial in ISO) finalPDF (135 kilobytes)
T11/98-503v010/01/1998IS 14165-211 (FC-FP) Resolution of commentsPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/98-502v010/01/1998IS 14165-211 (FC-FP in ISO)PDF (40 kilobytes)
T11/98-501v010/01/1998DIS 11518-9 (HIPPI-SE) Resolution of commentsPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/98-500v010/01/1998DIS 11518-9 (HIPPI-Serial in ISO)PDF (139 kilobytes)
T11/98-499v010/01/1998DIS 11518-8 (HIPPI-ATM) Resolution of commentsPDF (12 kilobytes)
T11/98-498v010/01/1998DIS 11518-8 (HIPPI-ATM in ISO)PDF (159 kilobytes)
T11/98-451v009/04/1998ISO Project Status SheetPDF (3 kilobytes)
T11/98-346v007/02/19981998 SC 25/WG 4 HOD ReportPDF (23 kilobytes)
T11/98-345v007/02/19986/98 ISO/IEC ReportPDF (28 kilobytes)
T11/98-029v002/02/1998ISO/IEC February Status SummaryHTML (17 kilobytes)
X3T11/96-267v008/11/1996ISO Highlights
X3T11/96-116v004/19/1996X3T11 ISO Project Status
X3T11/96-090v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3921, Summary of Voting on FC-AL
X3T11/96-093v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3925, Summary of Voting on FC-LE
X3T11/96-087v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3928, Summary of Voting on HIPPI-Serial
X3T11/96-092v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3924, Summary of Voting on FC-FG
X3T11/96-067v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3910, Summary of Voting on FC-PH-2
X3T11/96-088v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3911, Summary of Voting on FC-SB
X3T11/96-095v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3927, Summary of Voting on HIPPI-ATM
X3T11/96-094v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3926, Summary of Voting on FC-SW
X3T11/96-089v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3912, Summary of Voting on FC-FP
X3T11/96-091v004/05/1996JCT 1 N 3923, Summary of Voting on FC-PH-3
X3T11/96-052v002/20/1996Forward ISO/IEC 14165-1, FC-PH, for DIS Letter Ballot
X3T11/96-042v002/20/1996Meeting Notice, IEC/TC100 US TAG, Audio, Video, Mult.Media
X3T11/96-015v002/07/1996X3T11 ISO Project Status
X3T11/96-030v002/07/1996Letter, Truestedt to Brannon, ISO/IEC FC-PH
X3T11/95-424v012/08/1995Votings on JCT1 Level
X3T11/95-423v012/08/1995JCT1/SC25/WG4-Liaison on keyboard issues
X3T11/95-450v012/05/1995Ballot Text, Home Electroncs Systems
X3T11/95-449v012/05/1995Propsal for NWI's for SCSI, FDDI
X3T11/95-207v006/17/1995Letter to JCT1, Approve HIPPI-SC, DIS 11518-6
X3T11/95-190v006/17/1995Memo of Understanding, ISO JCT1/SC25/WG4 Tag Opn.
X3T11/95-206v006/17/1995Letter to JCT1 Tag, Approve HIPPI-LE, DIS 11518-3
X3T11/95-205v006/17/1995Letter to JCT1 Tag, Approve HIPPI-FP, DIS 11518-2
X3T11/95-038v002/27/1995X3T11 ISO Project Status
X3T11/95-009v002/03/1995Liaison report of SC 25/WG 3
X3T11/94-384v012/11/1994Letter to SC86A re use of IEC stds in SC25
X3T11/94-385v012/11/1994Letter to SC46C re use of IEC stds in SC25
X3T11/94-386v012/11/1994Letter re International Participation Fee
X3T11/94-263v008/12/19947/94 ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 25/WG 4 Draft Minutes
X3T11/94-192v006/30/1994ISO and ECMA Processing
X3T11/94-091v004/11/1994Transmittal Notice - DIS 11518-1, HIPPI-PH
X3T11/94-088v004/11/1994Transmittal Notice - ISO 6548
X3T11/94-089v004/11/1994Letter re ISO comments on FC-FP
X3T11/94-050v002/27/1994ISO Standard 6548
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