The following is a list of abbreviations used in the Status and Action descriptions of the Processing Stage paragraph of all of the Project sections of the T11 Web Pages. Note that these abbreviations are used to retain compatibility with an established paper document format. It is intended that more full and descriptive terms will be used in a future version of these web pages.

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Item Description
1PR 1st Public Review
2PR 2nd Public Review
A ANSI Standard
A/I Joint ANSI/ISO standard
auth authorizing
aprvl approval
BSR Board of Standards Review (of ANSI)
CD Committee Draft (in ISO)
cmts comments
comp completion
compliance Compliance (review performed by OMC)
cur current
dev development
DIS Draft International Standard
doc document
FTP Fast Track Procedure (in ISO)
fwd forward
INCITS InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standardization
IPI-1 Physical level IPI
IPI-2 Device Specific Command Set
IPI-3 Device Generic Command Set
IS International Standard
LB Letter Ballot
NCITS former name of Accredited Standards Committee INCITS
no. number
OMC Operations Management Committee
prep preparation
pub published
Res resolving
rev revision
SD-3 (format for) Project Proposal
sub submitted
TBD To be determined
X3 former name of Accredited Standards Committee NCITS