Fibre Channel over Ethernet

"Fibre Channel over Ethernet" (FCoE) is the present name given to a technology being developed within TC T11 as part of the FC-BB-n projects.

Because a number of people who do not normally participate in T11 are interested in these development, this page has been created to give direct access to:

FCoE (and FC-BB-n) Documents (Note that latest versions only are listed here - see other pages for access to older revisions)

T11/15-063v002/05/2015NWIP - FC-BB-6PDF (60 kilobytes)
T11/14-392v012/01/2014Do we need FCoE over VXLAN ?PDF (440 kilobytes)
T11/14-351v010/10/2014Ethernet Roadmap UpdatePDF (975 kilobytes)
T11/14-273v008/06/2014Fibre Channel and Ethernet RoadmapsPDF (544 kilobytes)
T11/14-007v001/09/2014Forwarding FC-BB-6 Revision 2.00 to INCITSPDF (40 kilobytes)
T11/13-474v012/03/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 12-02 - Draft MinutesPDF (77 kilobytes)
T11/13-091v512/03/2013dpANS - Fibre Channel - Backbone - 6PDF (2386 kilobytes)
T11/13-386v112/03/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 10-08 - Approved MinutesPDF (76 kilobytes)
T11/13-427v112/03/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 10-31 - Approved MinutesTXT (0 kilobytes)
T11/13-460v112/03/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 12-02 - Approved AgendaTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/13-471v012/03/201312-02 T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting ReportPDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/13-021vC11/01/2013FC-BB-6: Letter Ballot Comment DatabasePDF (503 kilobytes)
XLS (243 kilobytes)
T11/13-370v310/31/2013Brocade FC-BB-6 Late Letter Ballot CommentsPDF (1685 kilobytes)
T11/13-426v110/31/2013Cisco's late late comments on FC-BB-6PDF (1551 kilobytes)
T11/13-299v110/31/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc meeting 8-05 - Approved MinutesPDF (70 kilobytes)
T11/13-385v110/31/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 09-10 - Approved MinutesTXT (0 kilobytes)
T11/13-408v010/09/201310-08 T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting ReportPDF (52 kilobytes)
T11/13-378v110/09/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 10-08 - Approved AgendaTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/13-368v210/09/2013IBM FC-BB-6 Late Letter Ballot CommentsPDF (1541 kilobytes)
T11/13-353v210/08/2013Additional FIP Operations ResolutionsPDF (1618 kilobytes)
T11/13-366v110/08/2013EMC FC-BB-6 Late Letter Ballot CommentsPDF (1616 kilobytes)
T11/13-329v008/08/201308-05 T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc meeting ReportPDF (20 kilobytes)
T11/13-267v108/07/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc meeting 6-03 - Approved MinutesPDF (71 kilobytes)
T11/13-300v108/07/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc meeting 08-05 - Approved AgendaTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/13-278v007/11/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 07-11 - Draft MinutesPDF (74 kilobytes)
T11/13-031v307/11/2013FC-BB-6: PDF Letter Ballot Comments on Rev1.2PDF (2178 kilobytes)
T11/13-183v106/07/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc meeting 4-08 - Approved MinutesPDF (126 kilobytes)
T11/13-253v006/06/201306-03 T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting ReportPDF (67 kilobytes)
T11/13-221v106/06/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 06-03 - Approved AgendaTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/13-245v106/05/2013FCoE GraphicsPDF (700 kilobytes)
T11/13-225v106/05/2013FIP Operations ResolutionsPDF (1061 kilobytes)
T11/13-250v006/05/2013Login Avoidance BitPDF (29 kilobytes)
T11/13-246v106/05/2013VN2VN ResolutionsPDF (2175 kilobytes)
T11/13-247v006/04/2013Multipoint ResolutionsPDF (663 kilobytes)
T11/13-224v006/04/2013VLAN Discovery ResolutionsPDF (237 kilobytes)
T11/13-226v006/04/2013FC-BB-6 Figure 4PDF (1141 kilobytes)
T11/13-138v204/19/2013FPMA CheckPDF (1068 kilobytes)
T11/13-102v104/11/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc meeting 2-06 - Approved MinutesPDF (135 kilobytes)
T11/13-173v004/11/201304-08 T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting ReportPDF (64 kilobytes)
T11/13-141v104/09/2013Distributed FCF RestructuringPDF (164 kilobytes)
T11/13-140v104/09/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 04-08 - Approved AgendaTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/13-118v004/06/2013Undetected FDF FailurePDF (284 kilobytes)
T11/13-084v002/07/201302-06 T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting ReportPDF (67 kilobytes)
T11/13-040v102/07/2013T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc Meeting 02-06 - Approved AgendaTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/13-077v002/06/2013BB-6 modifications for Multiple FCFs on one VLANPDF (441 kilobytes)
T11/13-017v001/28/2013FC-BB-6: Distributed FCF textPDF (317 kilobytes)
T11/12-517v012/11/2012T11 Ballot - FC-BB-6 for 1PRPDF (35 kilobytes)
T11/12-489v112/06/2012T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc meeting 12-05 - Draft MinutesPDF (27 kilobytes)
T11/12-464v112/06/2012T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc meeting 12-05 - Approved AgendaTXT (1 kilobytes)
T11/12-506v012/06/201212-05 T11.3 FC-BB-6 Ad Hoc meeting ReportPDF (21 kilobytes)

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